Andras Nemeth won the Super MILLION $ and Negreanu got into the 6-max prizes …

Andras Nemeth won the Super MILLION $ and Negreanu got into the 6-max prizes …

Arthur Martirosyan’s missing out on the $ 10,000 Super Million $ and the $ 5,000 buy-in bracelet tournament with 9 players left in one review of the events at GGPOKEROK.

mararthur1 stopped one step away from winning $ 10K Super Million $

“Mararthur1” was once again caught by the terrible card grandfather at the final table. For the first hour and a half, Arthur disciplined him to pass the cards. And then I had to demonstrate the skill:

Right after the tournament, Arthur wrote on his blog:

Gg, the ending was not easy, but XY was simple and without a chance)

In confirmation of the words, the final hand was attached: at the level of 50-100K in the depth of 12BB, Arthur complied, bet 100K on the flop and 3bet 350K to Nemeth’s flat check-raise, the Hungarian just called. On the turn, the pot was already 925K, and Arthur had 770K in the stack and he shoved in position with 4.5% to win (two outs).

Final Chip Account of $ 10K Super Million $ Final

  1. Andras Nemeth (Hungary) – $ 326K
  2. Arthur Martirosyan (Russia) – $ 254.6K
  3. Marius Geers (Austria) – $ 198.8K
  4. Dan “oiltrader” Shaq (Canada) – $ 155.2K
  5. Thomas Muelker (Austria) – $ 121.2K
  6. Niko “niNohR” Kup (Austria) – $ 94.7K
  7. Daniel Smilkovic (Austria) – $ 73.9K
  8. Matthew “Nator” Hyman (Mexico) – $ 57.7K
  9. Daniel Dvors (Canada) – $ 45.1K

Andras Nemeth

$ 5K WSOP 6-Max Pre-Finals: Daniel Smilkovic on the Road to GGPOKEROK Excuse

For three months the Austrian has been holding a downstream, but it is about to break. Smilkovich won $ 74K for the 7th place at Super MILLION $ this morning, and at the same time was the chip leader in the top 9 WSOP Online bracelet tournament, where the first prize will be $ 423K.

Daniel Smilkovich

According to Sharkscope, Smilkovich’s chart is now in the red by $ 82K – even 6th place will completely mark it.

Participants in the final day of the $ 5000 6-Max NLH Championship:

  1. Daniel Smilkovic (Austria) – 97.5 bb
  2. P0t RippeR (Cyprus) – 65.1 bb
  3. Sumin “scplayer” Qi (China) – 49.2 bb
  4. George Wolf (Canada) – 34.8 bb
  5. DontTiltGG (Finland) – 33.5 bb
  6. Marius Geers (Austria) – 26.1 bb
  7. Aki “Seabossss” Virtanen (Finland) – 18.2 bb
  8. Jonathan «itayalenbi» Coco (Israel) – 10.9 bb
  9. Roman Grabets (Austria) – 6.8 bb

The most recognizable GG Ambassador Daniel Negreanu also took part in the tournament. He traditionally sold 25% of the action at no extra charge and played live – on the first try he annoyingly took out AA

The tournament will take place today. For the first place $ 423,426!

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