KO Series, WPT Montreal, WCOAP and MILLIONS Online at partypoker – how to get …

Put together a complete guide on how to qualify cheaply for the main series tournaments at partypoker.

partypoker is changing tactics on MTT and satellites

In 2020, due to the overlapping schedule of episodes in other rooms, parties were forced to adapt to competitors and publish the WPT WOC schedule later than others, and even completely redrawn it on the fly and postponed the Main Event.

In 2021, the Party showed all of their cards: users already in the first half of January know which tournaments to play almost until March. And if any changes are made to the schedule, then the ticket guarantee in mega-satellites is only increasing for now.

The partypoker feature is a huge grid of satellites for almost every event. partypoker is one of the main providers of stories like “I won $ 20K from one cent” or “I got a ticket to the promotion – I entered a $ 10K tournament.”

For example, Alexander Shtykalenko grind centrolls and qualified for the WPT Russia live streak, winning a package worth ₽300K.

Lilian Figeredo from Brazil won $ 13K from a freeroll in Summer 2020. The girl did not play WPT tournaments very successfully, flew out, got a ticket to the Second Chance freeroll, in which she won a ticket for $ 109, and then became top 3 in the 6-Max Warm Up tournament and earned $ 13,153.

Lillian Figueredo

And there are such stories on a partypoker wagon and a small cart. And there is a high probability that any of the readers of Pokeroff could become one of the next heroes of such a story.

Main Event KO Series

When: January 16-18

Main Event buy-ins: $11, $109, $1050

The KO Series will run until January 20, Day 1A and 1B will run on January 16 and 17. In each of the events, you can qualify through satellites.

  • $ 11 Micro Main Event $ 50K GTD – $ 1.10 Satellites with 10 Ticket Guarantee
  • $ 109 Mini Main Event $ 300K GTD – $ 11 Satellites with 5 or 10 Tickets Guaranteed
  • $ 1,050 Main Event $ 1M GTD – $ 109 satellites with 5 or 10 tickets guaranteed (this satellite can be accessed via Feeder for $ 11 with 5 or 10 tickets guaranteed)

The final satellites are night, starting either at 23:05 Moscow time, or at 01:05 Moscow time.

Everything you need to know about the KO Series at partypoker

WPT Montreal

When: From January 17 to February 1

Buy-ins in Main Event: $33, $320, $3200

WPT has 42 events with buy-ins ranging from $ 33 to $ 25,500. Micro-stakes and low-limit players, don’t skip this paragraph. As always, it will be possible to qualify for each of the tournaments via a satellite. For example, the $ 109 Mini Omaha $ 20K GTD tournament can be qualified via satellites for $ 16.50 (2 GTD tickets) or $ 33 (3 GTD tickets).

The main events of the series are presented in three buy-in categories. From January 25 to 27, it will be possible to enter the $ 33 Micro Main Event and $ 320 Mini Main Event.

  • $ 33 Micro Main Event $ 30K GTD – Qualifying via satellites for $ 4.40 with 5 tickets guarantee or $ 6.60 with 10 tickets guaranteed
  • $ 320 Mini Main Event $ 200K GTD – Qualified via satellites for $ 44 with 5 tickets guaranteed and $ 66 with 10 tickets guaranteed

The starting days of the $ 3200 Main Event $ 2M GTD will run on January 17th and 24th. The ladder of satellites for this tournament is as follows:

  1. Central roll (25 tickets € 3.30 GTD).
  2. €3,30 Phase 1.
  3. €33 Phase 2.
  4. € 320 Mega Satellite (50 tickets at € 3200 GTD).

The phases stop when 10% of the field remains in the tournament. How many chips by this moment you have time to fill, with such a stack you will proceed to the next phase. Unlike the ladders of satellites in other events, the final selection phase is not closed. It can be entered directly for € 320

WCOAP (World Championship Of Amateur Poker)

When: from 23 January to 7 February

Main Event buy-ins: $ 11 and $ 109

The Amateur Poker Association (APAT) and partypoker have signed a partnership agreement. As a result, the World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) will be online for the first time in 12 years.

What is the trick of the tournaments in this series? APAT focuses on events for amateurs with democratic buy-ins without re-entry. There are 32 events scheduled with buy-ins from $ 5.50 to $ 530

Two Main Events kick off on February 7 at 22:15 UTC:

  • $ 109 Main Event $ 150K GTD – Qualified via satellites for $ 11 with a 3-ticket guarantee
  • $ 11 Mini Main Event $ 20K GTD – Qualified via satellites for $ 1.10 with a 10 ticket guarantee


When: from February 21 to March 1

Bai-in: $ 5300 and $ 1100

MILLIONS Online returns to partypoker in February. The event will be held in two buy-ins: for $ 5300 with a $ 5M guarantee and for $ 1100 with a $ 1M guarantee. You can qualify for both tournaments via satellites.

$ 5,300 MILLIONS team ladder:

  1. Central roll (5 tickets $ 5.50 Phase 1 guarantee).
  2. $ 5.50 Phase 1 – 10% of the field goes to $ 55 Phase 2.
  3. $ 55 Phase 2 – 10% of the field goes to Final Phase.
  4. Final Phase – 10 tickets guaranteed for $ 5,300 MILLIONS Online Main Event 1A. Starts on the night from Sunday to Monday at 00:00 Moscow time.

$ 1,100 MILLIONS team ladder:

  1. Central Roll (10 tickets guaranteed for $ 1.10 Phase 1).
  2. $1.10 Phase 1
  3. $11 Phase 2
  4. Final Phase – 20 tickets guaranteed for $ 1,100 MILLIONS Online Main Event 1A. Starts on the night from Sunday to Monday at 00:00 Moscow time.

Phases 1 and 2 can be entered directly with a buy-in. 10% of the field goes into the next phase. What stack you will be able to fill, with this and continue the game in the next phase. The final phase can only be reached through phase 2.

Register for a partypoker from Pokeroff and get + 20% rakeback.

NL_Profit is the new ambassador of the poker room GGPOKEROK

Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov started 2021 with a clean slate. On January 10, he announced his departure from partypoker, and on January 15, he joined the GGPOKEROK Ambassador team. In this article, let’s talk about the event in more detail.

Three years at partypoker flew by

Anatoly Filatov (Anatoly Filatov) is one of the most recognizable poker players from the Russian-speaking community, especially abroad. It is logical that any large room is very happy with him as an ambassador – he plays MTT, and accordingly he has a whole carriage of awards, achievements and loud drifts.

  • In 2014 BLUFF magazine awarded him the title of the best player in Europe
  • In 2015, Anatoly was named “the most inspiring player of the year” according to PokerListings, at the same time the best player in the Russian Federation according to the GPI
  • In 2016, he won the EAPT Altai Main Event ($ 16,590), and captained the Russian team Moscow Wolverines in the Global Poker League international poker competition all year.

NL_Profit began his journey as a poker ambassador in 2015. First, he turned pro at Pokerdom, where he revealed himself in all its glory as a streamer and video blogger. Then the ardor faded and in March 2017 the player moved under the wing of partypoker, and it all started with a bungee jump in Sochi.

In the Party’s team, Filatov performed a more “classic” function of a brand professional – he attended all offline episodes with a sponsor’s patch, gave interviews, ran social networks and occasionally streamed. Three years of cooperation flew by quickly, during which Tolya managed to win many tournaments:

  • Июнь 2017 — partypoker MILLION Germany High Roller ($67,202)
  • Август 2017 — partypoker German Poker Championships High Roller ($75,575)
  • Август 2018 — partypoker MILLIONS Sochi Main Event (₽60,000,000)
  • Январь 2019 — WPT Russia High Roller ($105,906)
  • Ноябрь 2019 — partypoker MILLIONS World Bahamas High Roller ($280,000)

While working in a team with Tolya, there were other events, both good and bad. For example, in the summer of 2017, he got married in Las Vegas, and in September of the same year, he was involved in a scandal for cheating views on YouTube.

Anatoly announced the end of cooperation with partypoker on Instagram, where he also attached a commemorative video of cooperation to the message (you can watch link)

My collaboration with @partypoker has come to an end. Three years of collaboration, travel and play! […]

We started cooperation in 2017, right after the series in Sochi and the bungee jump. After those events, Sochi became a second home. A young team, countless live and online episodes, the creation of partypokerlive and the Millions Series! During this time, I visited many countries and won a lot of prize money, managed to get married, spent time in quarantine and even gave birth to Bo. Dominican Republic, Rozvadov, Sochi, Rio, Bahamas, Nottingham, Prague … I played several times in super high roller tournaments and was even able to update the record for prize money😎

It was nice to work in a team and move towards common goals. Thank you very much partypoker for this great, exciting time and teamwork! I am sure that we will repeatedly intersect with the team, but I will already be without the bright orange patch, so beloved during this time ♦ ️

New home in GGTeam Russia

Anatoly announced his departure from Partypoker just 5 days ago, and it would seem that he will take a short leave from media activities, as is often the case after the end of the contract. Moreover, considering that he is now resting in Tallinn with his family.

But already on January 15, the poker player announced cooperation with GGPOKEROK and boasted a new avatar.

Friends, hello! Well, now you know that I will represent the team of GGPoker professionals. I will represent Team Russia – drag, carry. As you can imagine, streams will be back soon. Hope you are waiting. Good mood everyone, good varnish.

It should be noted that Tolya is one of the founders of poker streams. At the time of its publication Twitch channel has 15.4 thousand followers, which is not quite a lot even for a poker scale. And Filatov’s YouTube channel has not existed at all for a couple of years for reasons unknown to us. But his poker player is also planning to “resurrect”, so in the near future Anatoly’s fans will receive a lot of content.

At the time of publication, the Russian-speaking team of GGPOKEROK professionals includes Mikhail Semin, Sergey Rybachenko and Anatoly Filatov… It is possible that in the next month they will join and Mikhail “Innerpsy” Shalamovwho left PokerStars on January 1, 2021.

Knockout series at Pokerdom – schedule, tournaments with the largest guarantees …

On January 15, Pokerdom announced a new knockout series called “Gladiator Fights” from January 29 to February 21, 2021. We’ve put together some of the biggest events, promotions, and expected rewards for champions for you.

Series schedule

The program includes 128 knockout tournaments with buy-ins from ₽250 to ₽15K and guarantees from ₽25K to ₽3.3M:

  • 81 – No Limit Hold’em
  • 18 – Chinese Poker (Pineapple)
  • 11 – Pot Limit Omaha
  • 4 – 5 Card Omaha.
  • 4 – 6 Card Omaha.
  • 4 – Pot Limit Omaha Hi / Lo
  • 2 – No Limit Omaha Hi / Lo
  • 2 – no limit Omaha
  • 2 – Holdem 6+ (Short Deck)

Tournaments start every hour from 17:00 to 22:00 Moscow time. At the end of the series, the winners of the leaderboards will receive cups, as well as:

  • Colosseum Opening Tournament;
  • Progressive China Grand Event;
  • Progressive Omaha Grand Event;
  • Main Gladiator Tournament;
  • Giroler Gladiator Tournament.

Tournaments with guarantees over ₽250K

The first will be the opening tournament “Colosseum” with a buy-in of ₽2.5K and a guarantee of ₽1M. It starts on January 29 at 18:00 Moscow time, registration is already open.

For fans of each discipline, Pokerdom has prepared events with large guarantees. It will be possible to qualify for them already from January 18th via satellites.

Hold’em Tournaments

Tournament Start date and time, MSK Bai-in, ₽ Warranty, ₽
Megabounty January 31 and 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 18 February at 20:00 2.5K 250K
Evening Progressive Knockout January 31 and February 8, 15 and 19 at 21:00 10K 300K
High Roller Gladiator Tournament February 21 at 20:00 15K 1,5M
Main Gladiator Tournament February 21 at 18:00 3,535 3.3M

Omaha Tournaments

Tournament Start date and time, MSK Bai-in, ₽ Warranty, ₽
Omaha Knockout January 29 at 19:00 1K 250K
Progressive Omaha Grand Event February 20 at 19:00 2.5K 500K

Chinese Poker Tournaments

Tournament Start date and time, MSK Bai-in, ₽ Warranty, ₽
Chinese Duel January 29 at 20:00 1K 250K
Progressive Chinese Grand Event February 20 at 18:00 2.5K 500K

Promotions within the framework of “Gladiator battles”

Pokerdom also gives the players of the new knockout series tournaments the opportunity to receive additional money for active play. For this, two leaderboards will be held during the series. Upon completion of the “Gladiatorial Battles”, additional prizes for each leaderboard will be awarded to TOP-25 players.

General leaderboard at ₽750K

Points will be awarded for playing in tournaments in the series. The number of points depends on the occupied place:

Place in the tournament 8-max 5 and 6-max 4-max and heads-ups
1 100 100 100
2 80 80 75
3 65 65 50
4 50 50 50
5 40 40 30
6 35 30 30
7 25 20 30
8 20 20 30
9 — 16 15 15 15
17 — 18 10 15 10
Rest 10 10 10

The event buy-in affects the multiplier for the points received:

  • Up to ₽2,499 – 1
  • ₽2,500 — ₽15,000 — 1,5
  • Main Event – 2

Overall Leaderboard Awards

A place Prize, ₽
1 150K
2 120К
3 90K
4 60K
5 45K
6 — 7 33,750
8 — 10 22.5K
11 — 15 15K
16 — 25 7.5K

Knockout leaderboard at ₽250K

How exactly points will be credited to it is still unknown – Pokerdom has not announced the terms yet. At the time of the article’s release, only information about the awards for the winners is available.

Knockout Leaderboard Awards

A place Prize, ₽
1 50K
2 40K
3 30K
4 20K
5 15K
6 — 7 11,250
8 — 10 7.5K
11 — 15 5K
16 — 25 2.5K

Follow the news on Gladiator Battles in Telegram channels Pokeroff.

Private freeroll Pokeroffru Telegram Freeroll at PokerMatch for subscribers …

On January 22, at 19:00 Moscow time, a private freeroll for subscriber (paid subscribers) Twitch Pokeroff will take place at PokerMatch. The prize fund is 11,000 hryvnia (about $ 400). In parallel with the tournament, our editor-in-chief Kirill “Kirill_ur” Teryokhin will broadcast live at the same time. We invite everyone to participate!

How to register in the Pokeroffru Telegram Freeroll tournament?

The tournament is closed, only paid subscribers of our Twitch channel… No “leftist” participants are expected – there will be less than 100 people, so for a victory you can get a solid piece of the $ 400 prize pool.

Do you want to participate? Subscribe before January 20, 12:00 Moscow time and wait for our moderator to write to you in Twitch’s private messages – you will need to say your nickname for PokerMatch so that we can add you to the tournament.

Linking your PokerMatch account to Pokeroff is not required… But if you are not registered yet, then create an account with the POKEROFF promo code to receive a registration bonus. Read more in the room overview.

Freeroll structure

Starting stack – 15,000 chips (75 BB), levels of 5 minutes. We will not play too long 🙂

Will I get something else for subscribing to the Pokeroffru Twitch channel?

A paid subscription to Twitch (subscribe) costs $ 4.5 (₽319) for the first month and $ 4.99 (₽399) for the following.

Honorary Subscriber Status will give you:

  • Access to private draws specially for subscribers. We are giving away $ 100-200 for each stream either in cash, or $ T, or in the form of tournament tickets. From 100 to 300 people participate in such raffles, and today we have less than 50 subscribers. It turns out that in such raffles the chance of winning is several times higher.
  • Special nickname tag in chat… Some people asked us about special avatars with the Pokeroff logo. So – this is even cooler!
  • Accessing our emoticons with Rakebackman… Their free version can also be add to telegram, but only you can use them in twitch chat!

Disclaimer: we at Pokeroff do not insist that you sign up for a paid subscription. And without it, you can participate in our raffles for stream viewers, as well as in weekly freerolls at PokerStars / partypoker / PokerKing and other rooms. For us, subscribers are those who express gratitude for our work, but we, in turn, want to give them additional value.

Join the life of Pokeroff

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Chat in a telegram – here you can chat with like-minded people, ask a question about the distribution, share the joy of skidding, complain about an unscrupulous room, or simply express gratitude to our site. Go to us, we are already more than 900 people!

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How to make deposits to rooms and withdraw winnings using Ecopaze payment …

Recently, players from Russia have experienced huge difficulties with deposits in poker rooms. The reason for this was the refusal of Qiwi and YuMoney to transfer funds to foreign companies.

Poker rooms stopped accepting deposits from Yandex.Money (YuMoney)

We contacted the head of the Weenax project, Elena Sataeva, and asked questions that worried the editorial board of Pokeroff, and not only us.

– What is going on in the payment market in the ru-segment in the context of deposits on gambling sites (the situation with QIWI, Yandex-money), inability to deposit from the card? Is it a chain of random events or a systematic tightening of nuts?

What is happening in the Russian banking market is a systematic series of events that has been going on for several years. The goal of the state is to take complete control of the financial sector. As for the issue of transferring funds for gambling, judge for yourself. Online gambling is prohibited in Russia. Residents of the country just went to foreign sites and played there. Billions of rubles are poured into foreign companies that do not pay taxes in the Russian Federation. People who receive illegal income. I believe that the latest news with the disconnection of Qiwi and Yandex from transfers in favor of foreign ones is a measure that is aimed at reducing the flow of funds abroad. By the way, it is worth noting that not only Qiwi and Yu-money, but also many banks were subjected to checks by the Central Bank. And some of them had their licenses revoked. For example, banks Fintech and Onego lost their licenses for opaque operations in favor of gambling organizers.

– Yandex (Yumani) and Qiwi – how many percent of the market, in your opinion, were occupied by these payment systems in the field of gambling and how deplorable the situation will be if the players who habitually use them simply “score on online poker” due to the impossibility of sending and withdrawing to their favorite payment order?

It is difficult to answer this question as it is difficult to assess what is in the shadows. According to my own observations, I can say that approximately 50% of all funds that users contributed to foreign gambling sites came from Qiwi and YuMoney. Nevertheless, I cannot call the situation deplorable. These are just minor difficulties. I can say that players will not “score” on their favorite pastime, but will only have to choose an alternative for transfers.

– What would you advise to such players from the Russian Federation, what are the available methods to safely deposit and receive money from the rooms?

There is a great payment system for poker players – ecoPayz. Its work is regulated by the FCA, so the laws of the Russian Federation do not apply to it. Moreover, ecoPayz has the status of a payment system, so the UK Banking Law does not apply to it. This means that by opening an account with ecoPayz, the player can be sure that no data will be received in the Russian Federation about this.

The payment system is tailored for deposits on European gambling sites. For all the time it has grown significantly, so it is accepted by a huge number of gambling sites. Its main difference from well-known Skrill and NETELLER is the lack of marking electronic money for gambling and non-gambling. So there are no problems with replenishing this payment system. As for the withdrawal, many used the withdrawal to Qiwi and Yu-money. These options are currently not available. You can only withdraw to a bank account, but players from the Russian Federation can withdraw to a virtual bank account Paysera. It is much cheaper and more convenient.

– It is important for many that there are cards, so that they can comfortably spend money on life, bypassing money changers and exchange platforms?

Unfortunately, almost all foreign payment systems have refused to send their cards to countries that are not part of the European Union. I will say this – there are no legal ways to get these cards. I know that many players receive cards through their relatives and friends living in the EU countries.

– Which of these payment systems can you recommend?

Paysera is a Lithuanian payment system, and online gambling is prohibited in Lithuania, so problems may arise when depositing and withdrawing from gambling platforms directly. Muchbetter is a good payment system, but it’s still very young. The list of gambling sites that accept it is still not so long. For poker players, I would recommend ecoPayz. Moreover, we provide excellent support in everything related to its use.

– How can people get money for ecopace from a conditional Sberbank or Alfa Bank?

Of course, people can easily top up their account from any bank card. Moreover, it is much more profitable to do this through the Contact transfer system. Everything is done online, the commission is only 1.5%.

– How can I withdraw my winnings?

The conclusion is somewhat more complicated. The withdrawal is still available only to a bank account, while you will have to provide a passport and confirmation of the source of income. I want to note that this is not a whim of the payment system management. This is a requirement of European banks that will carry out the transfer. As confirmation of the source of income, you can provide an employment contract indicating the position and salary or a card statement with income and expense transactions. Also, various documents of purchase and sale, lease of property and the like, certified by a notary, are suitable. But even if the player cannot provide it, then there are no unsolvable situations. Let him handle his problem – we will help to solve it.

– Are there VIP-levels similar to Skrill?

The ecoPayz system has 5 levels. The simplest Classic is received by all users after registration. After verification, they receive Silver. Those who register using the Pokeroff link, as far as I know, after verification receive a free Gold status, and with it free p2p transfers. The highest VIP status can be obtained by making deposits in poker rooms for only 10,000 euros instead of 250,000 euros on standard terms.

– What about the anonymity of payments?

Anonymity of payments is a relative issue. The payment system security service sees who makes transfers. Another point is that, as I said above, the banking law does not apply to the payment system in the UK, unlike Russia, therefore it does not participate in the exchange of tax information. Consequently, the data on your transactions does not go to the tax office. When you withdraw to a bank account, the Russian bank receives information about what the funds came to your account and where they came from.

– What commissions will need to be paid in% for p2p deposits, withdrawals and transfers?

As noted above, those who create an account with Pokeroff receive Gold status, and with it free transfers within the system, instead of 1.5%, which are available on standard terms for Silver accounts. Poker room deposits are absolutely free. As for replenishing the payment system, the most profitable way is through the Contact system – 1.5% or bitcoins – about 2% loss on the course. As for the commissions for withdrawing to a bank account – 10 euros to a bank account outside the Eurozone, plus commissions of correspondent banks. In general, the commission can be about 20 euros. If you withdraw to Paysera, the commission will be 5.90 euros.

To register in ecoPayz, go from the overview of this payment on Pokeroff to the registration page and get the Gold level immediately after verification. If you have any questions, there is a live support available, who will be happy to answer them.

PokerStars $ 1050 Big Blowout Main Event Blowout Series Final Table Review

Out of 6922 registrations in the main event, only 9 players remained. Each guaranteed $ 57.8K, but $ 983K is at stake for the former. We will find out who will win today, but for now we invite you to meet the finalists of the $ 1050 Big Blowout.

$ 1050 Big Blowout lobby screenshot

Gordon_dReid (11.8 бб)

The Canadian player “Gordon_dReid” is not familiar to the general public. If you try to enter his nickname into Google, only 8 sites will open, and most of them are related to reaching the final of this tournament. It looks like the account is fresh. On SharkScope, the graph is not built, in the statistics tab there are 20 entries (including 12 repeated) with an ABI of $ 17. And in the last tournaments there are 6 satellites. At PokerProLabs ‘Gordon_dReid’ 19 events were tracked with a total winnings of $ 1,055, with the largest buy-in being $ 55. From which we can conclude that “Gordon_dReid” qualified for this tournament via a satellite. All in all, well, a very dark horse at the final table and in case of victory, a potentially new poker star.

Lonnie “thx4urm0n3y” Hallett (p. 24)

Lonnie “thx4urm0n3y” Hallett

Another Canadian at the final table. HendonMob Lonnie Hallett has a modest $ 158K in prize money. But don’t be fooled ahead of time. First, “thx4urm0n3y” won the Blowout Series 12-H: $ 215 Omaha tournament. Secondly, he won the Sunday Million twice in 2017 and shared once in heads-up SM in 2014. How Hallett does this is only known to him.

Top 5 results for

«XMFPx» (25 bb)

Another dark horse at the final table. With xMFPx, the story is almost the same as with Gordon_dReid. You drive a nickname into Google – 8 pages with results on pokerprolabs. Best Performance – Top 3 in the Sunday Million Summer Series 2020 (+ $ 116K).

Top 5 best results

“Milanov888” (28.4 бб)

It is becoming a tradition to see at least one representative from Bulgaria at the final table. There is an assumption that this is the regular Alexander Milanov, but this is only an assumption. In any case, “milanov888” played 435 tournaments on Stars with a total winnings of $ 90K. Making the final table earned him the largest prize money of his online career. Prior to that, the best result was 10th place in the $ 2,100 Stadium Series tournament and $ 11.5K in prize money.

Top 5

Marian “adkaf” Friedrich (39.5 bb)

Marian «adkaf» Friedrich (left)

The closer the top 1, the cooler the players. Marian “adkaf” Friedrich from Austria has earned over $ 1.5M in online tournaments. For some time he specialized in MTSNG, but left for MTT. Top scores:

  • Winning the $ 1,050 WCOOP in 2018 (+ $ 155.5K)
  • Winning the Sunday Million with 6164 entries in 2014 (+ $ 128K).

«Mr. Havener »(42 бб)

What a final table without the Brazilians. There are two of them in the Blowout main finale. “Mr. Havener skated 2000 tournaments at Stars since March 2019. Mostly I played $ 11, $ 22 tours. Almost qualified for the Big Blowout satellite (won $ 941), added $ 100 of his own – and now plays at the final table.

График «Mr. Havener» на SharkScope

Fernando «fviana» Viana (43 bb)

Half a million in live tournament prizes and over $ 6.5 million online. If you were looking for the strongest reg at the final table, then this is Brazilian Fernando “fviana” Viana. He won the $ 5,200 Grand Final Stadium Series Online in 2020 (+ $ 721K). And I’m ready to fight for victory in the Main Event Blowout Series.

Fernando «fviana» Viana

Vlad «dariepoker» Darie (57 bb)

Romanian player Vlad “dariepoker” Darie is ranked 4th in the list of the best players in the country with $ 1.9M won in live tournaments. Vlad Darie won the WPT Main Event Vienna in 2016 ($ 174K), and then almost repeated his success in the private tournament for the WPT Champions in Hollywood in the same year – runner up, + $ 224K. On the Internet, Vlad’s best result is winning the SCOOP $ 2,100 tournament in 2018 (+ $ 240K).


«Arbaarba» (75 bb)

A participant from Lithuania under the nickname “arbaarba” will continue the game as a chip leader. According to pokerprolabs, “arbaarba” has won over $ 1.3M in online tournaments. Best performance – 2nd place in the 2018 Sunday Million ($ 98.8K). Also in the piggy bank are the first and second places in the Bounty Builder for $ 109.

Top 5 arbaarba results at PokerStars

The final promises to be interesting. Continued at 21:05 GMT Who do you think will be the new Blowout Series Champion? Share in the comments. And join the discussion in our Telegrams.

Today is the last opportunity to become a Blowout Series Champion. At 23:05 Moscow time, 3 hyper-turbo freezeout tournaments with $ 5.50 buy-ins will start; $ 55; $ 530 and $ 40K guarantees; $ 125K and $ 175K respectively.

Another Brazilian fviana wins Main Event Blowout Series on PokerStars

On the evening of January 19, the Blowout Series Main Event on PokerStars came to an end. The biggest prize went to a regular from Brazil named fviana.

Final table progress

Fernando «fviana» Viana (Fernando Viana) was the only “star” participant in the final of the event $1050 Blowout Series [The Big Blowout!] and was rightfully considered the favorite to win. The tournament confidently broke the $ 5,000,000 guarantee and the battle was for the first prize of $ 983K.

The tournament was broadcast live on Twitch-канале PokerStars… More information about each of the 9-max participants can be found in a separate article, but for now we will limit ourselves to a chip account at the beginning of the game:

  • «Arbaarba» – 75 bb
  • Vlad «dariepoker» Darie – 57 bb
  • Fernando «fviana» Viana – 43 bb
  • «Mr. Havener »- 42 бб
  • Marian “adkaf” Friedrich – 39.5 bb
  • “Milanov888” – 28.4 бб
  • «XMFPx» – 25 bb
  • Lonnie “thx4urm0n3y” Hallett – 24 p
  • “Gordon_dReid” – 11.8 бб

Gordon_dReidbeing a short stack, he was eliminated 5 minutes after the start. He was unlucky – he was exposed preflop with aces against the chip leader and he was run over.

Eliminated in 8th place after 10 minutes xMFPx… He lost two all-ins against Fernando Vian. First, a large exposure KK> AK, then the rest of the stack AK> AJ.

7th place took adkafwho fought for tournament life for an hour. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t manage to get a big all-in with queens against the Lithuanian AK.

The next in line was the Brazilian under the nickname Mr. Havener… The player qualified for the $ 1050 tournament via a freeroll satellite, so it should come as no surprise that he was check-fold at the final table. This allowed him to reach 6th place and, for sure, the biggest prize in his life.

Vlad “dariepoker” Darie showed excellent play in short stacks – he dropped to 10bb several times, rose to 25bb and back. In the last hand SBvsBB he shoved 7 blinds preflop with QPeaks 8Hearts… This time it was not possible to get out.

milanov888 took off in 3rd place, becoming another victim of Viana. 3Baptize 3Drums > AHearts JTambourines

After the departure of the Bulgarian, the tournament was suspended to discuss the ICM deal. At that time, the stacks were as follows:

  • fviana – 83.7M
  • arbaarba – 50.7M
  • thx4urm0n3y — 38,5M

It took just a couple of minutes to agree on the details, after which the game continued for $ 50K for the winner. The action went uphill – Lonnie “thx4urm0n3y” Hallett, who at the beginning of the final had almost the shortest stack, received a solid payout and wrote in the chat: “Beer time already” (Time to open the beer.)

The three-max lasted almost an hour, during which Lonnie managed to intercept the chip lead once and drain it literally for the hand. He barreled three streets in a 3-bet pot, and his opponent got a flush on the river.

After this pot (the largest in the tournament), the game was over in 5 minutes. In the last hand arbaarba, having a huge chip advantage, 4-bet all-in with 7Hearts 7Baptize and resisted ABaptize 9Baptize Brazilian.

Despite the fact that even with the $ 50K bonus, the Lithuanian arbaarba received less than fviana – he is unlikely to be upset because he qualified for the tournament via a $ 109 satellite and thus showed an incredible ROI.

Payout to finalists $ 1050 The Big Blowout

  1. arbaarba – $ 739,976 *
  2. fviana – $ 771,415 *
  3. thx4urm0n3y — $646,189*
  4. milanov888 – $ 339,831
  5. dariepoker — $238,482
  6. Mr. Havener – $ 167.3607.
  7. adkaf – $ 117,448
  8. xMFPx – $ 82,421
  9. Gordon dReid – $ 57,840

Thus, despite the fact that the first prize was taken by the Brazilian Viana, the winner is still the Lithuanian arbaarba. At least PokerStars cites his name as the winner.

Fernando “fviana” Viana has played over 74,000 tournaments at PokerStars with ABI 55. Until recently, his record was not great, but his career took off in August 2020 – he won the $ 5,200 Stadium Series for $ 721K and is now improving his past result.

The Venom $ 8M GTD Satellites, OCC Cub3d Announcement and Cash Game Traffic Monitoring …

PokerKing trumps. The legendary The Venom tournament kicks off here on Friday. We will tell you how to qualify for this tournament, and at the same time look for and find an expensive cash game in the lobby.

$ 2,650 The Venom with a record $ 8M guarantee: everything you need to know about the tournament

From January 22 to February 3, PokerKing will host The Venom flagship tournament. From tournament to tournament, the organizers systematically add $ 1M to the prize pool. The tournament hit a record $ 8M GTD. 3200 inputs must be collected to cover the warranty.

4 flights with endless re-entrances on January 22, 24, 29 and 31. Start at 21:00 Moscow time. On the first day, you will need to play 11 hours (28 levels, 20 minutes each). This is provided that you start the game from the first level. Late registration 6 hours (18 levels). If you survive the first game day, you go to Day 2, which starts on February 1 at 21:00 Moscow time.

If you wish, you can enter Day 1 several times: the largest stack will be transferred to the second day. And the organizers have provided a carriage and a small trolley for cheap opportunities.

Regular satellites with buy-ins from $ 32

The easiest way to qualify for The Venom is to win a ticket in a satellite. The schedule includes both simple satellites with a buy-in from $ 32 and a guarantee of 1 ticket, as well as more expensive events. All satellites can be found by opening the Day 1 tournament lobby.

Qualifying tournaments are held every day, the next one will be held tonight on January 21:

  • 21:05 Moscow time – $ 215 with a guarantee of 3 tickets at $ 2,650
  • 21:30 Moscow time – $ 32 with a guarantee of 1 ticket for $ 2,650
  • 11:30 pm Moscow time – $ 95 with a guarantee of 2 tickets at $ 2,650

And here is the schedule of the most “juicy” satellites:

  • January 23 at 02:00 Moscow time – $ 95 VENOM Fever MEGA with a guarantee 10 tickets for $ 2,650
  • January 24 at 21:45 UTC – $ 630 Venom Fever with a guarantee 10 tickets for $ 2,650
  • January 25 at 02:00 Moscow time – $ 95 Beast & SnC VENOM Fever NEGA with a guarantee 20 tickets $ 2,650 each – it will be possible to register for this tournament through the intermediate steps of Blitz Cyclones and On Demand.

Venom Blitz Cyclones Steps

Blitz Cyclones Steps are “pools” of players in the fast poker format (if you fold your hand, you go to a new hand). You register, you get the starting stack, the blinds are the same. The goal is to finish the stack up to 5,000 chips. When you reach this amount, you move on to the next step. The blinds in steps 1 and 2 are 40/80, in all others – 50/100. Steps 3 through 9 take place at 3-max tables.

The Venom Blitz Cyclones ladder looks like this:

  1. $ 0.11 (starting stack 1.112)
  2. $ 0.45 (starting stack 1.465)
  3. $ 1.40 (starting stack 1.625)
  4. $ 4.00 (starting stack 1.584)
  5. $ 12 (starting stack 1,719)
  6. $ 32 (starting stack 1,579)
  7. $ 95 (starting stack 1,552)
  8. $ 290 (starting stack 1,591)
  9. $ 880 (starting stack 1.604)

Go through 9 steps – and the ticket for $ 2,650 is yours. Qualifying freerolls are held from 1 to 5 steps.

Venom On Demand Steps

The buy-in steps are exactly the same as the Blitz ladder. This form of satellites is more classic and familiar to players.

  1. $ 0.11 – 15 people to start, 10 tickets for Step 2 GTD
  2. $ 0.45 – 12 people to start, 8 tickets for Step 3 GTD
  3. $ 1.40 – 10 people to start, 7 tickets for Step 4 GTD
  4. $ 4.00 – 10 people to start, 6 tickets for Step 5 GTD
  5. $ 12 – 8 people to start, 5 tickets for Step 6 GTD
  6. $ 32 – 8 people to start, 4 tickets to Step 7 GTD
  7. $ 95 – 6 people to start, 3 tickets to Step 8 GTD
  8. $ 290 – 4 people to start, 2 tickets to Step 9 GTD
  9. $ 880 – 5 people to start, 2 tickets $ 2,650 GTD

The Venom Skip is a new feature of satellites. The “ladder” can be passed in 5 steps, “stepping over the steps”:

  1. $0,25 The Venom Skip — 2 билета на Step 3 GTD
  2. $1,40 The Venom Skip — 2 билета на Step 5 GTD
  3. $12 The Venom Skip — 2 билета на Step 7 GTD
  4. $95 The Venom Skip — 2 билета на Step 9 GTD
  5. $ 880 Step 9 – 2 tickets $ 2,650 GTD

You can win as many tickets as you want in satellites. And if you don’t feel confident in your abilities in such an event, but you play satellites well, everything except the first won The Venom ticket can be sold. To do this, you need to find a buyer yourself, agree on a price and write to both parties at [email protected] from the email addresses to which the accounts in the room are registered.

OCC Cub3d Announcement: Record for Series Duration and Two Mains with $ 1M Guarantee

PokerKing announced the OCC Cub3d series will run from February 7th to March 14th (five weeks). Total $ 13M Warranty. The schedule will traditionally be divided into three categories:

  1. February 7-21 – Mini Online Super Series (MOSS) with $ 55 MOSS Main Event $ 500K GTD.
  2. February 22 – March 7 – Online Super Series (OSS) with $ 630 OSS Main Event $ 1M GTD
  3. С 8 по 14 марта — Bigger Online Super Series (BOSS) с $2,650 BOSS Main Event $1M GTD

The series kicks off with a $ 16.50 buy-in and $ 125K GTD tournament. And on February 14, there will be a special tournament for Valentine’s Day with a buy-in of $ 55 and $ 300K GTD in the PKO format. The full schedule of the episode will be published later.

Expensive NLHE and PLO cash game at PokerKing

And for those who prefer cash, an expensive game takes place on PokerKing every day. The start is usually closer to midnight Moscow time. The game from NL2K and higher is going closer to 02:00 and continues until 08:00 Moscow time. In the morning they continue to play at the NL600 tables.

Traffic at the Hold’em tables (6-max):

00:00 02:00 08:00
NL600 4 tables 5 tables 3 tables
NL1K 1 table 1 incomplete table 1 table
NL2K and above 3 tables NL2K
1 table NL3K

Traffic at the Omaha tables (6-max):

00:00 02:00 08:00
PL600 1 table 2 tables
PL1K 1 table 4 tables 2 tables
PL2K and above 1 table PL5K 2 tables PL3K
1 table PL5K
1 table PL2K
1 table PL5K

Not playing at PokerKing yet? Contact the VIP-department for more favorable terms of the deal.

How gambling operators are fighting for the UK licensed market

Since 2020, the UK has been thinking about tightening the regulation of online gambling. The plot, of course, is not like in blockbusters, but there is also something to see.

Why the UK will tighten gambling laws

Somehow historically, the inhabitants of Foggy Albion are very reckless. Because of this, the British market is one of the most profitable “geo” (as they say in operator circles)especially in the field of sports betting, which almost became a part of English culture.

Now gambling in the country is regulated by the laws of 2005 and 2014. We can say that they work great – the annual revenue (not profit) of the state from all niches is estimated at 14 billion pounds. But over the past 5 years, the culture of gambling, according to regulatory authorities, has begun to spiral out of control. Authorities estimate that today around 2.7% of the UK adult population is addicted to gambling. We decided that something needed to be changed.

What restrictions on gambling will be introduced in the UK

In the summer of 2020, a parliamentary commission published an annual study on the impact of gambling on the UK population. On its basis, most likely, a new law on gambling will be drawn up. Here are some of the most likely items to be included.

Limiting advertising… The popularity of gambling in the UK is due to the almost complete freedom of advertising. Almost all popular platforms and promotional methods are available for companies: TV, search engines, social networks, as well as sponsorship contracts. For example, now more than half of the English Premier League football teams wear uniforms with the logos of gambling operators.

Decrease in maxbet and limit on deposits… This primarily concerns slots – they, as the study showed, cause the greatest addiction. There are hundreds of licensed online casinos operating in the UK, and an as yet unknown number of “gray” ones. Today, any player can spin machines for £ 100 per spin, this number is planned to be reduced to £ 2. There will be another limit on the size of deposits – licensed operators will be required to demand a certificate of income from the player if he deposits more than a certain amount per week.

Complete ban on VIP programs… Online casino managers carefully handle gambling addicts and give them individual bonuses for playing regularly. The Gambling Supervision Commission believes that it is necessary to prohibit any VIP programs for regular players, as well as greatly reduce the amount of bonus money and free spins (bonus free spins) that a user can receive per month.

Licensed operators are outraged

It is believed that a UK license is difficult to obtain, but worth it. But in this barrel of honey, a fly in the ointment still started – the previously mentioned “gray” operators, who do not have a license from the country, but accept the British. Thus, those who spent money on a license had a reasonable question – when will the state eradicate unscrupulous operators, because of which honest ones lose profit? Instead of protecting licensed operators, the country’s authorities are additionally “tightening the screws” and thereby making work from the shadows even more profitable.

Gambling companies merged and ordered an “investigation” from a consulting company PwC… She collected a dossier on the entire volume of the UK gambling black market and released the data. According to them, in 2018-2019, about 200,000 residents of the country lost £ 1.4 billion on illegal sites (casinos, bets, poker) and this number is only growing. Further tightening of laws will only worsen the situation.

This research has been consistently referenced by the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC), a lobbying coalition for the interests of gambling companies.

Is the black market research fake?

According to the head of the Gambling Supervision Commission Neil McArthur (Neil McArthur) The study provided by PwC lacks evidence, nor does it separate real people from the bots that are prevalent in the online sports betting world.

Neil MacArthur, Head of the UK Gambling Supervision Commission

We understand that licensed operators are concerned about the impact of black competitors on the market, but our data indicate that it is grossly exaggerated.

Therefore, we do not believe that raising the quality standards of services in the regulated gambling market will lead to people playing with black operators.

Moreover, the specialist said that one cannot objectively evaluate the research provided by a consulting firm that directly sponsored by market participants… Until recently, the sponsors were unknown because PwC refused to provide a full copy of their research. But his first draft was leaked to the network and it was indicated there that it was supported by Ladbrokes (owned by GVC, the parent company of partypoker), William Hill и The Stars Group (now Flutter Ent, as well as the owners of SkyBet and Sky Poker).

Thus, we see that the UK is almost inevitably waiting for the tightening of gambling laws. So far, one can only speculate about the consequences, but one should not expect the large poker rooms to leave.

City of Poker – a poker room from China with a weak field in cash and MTT

Mobile poker apps are mushrooming in the market, becoming more and more popular. Most of them work for a narrow audience of a specific country or even a club, but there are several that are successfully developing on the international market. Among them, City of Poker (COP) stands out, a mobile application created in China open to players from over 20 countries.

To appreciate how comfortable and pleasant COP is for the game, I played MTT in it and watched how the game was going at the cash tables. In this article, you will see my summary with a subjective COP score on three dimensions.

Design and interface

Pros of the COP app

# 1 is a simple lobby. There are a minimum of sections here – Tournaments, Texas (this is the cache, in which PLO is hidden) and Blackjack. Below you can choose what you want to watch – from left to right, this is information about events (Event), some non-card games (Game), card games (Lobby) and account information (Me).

# 2 – fast work. COP does not require large device resources, loads quickly and does not slow down even on a relatively old tablet (Samsung Tab S3 with Android 9).

# 3 – good layout. During a tournament or at a cash table, the application gives you the opportunity to view everything you need in a couple of taps, and at the same time does not display it back to the lobby.

Cons of the COP app

# 1 – Little information about completed tournaments. In the archive, you can see only TOP-3, the number of participants, entrances and prizupul. The list of participants shows only those who got into ITM.

# 2 – Little Omaha. If there are more than enough available limits and tournaments in Hold’em, then the Omaha players in the room actually have nothing to catch – there are no Omaha tournaments in COP, and the cash is represented by three limits, which are not very popular:

  • 1 / 2 (4);
  • 2 / 4 (8);
  • 5 / 10 (20).

Cash traffic in Hold’em

NLH limits are available here from 0.05 / 0.1 to 25/50/100, and the game is active. On January 22 (Friday) at 16:30 Moscow time, I counted the number of 6, 7 and 8-max tables, at which there was a game at different limits, and got the following picture:

Limit Tables Players
0.05 / 0.1 4 21
0.1 / 0.2 5 32
0.5 / 1 16 95
1/2 and 1/2 (straddl 4) 16 124
2/4 and 2/4 (8) 11 88
5/10 and 5/10 (20) 7 54
10 / 20 (40) 3 24
20 / 50 (100) 2 10

It can be seen from the table that cash tables are most popular at limits 0.5 / 1 – 2 / 4. Moreover, even the highest limit, if translated at the rate of $ 1 = ¥ 6.48, will require players to purchase 100 straddles for only $ 1. 5K. By the way, the rake here ranges from 1% to 3%, depending on the number of players in the hand.

MTT – three buy-ins + freeroll

COP regularly hosts 7 tournaments, all in NLH, three buy-ins – ¥ 6.60, ¥ 11 and ¥ 22 – with the same 10% rake.

The blinds in City of Poker grow quite quickly – from 2 to 6 minutes depending on the type of tournament.

Despite the small number of MTT options, they consistently recruit from 30 people during the day to 500 in the evening.

City of Poker tournament grid for January 2021

Tournament Bai-in, ¥ / $ Rake, ¥ / $ Warranty, ¥ / $
Free test 0 / 0 0 / 0 500 / 77
Micro-level lightning 6.6 / 1 0.60 / 0.09 (10%) 1.5K / 231
Midnight Dream Race 11 / 1.70 1 / 0.15 (10%) 2K / 308
Lightning Race 11 / 1.70 1 / 0.15 (10%) 1K / 154
All-in lottery 11 / 1.70 1 / 0.15 (10%) 500 / 77
Dream game 22 / 3.40 2 / 0.31 (10%) 3K / 462
Weekly welfare game 22 / 3.40 2 / 0.31 (10%) 100K / 15.4K

Convenience of play on the example of a tournament for ¥ 22

For the test on my own skin, I chose the ¥ 22 Dream game ¥ 3K Gtd tournament.

At the start, one thing puzzled me – the time “44 min” was indicated in the schedule and the tournament lobby without any marks. I thought it was a countdown to the start of the tournament, but it turned out that this is how COP informs about the remaining late registration time.

Before registering in the lobby, and immediately after – in the Stats section on the table, you can view all the necessary information about the tournament.

I liked the game – the pleasant design of the table, the ergonomic use of space and the absence of excessive animation left an extremely pleasant experience. In addition, the client has a good soundtrack. But the main plus is interesting opponents, among whom there are quite reasonable players, and so creative that it is just right for them to draw and sell their paintings.

Difficulties for the players can be caused only by the betting menu and even then only at the beginning. In the first hand, I frankly lowered myself, not understanding what kind of timer counts on a fold, whether there will be a time bank, fixed raise amounts, or you can set your own and how to choose an action in advance. However, after a couple of hands everything became clear and it turned out to be quite convenient.

I did not win the tournament, having taken off in 40th place out of 117 participants almost two hours after the start.

Why play COP?

# 1 – Lots of recreational players in the app. Both MTT players and cashiers will find here pleasant lineups, good design and the ability to load another tournament or table to the main load in another room.

# 2 – there is a possibility of transfer between accounts.

# 3 – direct checkout available with the possibility of a deposit and cashout in USDT, Alipay and a Chinese bank card (or by another convenient method through a personal Pokeroff manager).

# 4 – improved security system to combat breaches.

A test account, registration instructions and transaction details can be obtained from your personal Pokeroff manager or in Telegram from @draguaLV or @MaximMar.