BigGOGI Sports Marathon: Results, Tips, Thoughts

BigGOGI Sports Marathon: Results, Tips, Thoughts

Egor “BigGOGI” Zarev has come a long way to achieve the desired athletic form and shared the results on Instagram. We were impressed by them and decided to talk to a professional GGPOKEROK on the topic of sports.

“I’m uncomfortable with being fat”

The poker player from Odessa, like many of the readers, gained unwanted pounds during the lockdown period. But Yegor is not alien to the relief body. On his instagram, you can find photos from five years ago, from which you can safely say that everything is in order with his health.

July 2015

By the way, Yegor is not new to being “round” either. According to him, once an endocrinologist directly told him that the hormonal background prescribed him a tendency to be overweight, but Yegor resolutely opposes this. To illustrate, here’s a photo of him from years ago.

Let’s go back to his sports marathon. In March 2021, the scales showed a hero 84 kg and he decided that it was time to lose weight – not specifically “pump up for summer”, as we wrote in the title, but just put himself in order. The start of the sports marathon was given, and to consolidate the discipline, it was also announced to the public on Instagram.

March 22, 2021

To our question “why did you start a sports marathon” Yegor answered this way:

I endlessly ask myself the question: why am I doing this? Why this open narcissism and narcissism? I don’t have a definite answer – I just want to look like this.

He started on the principle of “contradictory”. And it was disgusting for me to be fat. I want to emphasize that it is my own completeness that makes me reject. I have no similar claim to others and I respect the right of everyone to look as he (or she) pleases.

I’m not comfortable being fat. Looking in the mirror during such periods, I say to myself “this is not me”, because initially I was pushed to physical culture feats by unwillingness to see the belly in the mirror. As for my current form, my ineradicable perfectionism and a persistent desire, taking on the job, to do it well, had a hand in such a result.

What is the most difficult thing in sports?

In short, for BigGogi the most difficult thing is to keep the shape, and not to acquire it.

Achieving high-quality physical shape has long ceased to be something difficult and difficult for me to achieve. I love it when my life is predictable and orderly (and this is what the poker player tells you: facepalm :).

This is greatly helped by the regime, which automatically applies to work, food, sports, development and leisure. Therefore, when I am focused and focused, it is not difficult for me to regularly visit the gym, do cardio at home and eat right.

“Today I realized that I am incredibly strong.  It was revealed to me when I broke the Soviet garlic press and was able to disconnect the tube from the vacuum cleaner

The most difficult task, however, in my entire sports “career” was just keeping in shape. The multiple experience of previous years has shown an unenviable pattern. As soon as I, looking in the mirror, like Faust, say: “Stop, moment, you are wonderful!” All my adult life, the weight walked, the form contracted / expanded like an accordion at a rural wedding.

And, despite the fact that we are currently honoring my achievement, I have a serious task ahead of me – a new, unconquered peak – keeping in shape. I am inspired and extremely pleased with myself, because I look forward with optimism.

Previously, I was extremely strict about the recommendations of the nutrition coach, bringing myself to complete exhaustion. At the end of the cycle, I could almost pass out from the smells of fresh baked goods when I entered the bakery. It’s different this time. I did not restrict myself too harshly, I allowed a lot, but at the same time I kept discipline in sports and cardio loads. As a result, I am not only very pleased with the form, but I am still full of strength and enthusiasm, which are so necessary to keep it.

Sports tips for poker players from BigGOGI


Do not eat at night… From the height of the experience gained, I recommend not to rush into the pool headlong, but to begin with to develop a useful habit. It is necessary to limit yourself in carbohydrates after 6-7 pm if you live in a “normal mode”.

80% of success is nutrition and only 20% is exercise.

If you have to ride in the evening / at night, then train yourself not to eat carbohydrates 4 hours before bedtime. This will be extremely beneficial in the sense that you stop gaining fat mass. Those. point 1 is not a direct transition to weight loss, namely the development of the habit of not getting fat. With this skill, you will not be afraid to get off the diet in the future.

Restrain yourself… We are people. We have weaknesses, that’s okay. But don’t repeat my mistakes. Earlier, if I gave a weakness in nutrition, then I acted according to the principle of “burn shed, burn and hut”. Those. if we eat, then EAT. It is not right.

When you are unbearable and well, you really want something harmful and fattening, you should choose one thing. Example: you are meeting with friends in a cafe, and you have no life without this burger with cheese and bacon. My advice is to eat it. But don’t use potatoes, vanilla shakes, or beer. You will find that even in solo this burger will relieve your stress, as well as deliver a culinary micro-orgasm. Control yourself!

BigGOGI in April 2021. Month from the start of the marathon

Avoid sweet as fire… There are 3 traps in sweet: it makes you fat (captain is obvious), it has a bad effect on metabolism, slowing down all fat burning processes, finally, it is absorbed very quickly and only inflames your desire to chew something else.

Spend a little time and study information on BJU and the glycemic index of foods… Look for a replacement for the bad ones. For example, if I want to pamper myself, I don’t grab the chocolate bar right away. I focus on protein bars and dried fruit: dried apricots, dates, figs – yum! (but without fanaticism, of course) In the summer, there is generally a bunch of fruits and berries.

Never settle for very low carb diets! You are poker players! You want your head to work well. This is impossible without carbohydrates. Believe me, this is very valuable information for our profession. It cost me a lot at one time, but I give it to you for free 🙂


Get an exercise bike at home (a treadmill would probably do, but I’m not a fan). First, buy and master, and then (SUPER IMPORTANT !!!) find yourself such an activity that you would like to do almost every day and at the same time could be performed directly on an exercise bike.

For years, cardio has been a boring activity for me, requiring regular volitional efforts, undermined by laziness and boredom. On the bike workout, I read books, watched TV shows, searched YouTube and other social networks. I even played poker! But in my case it DIDN’T WORK. Cardio was part of a boring routine.

But a miracle happened: I started playing on PS4 in Battlefield 1. I really liked this game in the format of 10-minute rounds in Team Skirmish. Since I discovered this game, my life has changed. Instead of tedious pedaling, I now have a legitimate opportunity to play my favorite shooter for 40 minutes. Is it any wonder I now do cardio 3-4 times a week? Not at all;) My dear wife, the light of my eyes, for example, on a bike training, watches stand-ups in Facebook. Look for something of YOURS and you will find.

Sign up to the hall… Not necessarily the coolest and trendiest. Much better closer to home (experience, friends). Time is precious. Spending 1.5-3 hours on the road is not a big idea. Laziness will overcome very quickly. And our goal is to minimize its impact on our regime.

BigGOGI in May 2021.2 months from the start of the marathon

Get a personal trainer… This pleasure will cost you $ 7-10 per lesson on average. It’s not cheap, but the result is:

  • discipline yourself – it is easier to go to the gym when they are waiting for you there and paid for the tren, than being in a “free flight”
  • he will help you with nutrition, always give good advice
  • he is the guarantor that the exercises will be performed correctly, which will lead to an even strengthening of the muscles, and also significantly reduce the risk of injury

A good figure costs money… You will have to spend money on a bunch of things: sports clothes and equipment, a gym and a coach, vitamins and sports food, healthy food, etc. Just be ready for it.

Set a goal for yourself. And go to her!

Bonus: simple tips for choosing a coach

Take a close look at the person in front of you.… Willy-nilly, if you take your body seriously, the coach will “build you” in his own image and likeness. Those. if he is super-jock and in general a wardrobe with an antrisolka, then rest assured that he will try to make you furniture too. If he is a weightlifter and a lifter, then very soon you will be going to records in lifted weights, etc. Choose wisely!

Check Competence… Ask questions. If he cannot explain to you what is being done and why, it is only because he himself does not know. Incompetence and unprofessionalism for me are the 2 factors that infuriate me the most in life.

The coach should be pleasant to talk to.… With this person, you will spend an hour together 3 times a week. This time should be pleasant and profitable for you. This is your life, by the way.

Decency… You do not want to get to a person whose main goal will be to squeeze the most money out of you.

During the sports marathon, Yegor lost only 3 kilograms :)

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