about $ 30M in prize money, quiet hour …

about $ 30M in prize money, quiet hour …

Top-14 rating of all players on HendonMob Nikita “fish2013” Bodyakovsky went to the broadcast of the final day of the Main Event Grand Prix partypoker and answered questions for two hours. We have collected the most interesting answers here (and edited them a little to make it easier to read).

About the formation of the image at the table

Question: does it make sense to play actively at the beginning of the day for the sake of image? Legend has it that Negreanu raises 5-6 early in the day and everyone gets the impression that he is loose. And then he just sits and collects solitaire.

Answer: In my games, this makes no sense because the clearing is narrow. This is done in order to make an impression, in order to think a notch higher. The problem is that the opponents can also think one step higher: the opponent opened loosely, and will not continue. Here he showed three bluffs, he will not bluff further. This is a leveling game with no real value. This is speculation. At my limits, it is customary not to speculate, but to look for optimal EV actions.

About evaluating the work on the theory from a financial point of view

Question: how would you rate the effect of working on a theory in terms of conversion into money.

Answer: sucks, especially considering the number of hours spent. This is not a financially oriented activity. I like the feeling of being in good shape. It’s uncomfortable to get into situations where you don’t know what to do. And, conversely, the thrill when these situations become less and less. Plus, working on the game helps to pump memory.

Four tips for yourself as an online and offline player

Question: what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago as an online and offline player

Answer: Here are four tips. Some of them are unlikely to be applicable to all players.

Tip # 1 – Be more open to accepting ideas from other players, including your rivals.

Me and the other high stakes players were very private and thought like, “I’m playing great. And if the opponent has done some kind of nonsense, it means that he just did some kind of nonsense. ” In practice, some of this “nonsense” was cool stuff that I could have adopted earlier. This tip is only suitable for high stakes.

Tip # 2 – Pay more attention to the poker side of the table.

In online cash mode, you are a hostage of what is happening in the lobby. If someone comes to squeeze the lobby, you play for the lobby. If a VIP comes and plays for an hour, two or eight, you play for an hour, two or eight. You follow what is happening. This is not bad, some of it needs to be left. But it might have been worth making more adjustments to control my form and play in a more optimal state. More to pump the approach to the game than the strategy of the game itself.

Tip # 3 – Organize learning

To understand that it is important not just to randomly learn (like, I’m interested in analyzing the BB vs BTN defense), but to approach learning more systematically. Look for which spots are more important and which ones are less important. Pay attention to where you have more weaknesses, and not vice versa, sit and pump up your strengths. On the topic of effective learning, I generally recommend the book “Learning How To Learn” and the videos “Study Skills” on the YouTube channel CrashCourse.

I remember how in the old years, even before the advent of solver charts, an incredible amount of hours was spent just redrawing this manual strategy for the millionth time, counting how many limp-call combinations you have on the SB so that they are in the correct proportions to limp – fold and limp – raise. And so that your limp-raises are in the correct proportions to raise-call, raise-fold, raise-4-bet. It took a very long time. And it seems to me that the efficiency of this was very low.

Tip # 4 – Don’t Bother About Offline False Tells

There is a cool story about how I started playing offline and how I do not recommend starting playing offline. I came to a really big High Roller tournament where I played $ 100K for the first time. Sat in the hand with Phil Ivey and started playing fake tells. It was funny. And I still wonder how he called me. Maybe because he had a hand with which he should have called. Either he really paid on the basis of my clowning. Over time, I realized that these views are overkill. They are unbalanced, and good players know which way to go.

About emotions in poker

Question: Do you really never get influenced by emotions while playing?

Answer: there are moments. Most of all, it affects when you lose and are not sure whether you played correctly, whether you sat down in the right game and whether you beat it at all. Last year I played a very difficult, expensive cash game. And I wasn’t sure if I was hitting her. The amateur was losing 15bb / 100, the rake was taking 5bb / 100. In short, I might have nothing left at all. In such a game, you want to win more. If you fail, you will have more doubts.

On the question of the emotional state of losses and gains. I planted a lot today. But while planting, I learned the option of how I can get to America. I ended up planting $ 100K, but the mood was good.

If you are confident in your actions, then the result does not affect. If it is small, then it can influence. When I lose, the most important thing for me is to take a solver and run the hand in it. And if I gave myself up everywhere “according to the solver” – take it away, it’s okay.

About a quiet time

Question: how much attention do you pay to the mental game? How strongly does it affect the results and the feeling of life?

Answer: For the last two months I have been very high. I hardly played tournaments. And I manage to do a quiet hour for many days after lunch – this has a great effect on my condition. But there is one nuance in this: if you add a quiet hour, it is difficult to keep the schedule. For the series, however, you have to adjust. For a month, I have already been thinking about how to make sure that I start waking up in the morning on the series in Cyprus.

An afternoon nap is almost the most enjoyable part of the day. I’m just waiting for my work and after lunch I’m going to sleep. It’s just a tower. But only for a quiet hour. After that, I am in excellent condition for about 6 hours. For some reason, ordinary sleep doesn’t work that way. Even my day is built around a quiet hour. I wake up, go to the gym, steam in the sauna, have a hearty dinner – and how cool it is to go to sleep for a quiet hour!

About $ 30M earned in tournaments

Question: How do you feel when people say about you that you earned $ 30M in live tournaments?

Answer: in poker everyone understands that $ 30M is just trolling. There are many regulars with over $ 20M in prize money. $ 30M doesn’t say anything at all.

I will not hide the fact that I earned some money, my financial situation is good. But measuring the prize money is bullshit. This is unrepresentative. $ 30M distorts reality for a lot of people, especially those outside of poker. For example, a girl Google you, and her idea of ​​what is happening in reality changes. Most do not understand what these prize money means. Because if you look at the prize money in tennis, the prize money really means that the player has earned so much.

When I won big prizes, articles with the headlines “Belarusian won so many millions” were often published in Belarus. Moreover, I spent more on buy-ins there. But “the Belarusian won” …

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