Another victory of the “white magician” at the High Stakes Duel PokerGO show

Another victory of the “white magician” at the High Stakes Duel PokerGO show

The “conflict” between the poker players continues – Negreanu still considers Helmut “not the greatest player” in history, and the second is offended that his dignity is being belittled. They decided to find out the relationship as part of the High Stakes Duel show.

The first time was an accident, Negreanu thought.

When Daniel Negreanu (Daniel Negeranu) finished a protracted heads-up challenge against Doug Polk in February 2021 (as a reminder, KidPoker lost $ 1.2M), he immediately began to consider himself “a cut above” his old school teammates. The fact is that after battling with one of the best heads-ups on the planet, and learning what a solver is, Negreanu realized how irrelevant in 2021 playing for a good old sense at high limits is.

One of those whom Daniel walked on was Phil Helmut (Phil Hellmuth). The conflict began in February and reached a stage where only HU4ROLLZ could resolve it. This is how the KidPoker vs PokerBrat duels began within the High Stakes Duel show.

Negreanu challenges Helmut to a heads-up fight for criticism

The first match took place only at the end of March and ended with an incredible victory for the “white magician” – Phil Hellmuth was able to turn the match when he had 3,000 chips left against 97,000. At that time, $ 50,000 was at stake from each, and the winner took it all.

The main thing that the poker community got after the first duel was a meme Apex Predator (predator of the highest order). So they began to call Helmut after a fiery speech, which he pushed in the face of an opponent. In it, he listed his typical techniques of “white magic” and added, they say, “this is what it means to be a real predator.”

Negreanu, of course, considered this defeat a pure accident and, without thinking twice, ordered a revenge.

Second victory again for Helmut

The re-match of the two stars took place on the night of May 5-6. Despite the fact that Hellmuth’s statistics in the High Stakes Duel was already 4-0 (he beat Antonio Esfandiari three times), bookmakers still preferred Daniel – odds were 1.62 versus 2.42.

It took the players five hours to determine the winner, and this time it didn’t take “white magic” for Hellmuth – there were no rides in the mud or promotion with 3000 chips. The only all-in, which can hardly be called “dirty”, happened at the very end of the match: Negreanu shoved with pocket eights and lost A-4 to Hellmuth (a 4-flush board brought victory to the “white magician”).

But before that, Phil did a big bluff, for which he was praised: he made a big bet on the river 6-K-6-8-9 with an open diamonds flush draw. Hellmuth had Doyle Brunson’s trademark arm TDrums 2Drumsand Negreanu was afraid to call with 9Drums 7Drums.

The first 45 minutes of the show can be watched for free on YouTube. The rest is only for a paid subscription to PokerGO.

“God loves trinity”

According to the show rules, Negreanu had 30 days to set a heads-up date. The GGPoker professional did not think for a long time and has already announced his desire to extend the banquet – this time the buy-in on both sides will be $ 200K, the winner will take everything. The chance to win back is real. Considering that Negreanu lost $ 50K in the first match and $ 100K in the second, winning the third would completely eliminate him and give him another $ 50K on top.

After the second consecutive defeat, Daniel congratulated Hellmuth and tweeted:

Transfer: I missed the haters! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, that’s life. You don’t have to act like a vile bastard to a loser. I respect Phil Hellmuth for spewing his tirades when he loses, but behaving with dignity when he wins.

Bookmakers still believe that KidPoker is the favorite. The odds for the third meeting are about the same as before – 1.69 for Negreanu and 2.26 for Helmut. Speaking of betting, during the second round of High Stakes Duel, the broadcast director invited people to make joke bets on what Helmut would eat. The poker player has long been famous for not limiting himself in food, even while playing.

Negreanu hasn’t won heads-up in 13 years

Not entirely relevant and objective, but still an interesting statistic about Daniel Negreanu, given his current love of one-on-one games – he hasn’t won a heads-up poker tournament since 2013.

Since KidPoker plays almost exclusively offline, we can build theories from the portal data hendonmob… And according to him, the last time Negreanu won an offline tournament was in 2013 – it was a € 25K WSOP Europe high roller event, in which the poker player earned almost a million dollars and his sixth gold bracelet.

Daniel Negreanu WSOPE 2013

Since then, Daniel has stopped 10 times on the verge of winning tournaments of various calibers:

  • June 2014 – 2nd in WSOP 2-7 Lowball
  • June 2014 – WSOP The Big One For One Drop (The Million Dollar One)
  • Апрель 2017 — Bellagio High Roller
  • Апрель 2017 — Bellagio High Roller
  • Июнь 2017 — WSOP Omaha Hi Lo
  • December 2017 – WPT Super High Roller
  • December 2017 – Heads-up vs. Hellmuth in Poker After Dark Holidays with Hellmuth Event # 3
  • Май 2018 — Super High Roller Bowl
  • Июнь 2019 — WSOP 7-card Stud
  • Июль 2019 — WSOP High Roller

In addition to 10 second places over the years, he has accumulated 8 thirds. Add to that a disappointing $ 1.2M defeat against Doug Polk, and two rounds against Helmuth, and you have a man who is sure to yearn for some kind of victory.

Whether the Canadian will be able to “dispel the curse”, we will find out very soon. Will you root for him? Join in Pokeroff Readers Chat and share your opinion.

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