Belarus Poker Tour organizers will hold the May stage only at the Emir casino

Belarus Poker Tour organizers will hold the May stage only at the Emir casino

After a long pause, Belarus Poker Tour (BPT) is back. The next stage of the Minsk series will be held from 7 to 17 May in an unusual format. A large number of regular players were unpleasantly surprised – we’ll talk about all this in the full article.

The first rule of BPT …

May BPT will be so special that it even got a special name BPT Fight Club… Who watched “Fight Club” appreciated the reference, but the organizers wanted to say by this that all tournaments and satellites of the next stage will be held in knockout and re-entry format.

There are 17 themed tournaments with buy-ins starting at $ 25 in Hold’em, Omaha, Pineapple and even Omaha H / L. In each of them, the organizers promise cups in the appropriate style.

The organizers exhibit the main tournaments:

  • $150 MVP Grand Event – a three-day tournament with two starting flights. Starting stack 250bb, levels 30-40 minutes.
  • $350 Heavy Weight Event – a three-day tournament with two starting flights. Starting stack 333bb, levels 40-45 minutes.
  • $250 Main Event – a three-day tournament with two starting flights. Starting stack 333bb, levels 40-60 minutes.

BPT Fight Club May Series Schedule

* No guaranteed prize pool is announced in tournaments or satellites.

Special attention will be paid to the best “punchers” of the series. During BPT Fight Club, the overall KO leaderboard will be maintained. Those who get the highest number will receive special prizes.

Tax 13% excluded

Most of the visitors to the BTP praise the organizers for a lot of things: good structures, a schedule, and also for the lack of repeated entrances, which adds “sportiness” to the events.

But what darkens the positive experience even for beginners is the 13% tax on winnings. The fact is that traditionally Belarus Poker Tour is held in the Cotton Hall club, which does not have the status of a gambling establishment. But the casino “Emir” is located in the same building – it was the organizers who chose it as the location for the next stage, and therefore will be able to avoid paying the income tax of 13%. There will be only 4% commission left when cashing out chips at the checkout.

Painfully familiar to many buildings: the casino

Security measures

Kovid has not yet been defeated, and at the time of publication, a mandatory mask regime is still in force in Belarus. The organizers promise to distribute ordinary disposable masks at the entrance to the casino “Emir”, players will be required to wear them.

Chips will be disinfected once a day, cards after every dealer change, and table sides every break.

There will be an antiseptic at each table near the dealer.

Why are people on their guard?

Running the streak is not as easy as usual now. For a long time, BPT remained quiet and finally announced the schedule, plus announced the absence of 13% tax – what could be wrong? A lot of regular players were upset. We list the main claims below.

Location… Regulators remember very well what the Emir casino is in comparison with Cotton Hall – it is a cramped room where it is stuffy and dark, and in addition, smoking is allowed. The organizers promised to solve all these problems (smoking will be prohibited for all visitors).

Number of game tables… This is still the same location problem, but let’s highlight it separately. Emir is primarily a casino, and there are slot machines, roulette and blackjack tables. The organizers said that some of the casino equipment has been removed, but the fact remains – only 10 gaming tables are waiting for BPT guests! For comparison, the Cotton Hall could easily accommodate over 20 tables.

10-max… Another problem from the last point. BPT is not a small series for a long time – many players consider it the best festival to try themselves offline for the first time. Many people specially take a vacation and come to play in Minsk. And this time, after a long break, you can sit down maximum 100 players at the same time, and only on condition of 10-max tables. Everyone who wants to take part in BPT tournaments simply won’t fit.

All tournaments in knockout format and with unlimited re-entries… This is not a problem, but rather a feature of the upcoming festival. The fact is that BPT regulars are accustomed exclusively to more “sporty” freezeouts, and many perceived the emergence of unlimited re-entries almost as a personal insult from the organizers. The latter, in turn, promise that BPT Fight Club will remain just an experiment.

Without TV broadcasts… It’s unusual when BPT doesn’t have them, but Emir apparently doesn’t have the technical ability to organize them.

Cash players overboard? The series announcement says that cash tables will be open for cash game lovers every day from about 17:00. But how do cashiers get their seats if, with a 99.9% probability, all tables will be allocated for tournaments?

Not all players were initially negative. One of the most productive regulars in the series Anton “adrianok” Kotlyar wrote in the BPT thread on Gipsyteam:

I just don’t understand why this srach got up at all. You cut in the bud something that you have not even seen yet, everyone is used to seeing the Emir casino with roulettes, blackjack tables, etc., but they tell you that this room is seriously changing, so why so much negativity?

Frankly, it seems to me there will be some troubles with the landing of people and there are fears in this regard, but until I go there and see with my own eyes what to talk about at all. The only ones who saw this room as it looks now are the organizers, and it seems to me in their interest to make the players as comfortable as possible.

Give a chance, do not threaten with cancellations.

All good)

Satellites at Pokerdom

The Pokerdom room has become an online partner of BPT Fight Club – there you can qualify for two tournaments of the series: $ 250 Main Event and $ 350 Heavy Weight. To get a ticket to the coveted tournament, players will have to go about the same path.

Для Main Event:

  1. Daily free-buy satellite (re-buy 5 RUB) – guaranteed 10 tickets to the step-satellite
  2. Daily step (150 RUB) – guaranteed 5 tickets to the final satellite
  3. Final satellite (2000 RUB) – 15 tickets guaranteed for $ 250. It will take place on May 2 at 21:00.

Для Heavy Weight:

  1. Daily free-buy satellite (re-buy 10 RUB) – guarantee of 5 tickets to the step-satellite
  2. Daily step (250 RUB) – guaranteed 3 tickets to the final satellite
  3. Final satellite (3000 RUB) – 8 tickets guaranteed for $ 350. It will take place on May 1 at 21:00.

The satellites will start on April 19 and run until May 2. The final satellites will be one for the Main Event and one for the Heavy Weight.

Register at Pokerdom, get your first deposit bonus and qualify for the BPT Fight Club knockout series.

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