Apestyles, AllInPAV, Altal and others – how they played Day 1A The Venom …

Apestyles, AllInPAV, Altal and others – how they played Day 1A The Venom …

Who has implemented more than one buy-in, who is most memorable on Twitch and who came out on the second day – an overview of the brightest performances of famous players in the flagship tournament $ 2,650 The Venom at PokerKing.

Итоги Day 1A The Venom $10M GTD

First flight $ 2,650 The Venom started with 80 entries. By the end of the late registration, this number was increased to 535. Is that a lot or a little? Considering that The Venom is running with a record $ 10,000,000 guarantee, which requires at least 4,000 entries to cover (an average of 1,000 per day), the organizers are unlikely to be happy with this result.

Of the 535 entrants to Day 2, 75 moved up. Tyler “nyankeety” Ruger, the third-place finisher in the WSOP Online Main Event at GGPOKEROK ($ 1.9M), leads the tournament, which was won by Bulgarian Stoyan Madanjiev.

Another interesting fact straight from the top of the chip account. With the third stack, a player with the nickname “dogerson” moved to Day 2. Two years ago, at The Venom $ 5m GTD, he moved from Day 1A to Day 2, also with a third stack.

Moving on to other, slightly less productive performances of other more public players.

Faraz Jaka, Jonathan Van Fleet, Hristovoe Pavlovich, Altal and others – the most striking performances of the players in Day 1A The Venom

Last Friday evening, all Twitch in the “Poker” category split into two camps: those who stream The Venom and those who don’t. And despite the $ 2,650 buy-in, there were quite a few of the former.

Poker pro, the creator of his own room in the past The phrase “The-Toilet 0” Jack (Faraz Jaka) chopped up the stream, introduced three buy-ins, but didn’t make it on the second day. He says he will try again on Sunday, however, without air.

Partypoker ambassador Jeff “fantasymagic” Gross also got a glimpse of the spark: trimmed, injected two rounds, finished in 267th. He played beautifully, did not allow himself to be bluffed, but it did not work out.

Megaskill Jonathan “apestyles” Van Fleet. I limited myself to one entrance, flew out in 214th place.

Apestyles won one nominations, only for the transition to Day 2 this is not enough

The greatest disappointment from the performance in the tournament was caught by the vocalist Adam “ThirstyPayday” Neal, about whom we wrote in the Telegram… Adam burst into late registration, sat down with a stack of 16 bb, spun up to 50 bb, and then got into such a cooler (let’s go preflop). Basically, he played three hands flawlessly, but got out.

Video game streamer, big poker fan Erind “Froste” Puka, who raised $ 100K as part of the Sabaton, also cut $ 2,650 for The Venom, also did not move on the second day.

The showdown did not hit the stream, but the opponent had pocket Kings.

“The Uncle Joe” won in the “Most original streamer setup” section. This guy can be called the king of the greenscreen. Just take a look at this graphic for yourself. “Uncle Joe”, by the way, did not switch on the second day either.

The most emotional streamer Denis “ALTAL” Pisarev tried to bring in from the Russian-speaking community The Venom. But he did not succeed either: an out in 259th place in a very offensive display.

Hristivoje Pavlovic, a member of the GG Twitch Squad team, Hristivoje Pavlovic, became the only player who switched to the second day directly on the stream: Hristivoje Pavlovic: 51st chip account, 67bb stack.

Satellites, Steps & Blitz – How to Qualify for $ 2,650 The Venom

There are three more $ 2,650 flights ahead of The Venom: July 25, July 30 and August 1. Before the start of flight 1B, there will be very juicy megasatellites (MSK time):

  • July 25, 4:45 pm – Buy-in $ 95, 10 tickets guaranteed at $ 2,650
  • July 25, 4:45 pm – Buy-in $ 290, 20 tickets guaranteed at $ 2,650
  • July 25, 9:15 pm – Buy-in $ 290, 10 tickets guaranteed at $ 2,650
  • July 25, 10:30 pm – Buy-in $ 109, 5 tickets guaranteed for $ 2,650

You can also qualify for The Venom through Om Demand blitz and step steps.

Venom Blitz Steps

Blitz Steps are “pools” of players in the fast poker format (if you fold your hand, you go to a new hand). You register, you get the starting stack, the blinds are the same. The goal is to finish the stack up to 5,000 chips. When you reach this amount, you move on to the next step. The blinds in steps 1 and 2 are 40/80, in all others – 50/100. Steps 3 to 9 will take place at 3-max tables.

This is what the Venom Blitz Steps look like:

  1. $ 0.11 (starting stack 1.112)
  2. $ 0.45 (starting stack 1.465)
  3. $ 1.40 (starting stack 1.625)
  4. $ 4.00 (starting stack 1.584)
  5. $ 12 (starting stack 1,719)
  6. $ 32 (starting stack 1,579)
  7. $ 95 (starting stack 1,552)
  8. $ 290 (starting stack 1,591)
  9. $ 880 (starting stack 1.604)

Complete 9 steps – you get a ticket for $ 2,650.

Venom On Demand Steps

Another way to qualify for Venom is through SNG Steps. The buy-in steps are exactly the same as the Blitz ladder. This form of satellites is more classic and familiar to players.

  1. $ 0.11 – 15 people to start, 10 tickets for Step 2 GTD
  2. $ 0.45 – 12 people to start, 8 tickets for Step 3 GTD
  3. $ 1.40 – 10 people to start, 7 tickets for Step 4 GTD
  4. $ 4.00 – 10 people to start, 6 tickets for Step 5 GTD
  5. $ 12 – 8 people to start, 5 tickets for Step 6 GTD
  6. $ 32 – 8 people to start, 4 tickets to Step 7 GTD
  7. $ 95 – 6 people to start, 3 tickets to Step 8 GTD
  8. $ 290 – 4 people to start, 2 tickets to Step 9 GTD
  9. $ 880 – 5 people to start, 2 tickets $ 2,650 GTD

The Venom Skip is a new feature of satellites. The “ladder” can be passed by “stepping over a step”, in fact, in 5 steps:

  1. $0,25 The Venom Skip — 2 билета на Step 3 GTD
  2. $1,40 The Venom Skip — 2 билета на Step 5 GTD
  3. $12 The Venom Skip — 2 билета на Step 7 GTD
  4. $95 The Venom Skip — 2 билета на Step 9 GTD
  5. $ 880 Step 9 – 2 $ 2,650 GTD tickets

And until July 25, inclusive, PokerKing has a reload bonus on the deposit:

• 100% up to $ 100 – when depositing with cryptocurrency

• 50% up to $ 100 – when you deposit by any other method

To activate the bonus, you need to enter the word POISON in the field for the promo code when making a deposit. The bonus is cleared within 30 days in parts of $ 5 for every 120 points.

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