BadBeat Jackpot, GGCheers and the Super MILLION $ series

BadBeat Jackpot, GGCheers and the Super MILLION $ series

Since September 13, new promotions have been added to GGPOKEROK and old ones have changed. We are sharing the details of the new Bad Beat Jackpot, a flipout freeroll now for lucky players, the Rush & Cash Friday promotion, as well as changes to the regular leaderboards.

Bad Beat Jackpot на замену Big Hand Jackpot и Flush Jackpot

Since September 13, GGPOKEROC has a bad beat jackpot for NLH and PLO cash tables (including Rush & Cash), PLO5 and Short Deck. The jackpot falls when losing to four of two in NLH and four of jacks in other disciplines.


  • Players must reach showdown.
  • The combination must involve two pocket cards (pocket pair to make four of a kind).
  • If players spin multiple boards, only the first one counts for the jackpot.
  • The distribution must be attended by at least 4 players (6 players in Rush & Cash)

The prize pool is formed as follows: at the cash tables (including Rush & Cash) 1 BB is kept from each bank over 30 BB. At Rush & Cash, jackpot deductions are only held at full tables.

Bad Beat Jackpot distribution:

The participant who lost the distribution
(second strongest hand)
The participant who won the distribution The rest of the participants at the table
NLH (в т.ч. Rush&Cash) 30% 10% 2,5%
PLO (в т.ч. Rush&Cash) 15% 5% 1,2%
PLO5 10% 3% 0,8%
6+ 20% 6% 1,5%

Together with the appearance of the new jackpot, the Big Hand Jackpot и Flush Jackpot.

New GGCheers freerolls for the winners of the big hands

“Bad luck at the table? Or, on the contrary, was luck on your side? Welcome to GGCheers! “ – this is how the promo sounds for the new #ThanksGG flipout tournaments with a prize pool of $ 100K. The tournament starts every day at 11:45 Moscow time. All participants are in auto all-in, there is no need to start the client and open the table.

But if earlier only victims of bad beats participated in such a tournament, now their lucky opponents have joined them.

A comic strip showing how GGCheers works

There are no exact conditions for participation in the promotion. On the official website of GG it is stated as follows:

Our team of game experts are constantly looking for particularly good or bad situations throughout the game to add more trigger points.

The size of the starting stack depends on the size of the won pot, the number of such pots and their “uniqueness”. Players of any discipline (including tournaments) can participate in the tournament.

Regular race prize pools have decreased

For clarity, a table with the size of the prize fund of each race per day in August and September.

Discipline Prize fund
in August
Prize fund
in September
Flip&Go $10K $5K
Spin&Gold $50K $33K
AoF $50K $33K
Holdem $25K $20K
Omaha $25K $20K
Rush & Cash $40K $33K
6+ $10K $5K
Battle Royale $1K $1K

Rush & Cash Friday: cash drop on Fridays doubled, but it takes stars to form

The maximum cash drop was increased to 1,200 bb, but there are two conditions:

• the promotion is valid only on Friday,

• you need to get at the same table with a member of the GGTeam team (ambassador, streamer or opinion leader – it doesn’t matter).

Four WSOPC Rings to Raffle at Super MILLION $ WEEK

A series of 35 events with buy-ins ranging from $ 525 to $ 10,300 runs from September 12-19. There are three events to win the WSOP Circuit trophy:

  • September 19 @ 20:00 Moscow time – $ 1,050 GGMasters HR Freezeout $ 1,5M GTD
  • September 14th, 16th, 18th and 19th @ 22:00 GMT – $ 2,100 Omaholic Bounty $ 1M GTD
  • September 14th, 16th, 18th & 19th @ 21:00 UTC – $ 10,300 Super MILLION $ Main Event $ 5M GTD

After the first flight of Super MILLION $, chip leader Roman “RRomashka” Emelyanov.

We discuss new promotions and changes at GGPOKEROK in our chat in Telegram.

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