Asmus, Barnett and Kleen are the first champions of the 2021 WSOP events in Las Ve …

Asmus, Barnett and Kleen are the first champions of the 2021 WSOP events in Las Ve …

On September 30, the offline version of the WSOP 2021 kicked off in Las Vegas. On the first day, three tournaments awaited players – one closed for casino workers, a charity to help doctors working with covid, and a classic HORSE tournament. In this article, we will tell you about what happened in the top three WSOP events and who won them. The tournaments in the article are arranged in the order of their completion.

Charity tournament won by regular Jeremy Asmus

Jeremy Asmus is the winner of the $ 1K Covid-19 Relief NLH Charity Event at the WSOP 2021.

Special $1K Covid-19 Relief NLH Charity Event collected 260 entries and $ 231,400 in prize money, 38 people received prizes. Of each buy-in, $ 100 was withheld for charities to help foundations and associations helping healthcare professionals during the pandemic.

After the 2020 lockdowns, people were so hungry for offline that the first day at the WSOP was literally overcrowded. Those wishing to play formed long queues, which almost ended for Jeremy Asmus by skipping a charity tournament: the future winner could only get into it at the last level of late registration, and a few minutes before its closing.

WSOP 2021 kick-off: how was day one?

The $ 1K Covid-19 Relief NLH Charity Event had a turbo structure, so it came to a conclusion 24 hours after the start (taking into account the break before the final table). Jeremy Asmus deliberately chose him to participate, because he loves turbo tournaments:

They are fun. The pressure on everyone is much lower, and less skill is required – in everyday life I like to mix several of these in a load. The big plus is that you can finish the tournament in a couple of days. There is only one drawback – there is no way to truly evaluate the opponent’s skill, because this requires deeper stacks. But this is not a problem – the main thing is that everyone has fun joining the game and gambling at their own pleasure!

On the first day, the game was relatively calm, but two hours before its end, when 10 people remained in the game, an incredible action began:

  • First, the future runner-up tournament American Jesse Lonis knocked out his compatriots John Yokka and Kevin Wang in one hand;
  • After a couple of hands, Israeli Liran Betito sent Russian American Yevgeny Turevsky to rest;
  • A few hands later, Betito himself flew out after Craig Mason from the hand of Jeremy Asmus.

As a result, only five people moved on the second day – Lonis was the chip leader with a stack of 45.7 BB, followed by Asmus with 26 BB, and the rest brought less than 15 BB each to the decisive stage.

Day 2, which started the next day with an hour’s delay, lasted only two hours. Having a strong stack advantage, Jesse Lonis knocked out three opponents in the first hour, and devoted the next hour to the confrontation with Jeremy Asmus.

At the very beginning of the heads-up, Asmus moved all-in with a pair of tens, receiving a snap-call from Lonis with KJs. Jesse couldn’t collect anything better than Jeremy’s – the latter eventually doubled. After that, there were no bright hands until the final hand, which happened in an effective depth of 20 BB:

The victory brought Jeremy Asmus the second WSOP bracelet in his career – the first he received for winning the PLO event at the WSOP Europe Enghien-les-Bains 2013. In addition, the title at the WSOP 2021 was the first for Asmus in the past 7 years – since 2014 he has not won a single tournament, although he regularly made it to the finals, including reaching heads-ups.

Prizes TOP-9 $ 1K Covid-19 Relief NLH Charity Event

A place Player Country Prize
1 Jeremy Ausmus USA $48,681
2 Jesse Lonis USA $30,086
3 Mitchell Halverson USA $20,960
4 Эшер Коннифф (Asher Conniff) USA $14,919
5 Steve Gross USA $10,854
6 Лиран Бетито (Liran Betito) Israel $8,076
7 Craig Mason USA $6,148
8 Eugene Tourevski USA $4,792
9 John Yocca USA $3,825

Dealer Jimmy Barnett becomes casino workers tournament champion

James Barnett is the winner of the $ 500 Casino Employees NLH at the WSOP 2021.

Closed tournament for casino employees $ 500 Casino Employees NLH collected 419 entries and $ 175,980 in prize money, 63 people received prizes. Only people directly working in the gambling industry could take part in it – they were given a buy-in only after confirming their affiliation with a casino.

On the second day of the tournament, 50 people crossed: the future winner, dealer and floor of Caesars Palace, 36-year-old James “Jimmy” Barnett walked among them with an average stack all the way to the final table, leaving other players the opportunity to colorfully prove themselves. There, Barnett played cautiously, trying to build up the stack and never go all-in for the entire stack, so he came to heads-up with his colleague Jack Behrens as a chip leader and provided himself with a bracelet in three hands. Two of them passed without a showdown – each time Behrens had to fold his hand before showdown, and the last one passed in an effective depth of 15 BB like this:

After the victory, Barnett shared his joy with reporters, giving some details about himself:

I have a very cool boss – he knows that I want to play, so we tried to organize the time conveniently: I help here as a flora for a couple of days, then I work as a dealer for a couple more, and the rest of the time I play. I have always dreamed of getting a WSOP bracelet – this is a unique reward that, in my opinion, is on the wish list for every poker player. For me, this bracelet is special for several reasons. A few years ago, my father, with whom we often traveled to play poker together, died of cancer, and three weeks ago my grandmother also passed away. After her death, I tweeted that I was going to the WSOP to win a bracelet in honor of Granny. And I did it!

According to James, he has never felt so happy – in large part because he sat down to play for pleasure and everything ended so well:

My life is a dream come true. I am one of the luckiest people in the world: I have great friends and family, so I also do what I love. This work at the same time seems to be not work at all – an amazing feeling! So I can safely say that winning the WSOP was the cherry on top of my life’s cake.

The resulting bracelet for Barrett is the first in his career. He does not play poker regularly, but he has already won quite large sums: for example, in 2018 he received $ 26.5K on the Grand Poker series and $ 11.5K on the Fall Classic.

Prizes TOP-9 $ 500 Casino Employees NLH

A place Player Country Prize
1 Jimmy Barnett USA $39,013
2 Jack Behrens USA $24,112
3 Danny Chang USA $16,540
4 Leo Abbe USA $11,587
5 Bryan Garret USA $8,294
6 Bobby Schmidt USA $6,069
7 Chris Minton USA $4,542
8 Rick Cuevas USA $3,478
9 Ronald Baltazar USA $2,727

$ 25K HORSE dragged by businessman Jesse Klein

Jesse Klein is a $ 25K HORSE winner at the WSOP 2021.

Classic 3-Day WSOP Tournament – $ 25K HORSE collected 78 entries and $ 1,842,750 in prize money, prizes were received by 12 people. The final table bubble boy was Daniel Negreanu – the last hand with him was the same for American Roland Israelashvili: Dan finished 10th and Roland 11th. Both players received $ 46,002.

The third game day consisted entirely of the finals, to which the only amateur player Jesse Klein entered the second stack among the professionals. The game lasted 8 hours – in the first game, Matt Glantz and DJ Barkley were eliminated, who sat in the final with the shortest stacks (8 BB and 3 BB, respectively), but then the game slowed down a lot.

Four hours after the start, Phil Hellmuth, who started the game with the fifth stack, became short. Hellmuth was especially hurt by the hand in Razz, which happened after Ben Y’s relegation in 7th place. In it, Phil faced Jesse Klein and lost half of the stack to him. After the deal, Helmut exploded, walking away from the table for a few minutes to swear. He was no longer able to recover – after half an hour he flew out in 6th place, posting a sad photo on Twitter with the following comment:

Come to think of it, I have failed so many WSOP events because of fatigue, which forces me to play worse (this is my weakness). But in this final – as well as 99% of the time in the last two days – I played my A-game. I feel like I deserve to win, but poker has a limit (6th place * sigh *) …

Phil Hellmuth is discouraged after eliminating 6th out of the $ 25K HORSE at the 2021 WSOP.

After that, the game went more vigorously – Jesse Klein managed to keep the chip leadership, so he came up to heads-up with Benny Glazer with an almost tenfold advantage on the stack. In such a situation, the heads-up could not last long – Klein smashed Glazer in several hands in Razz and 7-Card Stud, getting his first WSOP bracelet.

After the victory, the amateur businessman was in a great mood and could not find words to express his happiness:

I feel great and had a lot of fun. All the players in the tournament were amazing, as was the structure of the event itself. I really wanted to play HORSE and I’m glad I won it – I love all the mixed games, they are very, very funny!

Jesse also said that he came to the WSOP only to play this tournament, and on Sunday he will go home, where his wife and two children are waiting for him. Before the victory, he did not plan to play something different at the WSOP, but now he is thinking of coming again.

Finalist prizes $ 25K HORSE

A place Player Country Prize
1 Jesse Klein USA $39,013
2 Benny Glaser Great Britain $24,112
3 David Benyamine France $16,540
4 Chad Eveslage USA $11,587
5 Philip Sternheimer Great Britain $8,294
6 Phil Hellmuth USA $6,069
7 Ben Yu USA $4,542
8 Daniel Buckley USA $3,478
9 Matt Glantz USA $2,727

Where will the upcoming WSOP bracelets be raffled off?

On October 1, a three-day $1,5K Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better – tournament collected 607 entries and $ 910,500 in prize pool. At 18:00 Moscow time on October 3, there are 15 players left, all of them Americans. TOP-5 was headed by:

  • Connor Drinan – 30 BB;
  • Robert Mizrachi – 17 BB;
  • Sandy Sanchez – 17 BB;
  • Pearce Arnold – 14 BB;
  • Carl Lijewski – 13 BB.

The winner of the tournament will be determined by the morning of October 4th.

On October 2, another three-day tournament started – $25K High Roller NKH 8-Handed, in it, after Day 1, the American Jake Daniels (147 BB) is the chip leader at the time of the article’s publication.

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