Blocking your account after trying to cash out at PokerStars

Blocking your account after trying to cash out at PokerStars

An anonymous user of the 2 + 2 poker forum under the nickname “Onion” got into an awkward situation. The man said that he wanted to withdraw $ 5,000 from PokerStars, but instead his account was frozen and the support service was not responding.

“We need money to save the business”

Onion owns a small restaurant in Canada, and his business was severely damaged during the COVID and lockdown. In order for him to survive, the player wanted to withdraw a substantial amount of funds from his PokerStars account – $ 6,000 Canadian dollars (approximately ~ $ 5,000 American).

According to the topstarter, his PokerStars account is almost 20 years old, and he started playing since the “poker boom”, when the simple accountant Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP Main Event.

I have never had any problems with my account. He provided banking information and personal documents, had a high limit on deposits. You can say that I was a great, honest and loyal customer.

Now I am extremely disappointed with the way they are treating me, so I have to make the case public.

How it came to account freeze

The player abandoned the active skating rink about a year ago, although he used to play PLO $ 1/2. All the time he began to take up business, as well as a born child. In addition, the player admitted that he stopped skating as a plus.

Since 2021, things have not been going well with the restaurant, and Onion has decided to try to return to poker. He made three deposits between February and March 2021 – all from the same bank account that he has used for years, including for withdrawing funds.

History is silent as to whether he played with this money at all, but apparently not. In any case, Onion no longer had any hope of earning extra money to support the business, and he decided to withdraw his bankroll in order to pay at least the rent for the premises. On April 23, he logged into the game client, where the account had $ 6160 (Canadian dollars), and saw at the checkout that only $ 160 was available for withdrawal.

I contacted the support team in a live chat and asked why I could not withdraw $ 6000. The manager sent me a copy and paste of the user agreement, where it was said that in order to withdraw funds, I must “wager” them (use at the tables)

* The PokerStars wagering rule was introduced a few years ago.

Topikstarter tried to agree with the manager to make an exception for him, since the money was urgently needed “yesterday.” Since he was a “model” client with a fully verified account and deposits from strictly the same bank account, the likelihood of money laundering was reduced to zero.

I just need my money. I cannot afford to take risks and try to play them at the tables in order to withdraw. This is MY money, not theirs, right?

The support manager was unable to help, and Onion asked for a phone number where he could have a live chat with another representative. It turned out that PokerStars no longer provide telephone service, and the player simply limited himself to a request to “transfer the case to someone above.” As soon as the dialog box with the operator has closed, the player’s account has been frozen.

Will Onion get my money back?

For more than two weeks, the poker player has been writing to the support service mail every day, but he still has not received a single reply letter from a living person. That is, he does not even know why his account was frozen. Only after his complaint to the security service did he receive a reply that “The request has been sent to the responsible gaming service”.

During the entire time Onion received two automatic letters, and both said that “We no longer resolve these issues by mail, so you’d better contact Live Chat”… But he cannot do this without access to his account.

Commentators on 2 + 2 believe that Onion will return its account and money with almost 100% probability, and the situation looks ugly only at this time interval – PokerStars, of course, “rolled down”, but they are not thieves. Perhaps the operator of the support service regarded his request for an urgent withdrawal of the entire bankroll amount as suspicious, which entailed a scheduled check that dragged on. Moreover, many people know that over the past few years PokerStars has been “optimizing” its staff and during this time hundreds of employees have been laid off, which directly affected the quality of the service.

Topikstarter was also offered two “proven” ways to get attention:

  • Submit the topic to twitter, because there is a much wider audience. Stars are much more willing to respond to public complaints.
  • Request PokerStars to close his account… This will launch the identity verification procedure, but he will definitely be allowed to withdraw money without mandatory wagering. True, then he will not be able to return even with a strong desire.

Have you had similar stories? Share your experience, how you communicated with the support service and tell us how it ended.

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