$ 250K Main Event Super High Roller Bowl Europe: Final Game Review …

$ 250K Main Event Super High Roller Bowl Europe: Final Game Review …

How events developed at the final table of the $ 250K tournament, and what Viktor Malinovsky had to give up to win the tournament.

$ 250K Main Event Super High Roller Bowl Europe Action Review

After a break of one and a half years, the Super High Roller Bowl returned to Europe, though not in Sochi, but in Cyprus. High rollers from all over the world came for an expensive game. There were 10 events in the schedule with buy-ins starting from $ 10K. The series culminated in a $ 250K buy-in tournament with 41 registrations. Malinovsky, Liau, Adams, Imsirovich, Addamo, Brewer, Davis, Vogelsang and Lefrancois introduced two cartridges into this tournament.

Ali Imsirovich became the bubble boy in the tournament. He played aggressively, bluffed a lot, and in the final hand he just committed ICM suicide costing over $ 500K.

Vyacheslav Buldygin took 6th place… He advanced to the final day with a 7bb stack. In the final hand with 1.8 big blinds, Vyacheslav limped preflop, three people watched the flop. On the flop, Liau collected top pair and made a bet. Vyacheslav had no choice but to play at everything.

David Peters in 5-max fell victim to the cooler in the hand against Ivan Liau. At 32bb deep, Peters opened KK, Liau tripped with 99, Peters 4-bet 1/3 of Liau’s stack, and Liau called. J-high “rainbow” board with a Nine – throwing a pocket overpair is unrealistic even for Peters. The remainder of the stack David Peters sent Liau in the field with 44 vs A9s.

Timothy Adams finished fourth: Unsuccessfully 4-bet all-in for 26 big blinds with JTs against Malinovsky’s Aces. Unfortunately, they failed to win the third Super High Roller Bowl in a row.

Rouen Zhuang (Zhuang Zhuang) flew to 3-max in a very unpleasant spot.

Effective stack is 18.3bb.

Zhuang Ruan is a poker prodigy from Japan. He is only 20 years old. In early August 2021, he won the $ 50K buy-in tournament at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino ($ 1.4M). He said that he started playing with play chips. From the age of 18 he played cash, reached PLO $ 100 – $ 200 and switched to MTT.

Outs from 6th to 3rd place passed in two hours. The audience thought that it would take Viktor Malinovsky no more than an hour to defeat Liau. Still, Victor is more likely to have played with Liau in Macau and knows his game. But the opponents played for another five hours. The denouement was as follows. At 23bb effective depth, Liau 3-bet all-in with A4o and got an inst-call from Victor with AKo. In the final hand, Liau with a stack of 4.5 big blinds went with J4s against 98o.

Results of the $ 250K Main Event Super High Roller Bowl (41 registrations):

  1. Victor Malinovsky – $ 3,690,000
  2. Ivan Leow – $ 2,460,000
  3. Zhuang Ruan – $ 1,640,000
  4. Timothy Adams – $ 1,127,500
  5. David Peters – $ 820,000
  6. Vyacheslav Buldygin – $ 512,500

Malinovsky in an interview shared a life hack that helps to maintain concentration on the episodes

After the victory, Victor was interviewed for Merit Poker. We publish its transcript.

Interview on the YouTube channel MERIT POKER

– How are you feeling?

Very cool, especially after such a huge hiatus due to COVID. The borders were closed, this is my first offline trip since the break. An amazing feeling, difficult to describe in words. I don’t think I still realize what happened. We played heads-up for almost five hours. To understand how I feel, you need to be in my place.

– What did you do during the lockdown?

It was easy for poker players to get over it because we already have to spend a lot of time at home. I spent this time with a girl. Played a lot of poker, the action was great. I went in for sports a little. But even if you are sitting at home, it is still good when you have the opportunity to get out somewhere.

– The series in Cyprus lasted 10 days. Did you just play all this time?

No, I went to the beach, went to training with my boxing coach. But other than that, it was cool just to play live poker. There was a lot of good cash game. I didn’t start very well in the series, but at SHRB in Sochi I made it to the final table in one tournament and lost in another. So I was just hoping to try my luck in another such tournament. And finally it succeeded. If you believe in something, it must happen.

– I heard rumors that yesterday you turned off your phone to concentrate only on the tournament. And it looks like it worked. Is it true or not?

Yes. I just started getting a lot of messages that I didn’t want to answer. I tried to stay focused and sleep well. I also skipped online on Sunday because the tournaments were too expensive. I decided to deal with all my messengers later. At such moments you don’t want to make mistakes and leave the tournament.

– What are your plans now after the victory?

Big plans. We have already scheduled a heads-up match in Vegas against Matthew Gonzales. Due to the pandemic, I could not come to Vegas, but now we will have a challenge: the blinds are $ 1K – $ 2K. Whoever loses 15 buy-ins will have to get a tattoo with the amount of the loss. Now I will push through the situation with Vegas: can I get there to play this match.

The next High Roller Series of Poker Masters will run from September 7-19 at ARIA. The schedule includes 12 tournaments in NLH, PLO and 8 games with buy-ins from $ 10K to $ 100K.

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