Best and Worst High Limit Cash Players of the Month – June 2021

Best and Worst High Limit Cash Players of the Month – June 2021

June turned out to be quite hot both in terms of weather and in terms of poker. There was a lot of action at high stakes, and an extremely unexpected character appeared at the top of the rating. In today’s article on Pokeroff, let’s take a look at the most profitable and negative players in June 2021.

In the material, we used the data of the statistical resource

Positive rating

A place Player Room Number of hands Won bb/100 EV bb/100
#1 Rahul Byrraju GGPOKEROK 4327 $625,941 12,4 0,5
#2 arrest warrant PokerKing (WPN) 5945 $210,344 17,2 17,2
#3 az96 PokerKing (WPN) 25,580 $189,258 5,3 5,3
#4 lineage PokerKing (WPN) 15,450 $166,997 13,8 13,8
#5 Cole Swannack GGPOKEROK 4064 $158,012 21,7 18,8

Did you expect to see Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov here, who recently won the challenge against Victor “Limitless” Malinovsky? – That profit was not tracked by the smarthand site, since the challenge took place at Zoom tables.

Did you expect the top 5 most profitable players in June to make money on PokerStars? – There is also a mistake. Highstakes moved to GGPOKEROK, and the biggest profit on Stars in June was reported by Kevin “TaxHere” Paque and took 15th place in the smarthandpro rating.

Who is Rahul Birrazhu and where does he get such a profit?

This is a high roller from India that got heavily overdriven in June. We do not have reliable information about how positive or negative he is, but Rahul is not shy about playing the most expensive tournaments at GGPOKEROK, as well as joining the $ 500/1000/2000 tables with Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov (and merge there are tens, or even hundreds of thousands). On Rahul’s Instagram, you can see elements of a chic life, as well as photos with poker celebrities: Patrik Antonius and Dan Bilzerian.

This suggests the conclusion that either Rahul Birrazhu is some underestimated poker genius from India who will soon be talking about the whole world, or it is a “premium poker lover” with a bottomless bankroll who can afford periodic battles with the strongest poker players in the world.

But not everything is so rosy in the results of the Indian player. If you look at the EV BB / 100, you can see that he is playing with near-zero expectation (only 0.5 EV BB / 100), and everything else just dropped from the generous RNG GGPOKEROK. We will follow the high roller’s career in July. Let’s see if he can gain a foothold in the highstex not only through luck, but also through good play.

Who else was dragging in June?

The most curious member of the top is the player under the nickname “az96“. He played over 25K hands, connecting almost all limits from NL1K to NL40K – agree, a slightly unusual spread of limits for a high roller. Although, the player under the nickname lineage acted according to a similar scheme.

What limits did az96 play in June and how much did he earn?

Minus rating

A place Player Room Number of hands Lost bb/100 EV bb/100
#1 orgi69 PokerKing (WPN) 6192 -$181,868 -30,1 -30,1
#2 Wiktor Malinowski GGPOKEROK 1605 -$155,488 -28,8 -27,4
#3 RodriLM GGPOKEROK 14238 -$140,069 -7,1 -8,4
#4 Luuk Gieles GGPOKEROK 9897 -$124,049 -12,7 -10,6
#5 MrBaguette PokerKing (WPN) 10100 -$122,864 -3,1 -3,1

An unsuccessful wound pursues Viktor Malinovsky and GGPOKEROK.

MrBaguette played all stakes from NL2K to NL40K, and with NL2K for 3000 hands, he left a big plus. It is impossible to say with 100% certainty that this is a recreational player, since the distance played is still modest, therefore a negative release of variance is quite likely.

Luke Giles (Luuk Gieles) – MTT regular from the Netherlands. He successfully played at last year’s Partypoker Poker Masters (won the $ 10K tournament – $ 235K prize money), and in 2020 won the $ 10K Super High Roller Bowl ($ 234K prize money).

Luke Giles

Winner of the WSOPC Gold Ring – won it in 2018 in Rotterdam, $ 61K in prize money.

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