Bill Perkins won the Heads Up Challenge against Landon Tice ahead of schedule

Bill Perkins won the Heads Up Challenge against Landon Tice ahead of schedule

A fitting end to a failed challenge from both a poker and media perspective. The 22-year-old “prodigy” was going to play 20,000 hands against the businessman for $ 200/400 and even gave him a 9bb / 100 head start. Recall that Tice is not a high roller or a heads-up specialist – before that he played 6-max cash and MTT, and against Perkins he was covered with 90% backing.

They managed to play a total of 4907 hands (12 sessions). Tice showed a winrate of 3.25bb / 100 and, apparently, realized that the challenge was beyond his chances.

Our team decided to surrender, as we see no other option. The opponent is playing much stronger than expected and I took on more than I can.

How much should Tice pay Perkins?

  • Tice managed to win $ 63,720.
  • Tice owes Perkins a 9bb / 100 handicap (1bb = $ 400). The hand was played 4907 – the payout is $ 176,400.
  • The side bet between them was $ 200,000 1-to-1 odds.
  • In total, Thais will pay $ 376,400.

Why did you give up so early?

Bill Perkins thanked the guy who many called “the future star of poker” and said that he will succeed in the future. He also believes that given the circumstances, Theis and the team made the + EV decision to surrender.

Perkins owes his victory to the coaches at HybridPoker (the same guys who coached Negreanu). According to him, they took a full fish and turned into a strong player in three months.

Most of the commentators on Twitter felt that Tice gave up too quickly and ingloriously, because many poker players were betting a lot of money to win him. But Landon has his own opinion:

I have something to worry about right now – WSOP Online and other MTTs. Gotta move on

Tice vs Perkins chart

The purple straight line is the 9bb / 100 that Tice had to show in order to be at least zero. Recall that the match was played on the WPN network, where Pokeroff cooperates with the PokerKing room.

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