Blocking poker players in the Skrill payment system

Blocking poker players in the Skrill payment system

Over the past 10 years, Skrill has earned the status of the main payment method among poker players – it is reliable and is in every room. What else does? Unfortunately, today we can say that using Skrill for poker players is not only unprofitable, but also relatively unsafe.

The deterioration of the Skrill terms of use has long been traced on all fronts:

  • Tariffs are deteriorating almost every year, and it makes no sense to list each individual case. In 2019, a commission was introduced for deposits of 2.5% (in December 2020 it increased to 5%), the commission for currency exchange increased to 5%, and so on.
  • There are fewer VIP statuses (in 2020, the Bronze was removed, on which the players of micro and low limits were sitting)
  • Skrill began to require additional user verification – at first, just documents and photos. Now new users are almost obliged to make their first deposit to Skrill directly from a card or bank account, and this is an additional round of verification.
  • Since 2017, they have stopped sending cards to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
  • The separation between “gaming” (for gambling) and “non-gaming” accounts is inconvenient when using a wallet and making money transfers.

But all this is nothing compared to the new problem that affected poker players at the end of 2020 …

Poker Regular Blocks on Skrill

In 2020, Skrill took “security” seriously, or to be more precise – rumor has it that UK regulators have taken up Skrill. We do not know what the specific requirements for the payment system are, but all this has led to the fact that poker regulars, as well as schools or foundations, have repeatedly become the object of blocking.

Skrill has always been (and still is) an important link in the money cycle of professional poker players who sell shares, exchange Skrill money for friends for PokerStars / GGPOKEROK, and so on, and also pay for software or training. All this implies direct translations of “unknown origin”.

This is how the accounts of even the oldest users with VIP statuses began to be blocked. Many regulars have played and withdrawn to Skrill for 10 years without question, but they still fell under the block with tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their account.

Previously, Skrill was at least a great place to store your bankroll, but now it is not.

The Skrill support service has the same questions for poker players:

  • Verify your identity (passport and date selfie)
  • Confirm the origin of income
  • Confirm that you own a bank account where you want to withdraw money

But at this stage, the problems of the regulars were just beginning. Famous players in the poker community like Pavel “MountainRose” Weksler and Andrey “STiger” Novak complained that they had to send the requested documents more than once, and in addition constantly keep in touch with the support service through correspondence or a hotline. According to other victims, there was a mess in the work of the support service, because the documents were requested completely different, and the checks could last for months.

Thus, the conclusion is obvious – if you do not use Skrill solely as a means of deposit and cash out, then you are also at risk. Receive money transfers or transfer money = perform transactions that could raise suspicion from the security service.

Skrill alternatives

Since most poker players try not to touch payment systems that transmit data to the Federal Tax Service, the choice is significantly reduced. And given the current difficulties with depositing and withdrawing funds from poker rooms, there are only a few options.

  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) – most likely, only it will soon remain the only place where they will not be able to look into your wallet. Already, many rooms accept deposits in bitcoin, and soon everyone will do it.
  • Luxon is an electronic wallet that is gaining popularity among poker players. Works including in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine. At the time of publication, you can already make a deposit through it at GGPOKEROK and partypoker.
  • ecoPayz is the closest “in spirit” to Skrill payment system with a long history. Plus, almost all rooms work with it.

Skrill can still be used, but it feels like it can’t stand the competition anymore. Keeping a bankroll now, for example, is much safer in a cold wallet in stablecoins. It is as easy as shelling pears to dive into the topic of cryptocurrency payments at a basic level – especially for this, Pokeroff has prepared instructions for you.

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