2018 WSOP Main Event Runner Up Could Win $ 100K For Winning Maz …

2018 WSOP Main Event Runner Up Could Win $ 100K For Winning Maz …

Tony Miles had a bet with Sean Deeb that he would be able to successfully perform in American Ninja Warrior, a TV show where invited participants go through a difficult obstacle course that requires remarkable strength and dexterity. In today’s offtopic material on Pokeroff, let’s talk in more detail about who Tony Miles is, why he is known in the poker community and what his chances of success are.

Who is Tony Miles

American Tony Miles (Tony Miles) has been playing offline poker since at least 2011, when a post about him first appeared on the resource thehendonmob… He became relatively famous in 2018 when he finished second in the 2018 WSOP Main Event for $ 5,000,000.

Tony Miles fought for first place with John Cynn. Their heads-up lasted 10 hours (199 hands) and became the longest in the history of the Main Events of the World Series of Poker.

Tony Miles (left) and John Zinn, WSOP ME 2018 champion

Dispute for $ 5000, but with a high odds

Miles said that a couple of months after the WSOP 2018, he went to live in Scotland. There, he planned to live in a rented apartment and tightly skate the Fall WCOOP on PokerStars. Then he was accompanied by a friend from the United States Sean Deeb (Shaun Deeb) is also a well-known poker player, the owner of 4 WSOP gold bracelets, as well as three WCOOP champion titles and five SCOOP titles.

Sean Deeb

One evening Deeb and Tony were chatting about life, sitting in front of the TV, and the first one asked: “What are your future plans for life?” Miles replied that since childhood he dreamed of participating in a TV show. American Ninja Warrior… This was the beginning of their friendly maza.

According to the terms, Tony Miles has 3 attempts to pass the first stage of the ANW program. The dispute is $ 5,000, but the odds vary in Miles’s favor. If he manages to win on the first try, he receives a prize from Deeb with odds of 25 ($ 125,000). In case of a victory on the second try, the odds are reduced to 20, and on the third – to 15.

Miles admits that in addition to the direct maze against Sean Deeb, he has a lot of action “on the side”, which he refused to tell in more detail.

In 2019, Tony got into the ANW program for the first time and failed.

About American Ninja Warrior

The ANW show has been broadcast on American television since 2009 and consists of four stages. The first is local selections in individual cities, and the final is a competition of the top ten athletes in the country. With each stage, the number of obstacles increases up to 10. Every year, the tests are updated by about half.

In the entire history of the program, only three participants managed to go through all four stages and win. Under current ANW rules, the winner receives a million dollar prize. If several people pass all four stages, they will share the first prize. To win in his ointment, Tony must go through at least the first stage.

Here’s what he looked like in 2020:

Second attempt

Hiro did not give up after the first failure. According to him, he specially moved to Florida to attend specialized gyms, where people are preparing directly for participation in the American Ninja Warrior show. Miles trained for 3 hours three times a week – the program included running, a lot of gymnastics and rock climbing.

But surviving the obstacle course for Tony is only half the trouble. Before him was the task of at least get to the show, and for this you need to fill out a detailed questionnaire of 30 pages, as well as record a 10-minute video with a story about yourself. The jury selects about a dozen participants from tens of thousands applications.

In early 2020, Tony shared his joy that he was invited to the show again, but due to COVID-19, almost the entire year fell out of the calendar. Plus, the poker player was in misfortune – in April he had an accident while riding a motorcycle. He broke his collarbone and torn the ligaments of the shoulder joint, which required surgery and a long recovery. The doctors said they would have to lie down for a year, but in Tony’s head he divided everything by two.

Photo of Tony Miles from the hospital

In December 2020, when Tony could not even pull himself up once, he re-applied for another ANW season. According to his stories, the recovery was going very well, and in this the positive attitude and the will to live strongly decided. On February 9, 2021, Hiro said that his application was approved and he began to train with a vengeance.

The new season of American Ninja Warrior is out today, June 21st. Miles himself already knows the result, whether he managed to pass the obstacle course and win a $ 100K mazu against Sean Deeb. But due to the terms of the contract, he is not eligible spoil disclose information before the premiere.

Tony said that in any case, he is “ready to compete more” and “plans to continue training” even if the maza runs out.

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