Alexey “Mikleler” Bilokur stopped one step away from winning a bracelet …

Alexey “Mikleler” Bilokur stopped one step away from winning a bracelet …

The champion of the 2012 PCA high roller tournament Alexei “Mikleler” Bilokur (note: the real “Mikleler” – Mikhail Semin – plays at GGPoker under the real name “Mikhail Semin”) lost in the $ 500 WSOP heads-up tournament to Brazilian Renan Bruski, although he was by a hair’s breadth from departure. In 5-max Bilokur had only 2.4 big blinds. But in just three hands, he spun up to the second stack.

  • 55> (A4o + K2s + 82o) – stack became 10 BB;
  • AQs> 99 (Minkova) – the stack became 20.5 BB;
  • KK> 99 Conan – the stack is 43 BB.

Alexey Bilokur

In the final hand, Bilokur was unable to fold a pocket pair of aces on a coordinated board, but the straight did not hit.

Renan “internett93o” Bruski became the champion of the tournament. This is the first bracelet for a Brazilian. In this streak, he stopped just one step away from his title in the $ 2,500 Limit Hold’em ($ 66,669) tournament.

WSOP Event # 14 The Big 500 Finalists Payouts (2,639 Registrations)

N Player Country Pay
1 Renan “internett93o” Bruski (Renan Bruschi) Brazil $150,327
2 Alexey “Mikleler” Bilokur Russia $122,728
3 Raphael “riskgambler” Furlanetto (Rafael Furlanetto) Brazil $84,534
4 Arthur Conan Ireland $63,391
5 Nikola Minkov Bulgaria $47,537
6 Nick Maimone USA $35,648
7 Eugenio “Ausetep_255” Pernia (Eugenio Pernia) Venezuela $26,732
8 David “MPEW299” Wang Australia $20,046
9 Andrey “Testosterone” Zhukov Latvia $15,032

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