A million subscribers to the poker YouTube channel – Pokerstars managed the impossible

A million subscribers to the poker YouTube channel – Pokerstars managed the impossible

In February 2021, PokerStars became the first in the poker industry to accomplish the impossible, with over a million subscribers to their YouTube channel. We figure out what is the secret of the Stars’ success, and also see how the rest of the poker rooms are doing on the main video hosting of the Internet.

PokerStars – the pioneers of poker youtube

PokerStars has 1,030,000 subscribers at time of publication на YouTube… This is just a gigantic figure, not just by the standards of poker channels, but even in the gambling world as a whole. It was created in 2006, and has been actively engaged in it since 2017 – initially rare videos appeared there as an “exclusive”, and then it became the norm.

It makes no sense to compare the PokerStars channel with other poker rooms in terms of the number of subscribers – in this regard, they are the undisputed leaders. But you can compare the quality of the content and its variety – that’s what we’ll do. We will try to do it as objectively as possible.

PokerStars statistics on YouTube

  • Subscribers: 1.03 million
  • Views: 458.5 million
  • Videos uploaded: 2596

Interesting fact: on average, 1000 people subscribe to the PokerStars YouTube channel per day.

PokerStars channel rating from Pokeroff

Variety of content – 3 out of 5 points… The Stars have a myriad of branded content from EPT, PCA and other tournament series, and all of this can be published for years. In addition, at one time the room organized its own shows like Shark Cage and Big Game, publishing them on YouTube. In recent years, more than half of the content on the channel is marked RETRO, so we can’t put the top five for diversity. Plus, there is a lack of relevant educational content.

In addition to videos with young Negreanu, the channel also publishes videos of the final tables of various online series: EPT, SCOOP, WCOOP, Stadium Series and so on. There is also Joe Stapleton’s unpopular podcast column “Poker In the Ears,” where he just hangs out with a guest. Different sorts of events stand apart – mainly charity tournaments like STARS CALL or Neymar Jr Special.

Recently, popular highlights from streams began to appear on the PokerStars YouTube channel. Compared to the usual snapshots from old tournaments, they don’t get that many views.

Content quality – 5 out of 5 points. Streams from PokerStars are always top-notch and free of technical issues. The level of commentators’ work is no less high. Any online event is always accompanied by special graphics.

Involvement of professionals – 3 out of 5 points… Since more than half of the content is in RETRO format, PokerStars professionals are not always present there. The actual content is mainly released with the participation of commentators or specific streamers – the few professionals who have remained in the PokerStars team rarely appear on the official YouTube channel of the poker room. And sponsored stars like Usain Bolt, Kevin Hart or Neymar appear in video only once, mostly in commercials.

888poker – rare and not apt

At the time of publication at 888poker on YouTube only 25 thousand subscribers, although the channel is already 11 years old (it was created in 2010). This year, only 13 videos were published on it – an average of one per week. Moreover, their quality leaves much to be desired, so there are few views on the channel.

YouTube 888poker stats

  • Subscribers: 25.1K
  • Views: 13.6 million
  • Videos uploaded: 755

Compared to Stars, of course, eights don’t look in the best shape. The corresponding meme comes to mind.

Who is who is clear without a signature

A minute of specific statistics for those who play poker on YouTube: Stars choose the Gaming category on most of their videos, while 888poker prefer Entertainment.

Rating of 888poker channel from Pokeroff

Variety of content – 3 out of 5 points… 888poker doesn’t have a huge amount of retro content, so you shouldn’t expect as many videos as Stars do. Here you can find several types of videos:

  • Live streams of the final tables of the major series. The eights only thought about it in 2021, and let’s hope they don’t give up.
  • Promo videos about new promotions, series, updated mobile client, home games and more. In general, the videos are practically useless, as they are re-posted to all social networks of the room.
  • Special videos featuring 888poker professionals. Just in time for the question of the involvement of professionals in the life of the room. Here their opinion about something is used and broadcasted.
  • Online events are inviting events that take place live, most often with professionals. Just recently there was an action Play With Ambassadorswhere qualified people played expensive SNGs against 888poker professionals.

Content quality – 3 out of 5 points… The main problem of the YouTube channel 888 is that most of the videos are made without love for their work and you can feel it. For example, on New Year’s holidays, they published a whole series of Top 5 Something videos – about folds, hero colas, coolers, and so on. It turned out monotonous and not very interesting, because the distributions were obviously used only from their series. Unfortunately, the selections turned out to be disappointing and naturally collected 200-300 views. Plus, rare videos with at least some content are drowned in constant advertising.

Professional involvement – 5 out of 5 points… Almost 100% of the videos are produced with the participation of 888poker Team players, whether they are streams or promotions. Full integration.

partypokerTV – work according to a proven scheme

Partypoker is doing great on YouTube – The channel was created in August 2017, and now it has more than 110,000 subscribers, and the secret of success, in our opinion, is not so complicated.

  • Content is released regularly. There is no lull for a week or a month – two or even three videos are released every day.
  • For the Russian-speaking audience, there are separate videos with familiar faces.
  • Over the years, partypoker has accumulated a lot of content from offline episodes, which is converted into cuts. There is also a layer of retro content and records of cash games in the partner casino King’s.
  • Professional content makers – managers, editors, creatives. Their presence is especially noticeable since the beginning of 2020.

YouTube partypokerTV statistics

  • Subscribers: 110 thousand
  • Views: 43.8 million
  • Videos uploaded: 1422

Partypoker TV channel rating from Pokeroff

Variety of content – 5 out of 5 points. Partypoker has it all – and tapes of the final tables (both online and offline), interviews with players, podcasts with Jamie Staples, retro shows like The Big Game, Top 5-style handsets, and all sorts of ” Events ”like the recent Chess & Poker poker tournament. At the same time, there is a video in Russian, for which many thanks to Dmitry Shakhov personally.

Content quality – 4 out of 5 points. There is a lot of content, about 80% of everything is “something live”. That is, often with an average production quality (without additional graphics, show elements, as well as other small delights of life for the viewer). Strong middling.

Professional involvement – 6 out of 5 points. The very case when partypoker squeezed the maximum out of the situation and a little more – the team of professionals includes not only English-speaking, but also Russian-speaking players, and they all participate in creating content for the poker room. The same Kevin Hart, who joined the Party from Stars, constantly flashes not just in advertising, but also in more meaningful videos.

For example, he once again says that poker should be “fair and fun”:

Plus, in addition to its professionals, Partypoker invites third parties, and this creates additional interest for the viewer. For example, Fedor “Lorem” Truntsev, Andrey “Babyshark” Kozlenko, Dmitry “SPR” and many others are actively involved in Russian-language streams.

GGPoker is a promising newbie

Despite the fact that GG is the youngest room in today’s collection, its prospects на YouTube quite rosy. The channel was created in September 2016, but it was actively engaged in it a year and a half or two ago. At the time of publication, he has 37.6 thousand subscribers and continues to move on his own unlikely course.

The main advantage of GG on YouTube is the presence of an active and, most importantly, “up-to-date” team of Russian-speaking professionals.

YouTube GGPoker Stats

  • Subscribers: 37.6K
  • Views: 6.2 million
  • Videos uploaded: 329

Evaluation of the GGPoker channel from Pokeroff

Variety of content – 5 out of 5 points. The difference between GG and its large competitors is that they have no offline content at all, and therefore “Retro FM”. But this is offset by a huge number of short cuts, as well as weekly broadcasts of the final tables of Super MILLION $ and many other major tournaments. Plus, the channel received an incredible boost in the number of subscribers thanks to two challenges: Polk versus Negreanu, and then Holz versus Malinovsky.

Content quality – 4 out of 5 points. The final table streams are some of the best in the industry. Their distinctive feature is the elements of the show before the stream, meeting the finalists who will fight for a lot of money. That is, someone specially collects a detailed dossier on the participants, and then puts it in a beautiful package for the viewer, which significantly increases interest in what is happening. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to give a solid top five to production – both heads-up challenges, especially the first one, had constant technical problems.

Professional involvement – 4 out of 5 points. All videos on the GG YouTube channel feature their professionals. Either they are playing, or they are commenting on the game – there is no other option. But why not 5 points again? Because the GG team is unrealistically large, and not even half of it appears in the video clips of the room.

PokerMatch – Little Unique Content

YouTube channel PokerMatch is young, it was created in early 2017 and during this time has gained almost 13 thousand subscribers. Since mid-2020, unfortunately, intelligible content has practically ceased to appear on it – for obvious reasons, live broadcasts of offline tournaments have disappeared, but in addition to this, daily streams, cuts and other movements have disappeared.

In total, in the bottom line, YouTube PokerMatch looks sad, since there is practically no unique and interesting content on it: a lot of advertising, image videos in Ukrainian “Poker is a tsetviy sport” with slightly dubious theses, video congratulations and invitations from professionals and friends of the room … Moreover, most of the content appears on other platforms of the room, therefore, the value of these videos on YouTube falls even lower. It turns out to be some kind of pun: there is nothing on the YouTube channel that you want to sit down and look.

The lack of content has a dramatic effect on statistics. If earlier PMs received an average of 500 subscribers per month, then since the beginning of 2020 this figure has been approximately 150.

YouTube Pokermatch Stats

  • Subscribers: 12.9 thousand
  • Views: 424 thousand
  • Videos uploaded: 556

Pokermatch channel rating from Pokeroff

Variety of content – 3 out of 5 points. Until recently, there were daily streams on YouTube PM, which greatly raised the statistics. Moreover, the broadcasts were of a different nature – both ordinary “live sessions”, and educational, and entertaining. The most important thing is daily, in this regard it is worth paying tribute. In addition to them, interviews with ambassadors appeared, as well as their own unique moves in the style of “Mister Pokermatch”.

Content quality – 2 out of 5 points. The quality of the videos and broadcasts of PokerMatch, of course, does not boggle the imagination, but rather is an illustration of the phrase “cheap and cheerful”.

Professional involvement – 5 out of 5 points. Almost 100% of the content is produced with the participation of PokerMatch ambassadors or streamers. Full integration.

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