$ 2,650 The Venom PKO III Schedule And PokerKing Updates In August

$ 2,650 The Venom PKO III Schedule And PokerKing Updates In August

We tell you about all the details of the new The Venom, as well as watch the August updates in the room.

The Venom PKO $ 5M: Starts September 17, Satellites September 3

In August, $ 2,650 The Venom was played on PokerKing with a record $ 10M guarantee. The overlay was $ 175K, and Sohale Khalili, the champion of Sohali “BabyBowser”, made $ 1.5M. Runner-up Ronan “Sw33ney” Sweeney got $ 1M.

Sw33ney and BabyBowser become millionaires thanks to The Venom at PokerKing

In September, The Venom returns to PokerKing. 3 weeks before the start, PokerKing announced $ 2,650 The Venom with a $ 5M guarantee and four flights:

  • 17/09, пт — Day 1A
  • 19/09, вс — Day 1B
  • 24/09, пт — Day 1C
  • 26/09, вс — Day 1D
  • 27/09, Mon – Day 2
  • 28/09, Tue – Day 3
  • 29/09, ср — Final Day

The Venom with a $ 5M PKO guarantee will be running for the third time. In the first two, instead of $ 5M, they filled a prize pool of over $ 6.7M with a main prize of over $ 730K.

Statistics from previous The Venoms in PKO format:

the date of the Guarantee Prize fund Number of inputs Grand Prize Winner
11/2020 $5M $6,777,500 2,711 $751K pinguinachica
05/2021 $5M $7,160,000 2,864 $737K RyDo

Promotional megasatellites Venom Fever will start on September 3. We will post information about the most profitable satellites in telegram channels – sign.

Updates on PokerKing: SNG for 27 people, incomplete tables in Blitz and avatars with Borat and Loki

On August 25, PokerKing updated the client. Here’s what’s changed.

Sit-and-Go for 27 people appeared

On the WPN network, they promised more SNGs for 180 people and tournaments with knockouts “On Demand”, but so far from the new tournaments in the lobby are available only for 27 people. Buy-in $ 5.50. Rake 9%. Levels for 5 minutes. The prizes include 5 people. The main prize is $ 54.

The ability to play at an incomplete table in Blitz

In Blitz (analogous to ZOOM), it is no longer necessary to collect the entire table to start the distribution. If the player chooses «I’ll play with fewer players than a full table», then the distribution will start at an incomplete table. Part-table seating can be made automatic in the Settings – Playing Tools – Gameplay – Blitz Poker: Always willing to play with less than a full table.

New avatars with Borat and Loki from the MCU

Now you can spam at the table with Borat’s signature emote: “Nraicca!” Loki was added to fans of superhero movies. Look for new avatars in Settings – Playing Experience – Gameplay.

The five final OSS Cub3d main tournaments

Less than a week is left until the end of the OSS Cub3d series at PokerKing. The main events of the series take place until August 30 (each has 6 flights left):

$ 630 BOSS # 45 Main Event with $ 2.5M Guaranteed – 65% warranty covered, high probability of overlay. Satellites from $ 22. The most profitable MEGA Satellite with a buy-in of $ 66 and a guarantee of 15 tickets starts on August 29 at 22:30 Moscow time.

$ 215 BOSS # 46 Main with $ 1M Guarantee Is another major event, but in the PKO format. Satellites from $ 6.60. The most profitable MEGA Satellites with $ 22 buy-ins and guaranteed 10 tickets each start on August 26 at 6:30 pm Moscow time and on August 28 at 9:30 pm Moscow time.

$ 16.50 BOSS # 47 with $ 250K guarantee – the event with the most democratic buy-in.

On Sunday, September 29th, two more two-day events with major guarantees kick off:

  • $2,650 BOSS #39 $1M GTD – satellite for $ 109 with a guarantee of 5 tickets starts on August 28 at 02:30 Moscow time; The satellite for $ 215 with a guarantee of 8 tickets starts on August 28 at 21:30 Moscow time.
  • $1,050 BOSS #40 $500K GTD – MEGA Satellite for $ 95 with 50 tickets guaranteed starts on August 30 at 01:00.

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