Battle Royale on GGPOKEROK: rules and dynamics of the game

Battle Royale on GGPOKEROK: rules and dynamics of the game

GGPOKEROK continues to introduce new recreational formats. Battle Royale (Royal battle) – a mixture of fast poker, shooter and SNG with knockouts. Explained the rules of the game and collected the first feedback on the new format.

Battle Royale on GGPOKEROK: brief information

  • Battle Royale (or “Royal battle”) – SNG-format with knockouts for 100 people.
  • Buy-ins: $ 0.25 / $ 1 / $ 3 / $ 10.
  • Rake: 5% (in tournaments for $ 0.25 rake 4%).
  • The duration of one game is about an hour.

Today, June 10 at 15:00 Moscow time, a new format was launched in the GGPOKEROK client: Battle Royale or Battle Royale.

Battle Royale game rules at GG

Battle Royale takes place in three stages.

  1. Rush (6-макс, Rush) – continues until 50 people remain in the game. Blinds rise every 3 minutes. Format – Rush (immediately after pressing the “pass” button, the next hand starts). After 15 minutes, players who are not in the top 50 of the general chip account are eliminated from the game (and the rewards for knocking them out are included in the total prize pool).

    Important! If at the same time several players in equal stacks claim to be knocked out, then the number of knocked out players and the number of hands played are compared. Whoever has fewer knockouts and hands will be eliminated.

  2. Shootout Zone (5-max, CIS shootout) – Participants play shoot-out tournaments until one participant remains at each table. After 15 minutes of play, All-In Mode turns on: players go all-in auto in every hand.

    Important! The one who knocks out all opponents before everyone else will be the last to choose a seat at the final table.

  3. Final Table (10-max, CIS) – runs like a normal knockout tournament final table. Only here all the players get into the money (up to this point, it was possible to earn only through the bounty). This stage is as similar as possible to the usual final table of a tournament on GG:

    • before the start of the game, the finalists choose a place at the table;
    • the growth of the blinds after a certain number of hands (and not in time);
    • additional time for reflection – 5 minutes.

Here’s how the final table payouts are split (excluding bounty):

Position Payouts in% $ 0.25 bai-in Be $ 1 Be $ 3 Be $ 10
1 21,13% $2,64 $10,57 $31,70 $105,65
2 21,12% $2,64 $10,56 $31,68 $105,60
3 14,47% $1,81 $7,24 $21,71 $72,35
4 11,37% $1,42 $5,69 $17,06 $56,85
5 8,95% $1,12 $4,48 $13,43 $44,75
6 7,03% $0,88 $3,52 $10,55 $35,15
7 5,52% $0,69 $2,76 $8,28 $27,60
8 4,34% $0,54 $2,17 $6,51 $21,70
9 3,40% $0,43 $1,70 $5,10 $17,00
10 2,67% $0,33 $1,34 $4,01 $13,35

$ 15K Weekly Battle Royale Leaderboard

Added a $ 15K weekly leaderboard to the new game. Points are awarded based on the number of tournaments played. One tournament = one point. “Happy Hours” from 11:00 to 12:59 Moscow time: at this time, not 1, but 1.5 points are awarded per tournament.

The entire prize pool of the leaderboard is distributed as follows:

  • $ 8,270 among players in $ 10 buy-in tournaments; 50 people in prizes
  • $ 3,945 among players in $ 3 buy-in tournaments; in prizes 100 people
  • $ 2,160 among players in $ 1 buy-in tournaments; in prizes 100 people
  • $ 672 among players in tournaments with a buy-in of $ 0.25; in prizes 200 people

Criticism of the new format “Battle Royale” at GGPOKEROK

So far, players have just started to master the new format. But there is already the first review. Here’s what Pokerfuse and PokerIndustry co-founder Nick Jones tweeted:

The game has a very low rake, only 4% – 5%. This is very low for such low buy-ins. I can’t remember a single similar game with such a rake at such limits. In most MTTs the rake is about 10%, in lottery SNGs it is about 7%. Success of GGPOKER at PKO!

Have you played the new Battle Royals at GGPOKEROK? How do you like the format? Leave feedback in our chat in Telegram.

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