Anton “AdrianoK20” Kotlyar enchantingly dragged $ 109 Sunday Million PKO

Anton “AdrianoK20” Kotlyar enchantingly dragged $ 109 Sunday Million PKO

Belarusian and Austrian Mario “livinmydream1” Mosboek walked head to head on the stacks at the final until the huge family pot went towards the first. An important hand occurred during the 8-handed stage. Anton caught a set against TPTK and knocked out djonnibi0, having 60 big blinds at his disposal.

AdrianoK20: “Bad internet helped me to reach the final of ME WCOOP”

As soon as Anton secured the position of the chip leader, he started to “water” – first he knocked out the Brazilian andrilorzz in preflop all-in 58s> AKo, then opened the bluff of the Austrian livinmydream1 on Q-high, and in 4-max won a huge coin AKs> 22 and knocked out Ch4rl1e from Peru.

Yesterday evening the cards were for AndrianoK20, thanks to which he played with an outrageous VPIP and knocked out 7 out of 8 opponents in the final. By heads-up, he had built an almost fivefold chip advantage, but the fight lasted almost an hour – livinmydream1 was not inferior, although he had never been able to equalize in chips.

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In the last hand, KK> A8o was placed preflop 30bb deep.

Payouts to the finalists of the $ 109 Sunday Million Bounty Builder Bonanza (payout + bounty)

  1. Anton “AdrianoK20” Kotlyar (Belarus) – $ 48.6K + 36.3K
  2. Mario “livinmydream1” Mosboek (Austria) – $ 48.6K + 3.2K
  3. sergstar18 (Russia) – $ 29.7K + 3.4K
  4. Ch4rl1e (Peru) – $ 21.5K + 4.6K
  5. SNikitin (Ukraine) – $ 15.6K + 3K
  6. Sergey “ilovetyumen” (Georgia) – $ 11.3K + 2.5K
  7. andrilorzz (Brazil) – $ 8.2K + 4.4K
  8. djonnibi00 (Iceland) – $ 6K + 783
  9. € plov2 (Brazil) – $ 4.3K + 1.5K

Today’s victory was Anton’s second in 2021. In March, the Belarusian became the champion of the Turbo Series (Low) Main Event at PokerStars.

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