Unibet poker room gives regulars the opportunity to earn up to 51% rakeback

Unibet Poker has carried out the long-awaited redesign of the game client at the end of 2020 and it is time for the promised update of the VIP system. The room did not manage to prepare a new rakeback room by January 1st, so the release was postponed to April 1st. Let’s see how much regulars can earn, and how much it shines for ordinary players.

Why Unibet is ditching the old VIP system

Now there is a mission system in the room, and the main reason why it will be abandoned is the laws of the different countries where Unibet operates. According to the spokesperson, they cannot use the mission system in all markets, so they decided to switch to a more classic progress system. In it, they will fine-tune each individual country to comply with local laws and taxes.

And the representative of the room said that it was difficult for many players to keep track of missions and points in different types of games, especially from a mobile phone. To illustrate, he explained that the mission system was created almost specifically for a cash game – at that time the poker room’s income consisted of 85% of rake in cash games. Now this number has dropped to 60%, that is, players began to devote more time to other types of poker.

New VIP-system Unibet with rakeback up to 51%

Data is current as of January 27, 2021. A room spokesperson warned that some details of the VIP system could change by the time of the April 1 release.

The new program will also run quarterly (January-March, April-June, July-September, October-December). For each quarter, you can receive 2 types of awards:

Level rewards… Play poker, collect rake and get levels. There will be 34 of them, and the rewards include cash prizes, tournament dollars, bonus points and tickets to HexaPro tournaments.

Bonus Points… The classic rakeback model – the more you collect rake for the reporting period (quarter), the more your rakeback. The total maximum rakeback on Unibet can be 51.1% (with the mission system it was about 60%).

Below will be presented Unibet total rakeback table… The official said that there will be 34 levels in total.

Rake for the neighborhood Rakeback Rakeback in%
€5 €0,5 10%
€25 €3 11,8%
€105 €12 11,7%
€230 €38 16,5%
€480 €69 14,4%
€1405 €237 16,9%
€2205 €504 22,8%
€9005 €3560 39,5%
€20,555 €8639 42%
€32,105 €13,718 42,7%
€43,655 €22,297 51,1%

In addition to cash prizes, upon reaching new levels, you will also receive an additional bonus points multiplier, which will remain in the next quarter. For example, for € 2205 rake (level 6), you will get a 12% (1.12) bonus point multiplier. The maximum multiplier of 18% (1.18) opens up for € 9005 rake.

In short – Unibet is glad to players who play a lot and expensive. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose.

For us, the rakeback will be lower …

Yes, the Unibet representative wrote in plain text that rakeback will be lower for players from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. Judging by the schedule, by about 5-6%. On average, for players who generate up to € 10K in rake per quarter, the system will bring in either the same or slightly more rakeback than the current mission system.

The yellow line is the past rakeback with missions, the blue line is the rakeback for "major markets", gray - for the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland

For our main markets, there will be more generous rewards, and for a small group of countries that negatively affect the environment, rooms will be less generous. It includes Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. We strive to provide the best conditions for players in our main markets, so, unfortunately, the awards cannot be the same for everyone.

Migration to a new VIP system

According to the current Unibet system, when you accumulate 500,000 challenge points, a transfer to the next quarter opens, including partially completed tasks. The accumulated mission points will not be transferred to the new VIP program, but simply manually paid their reward with bonus points.

All users who have accumulated € 2205 or € 9005 rake in the first quarter of 2021 will automatically receive a bonus point multiplier (12% or 18% respectively) from April 1st.

PokerStars 50/50 Series Details: Series Schedule Features

Hardly had I come to the end of the Blowout Series when the “red lance” added a new tab “50/50 Series” to the lobby – we are sharing the details of new tournaments and analyzing the schedule.

50/50 Series at PokerStars: a new series played on the reservation

The series will run on PokerStars from January 31st to February 8th. There are 50 tournaments with buy-ins of $ 50 each and a total guarantee of $ 6M. In addition to Hold’em, there will be PLO, NLO8, HORSE tournaments and 8 games.

This format of the series seems to be original for PS players. In fact, they managed to skate this structure of the series on the European reservation, where in October 2020 the 30/30 Series was held with 30 tournaments of € 30 and a total guarantee of € 1.5M.

30/30 Series на

PokerStars 50/50 Series Highlights Overview: Two Million Tournaments and $ 250K Daily Events

The 50/50 Series focuses on two Sunday events.

January 31st at 21:00 Moscow time starts 50/50 Series 03 Sunday Million SE PKO with a $ 50 buy-in and a $ 1M guarantee. By simple calculations it turns out that the guarantee is calculated for 20,000 registrations. Considering that 20,466 registrations were collected in the last Sunday Milion for $ 109, we can say that the organizers are a little reinsured for the 50/50 Series.

The tournament will again be held in the PKO format. $ 23 from buy-in – reward for knocking out an opponent; $ 22.45 is added to the prize pool and $ 4.55 is added to the rake. The levels are 12 minutes long, the blinds are doubled every 4 levels. During the late registration period, up to 3 re-entries can be made. On the first day, you have to play 9 hours and 30 minutes.

You can qualify for this tournament through one of the satellites with buy-ins ranging from $ 2.20 (5 ticket guarantee) to $ 11 with 5 or 10 ticket guarantees.

And next week, February 7, there will be another main event 50/50 Series 46 Main Event $1M GTD. This is a regular tournament with a slow structure of 15 minutes without knockouts. On the first day of the game, 9 hours are to be played.

Tournaments will become daily majors from February 1 to February 6 PKO Mini Bounty Builder SE with a $ 250K guarantee – events with a slow (15 minutes levels) and smooth (blinds double every 5 levels) structure. During the late check-in period (2 hours and 5 minutes), up to 2 re-entries can be made.

Other daily 50/50 Series tournaments:

  • at 18:00 Moscow time Daily Marathon with a guarantee of $ 50K – a tournament with levels of 15 minutes with an increase in blinds every 4 levels.
  • at 19:30 Moscow time HU-tournament in Zoom format with a guarantee of $ 50K on weekdays and $ 75K on weekends

50/50 Series Non-Hold’em Tournaments

In total, there are 42 Hold’em tournaments of 50 tournaments. And only 8 events from the entire schedule are not “on two cards” (each starts at 00:00 Moscow time):

By Omaha:

  • Feb 1 – 50/50 Series 06 $ 40K Guaranteed
  • February 4th – 50/50 Series 24 PKO with $ 30K Guarantee
  • February 5 – 50/50 Series 30 $ 25K Guaranteed
  • Feb 8 – 50/50 Series 48 $ 40K Guaranteed

Two tournaments each No Limit Omaha Hi / Lo (NLO8) in the PKO format with a $ 25K guarantee will be held on February 2 and 7.

Tournament on 8 games $ 15K Guaranteed – Feb 3rd.

Tournament on HORSE $ 15K guaranteed – February 6th.

And if you are not yet playing at PokerStars, then for all new players in the room there are first deposit bonuses.

  • Deposit $ 20 with code THIRTY and get $ 30 with Spin & Go tickets and cash.
  • And for a deposit with a code STARS600 a 100% bonus up to $ 600 will be credited. You can deposit to wager the bonus with the STARS600 promo code in three different parts, for example, $ 300 + $ 170 + $ 130.

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WSOP Online Ciruit All 2021 Online at Why It’s Good …

More than 180 rings will be drawn by the participants of the WSOP Online Circuit throughout 2021. Why “stretching” the WSOP for a year is good and bad for poker, and why was it done at all?

WSOP Circuit Series Will Become Monthly For Nevada and New Jersey Players

A press release has been published on the website announcing that the WSOP Circuit will run throughout 2021. The tournaments will be run in series named after Las Vegas casinos (excluding Winter, Spring and Summer Series). 12 or 18 rings will be played for each series.

Schedule of the WSOP Circuit series in 2021 (the number of “ring” events is indicated in brackets):

  • from January 14 to 31 – Winter Online Super Circuit (18)
  • February 17-28 – Planet Hollywood Circuit (12)
  • March 19-30 – Silver Legacy Circuit (12)
  • April 10-27 – Spring Online Super Circuit (18)
  • с 8 по 25 мая — Caesars Atlantic City Online Circuit (12)
  • June 10-27 – Summer Online Super Circuit (18)
  • July 16-27 – Bally’s Online Circuit (12)
  • from 20 to 31 August – Rio Online Circuit (12)
  • September 15-26 – Caesars Las Vegas Online Circuit (12)
  • from October 9 to 26 – Fall Online Super Circuit (18)
  • November 10-21 – Paris Las Vegas Online Circuit (12)
  • December 8-19 – Harrah’s Las Vegas Online Circuit (12)
  • 21 декабря — $250K Year End Championship Event (1)

Features of the WSOP Online Circuit Series: Main Events, Freeroll, Leaderboard and Year End Championship Event

The site has published only the schedule of the next WSOP Winter Online Super Circuit. Here are the main tournaments:

  • main event with a buy-in of $ 525 and a guarantee of $ 250K (3 re-entries)
  • $ 1K buy-in high roller tournament with $ 100K guaranteed (2 re-entries)
  • $ 2K $ 100K Guaranteed Super High Roller Tournament (2 re-entries)

It is known from the press release that the schedule of each episode includes freeroll at $ 25K, in which all the winners of the ring events (12 or 18 people) and the top 10 players of the series leaderboard will take part. And every month the players will play $ 10K on leaderboard.

There will be a total of 12 stages and one special event with a prize pool of $ 250K and a cap of 256 participants, which will feature a WSOP gold bracelet. This event is a private freeroll, which can be entered in one of three ways:

  • win a ring event,
  • win a monthly leaderboard,
  • Win a seat in the “winner takes all” tournament.

Incidentally, is planning to add another streak as soon as another state legalizes online poker. Probably, we are talking about Michigan, where on December 29, Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Gretchen Whitmer) passed amendments to the law on online games of the state of Michigan, according to which residents of this state can now play in a common pool with players from other states. Online poker in Michigan is expected to launch in late January.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Why was the WSOP Circuit stretched out for the whole year?

There are two main reasons for this:

Reason 1. As live poker remains in limbo in 2021 due to the epidemiological situation, the decision was made to move live poker to the Internet.

Typically, the WSOP Circuit stages take place in a variety of locations. Here’s just half of the 2020 WSOP Circuit schedule. There are stages in Brazil, Canada, France, as well as stages in the USA (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tunica). Of course, canceling offline events means huge lost profits for organizers.

Reason 2. The WSOP decided to cash in on the brand. This reason follows from the first. At least that’s exactly what CEO Ty Stewart said in a press release for (it’s unlikely that the guys from the WSOP just sat at home and at Zoom were “happy” about the huge prize pools in tournaments):

“Players deserve great tournaments and great value throughout the year, which is why we’ve decided to run the WSOP Circuit Online throughout 2021. We were delighted with the massive prize pools of events in 2020 and hope to see growth in the new year. “

The trick is that the WSOP, as the brand owners, keeps 0.5% as an administrative fee on the prize pool of each tournament. Pay attention to this in the lobby the next time you download the WSOPC tournament at GGPOKEROK.

It’s funny that the WSOP Online series turned out to be of no interest to the general public compared to the live stages of the past. Here’s what the World Series of Poker search dynamics look like. The Spades on the Chart are the WSOP Series that took place in Las Vegas over the summer. There was no such standard peak in 2020.

Dynamics of search queries on the topic

Why running the WSOP Circuit all year round is good for poker

Any series is always good. Players will know that regardless of whether they are offline or not, they will always be online. Moreover, the organizers added over $ 600K in additional promotions in the form of leaderboards, freeroll prize pools and tickets.

Why running the WSOP Circuit all year round is bad for poker

The value of the WSOP Circuit title is lost. In other words, the WSOP Circuit tournaments will become something like “Daily” tournaments in any of the rooms. The atmosphere, the prestige of winning the WSOP tournament will be lost. The World Series of Poker is something exquisite and festive.

Previously, the WSOP Circuit was a world series, which was dominated by players from the locations where the series came. And only a small group of regulars traveled along with the series to new locations. In 2021, the WSOP Circuit will be a series for regulars from the states of Nevada and New Jersey (we anticipate your question, players from Russia and Belarus cannot play on the series unless you are located in these states). And the charm of the series will be lost, even regular players will get bored with WSOP Ciruit. It’s like having champagne with oysters every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner – it gets boring. Let’s be glad to be wrong if our prediction doesn’t come true and the WSOP Online Circuit breathes new life into online poker in the states.

Do you think the WSOP Circuit will benefit poker throughout the year or not? Share your opinion in the comments and join the discussion at chat.

The last three days of the CIS Championship poker tournament series …

The VBET SNG Online Poker Championship has reached its home stretch with just three days left to complete the series, which will culminate in the € 30K Guaranteed Main Event. Let’s see what else the CIS Championship has to offer these days.

There is not much traffic in the VBET room at the moment, so it is obvious that it cannot offer millions of guarantees for every serial. Low AFS (average number of participants in a tournament) – it’s not bad. Small tournaments usually finish in 7-8 hours, thanks to which players can win quite tangible money in one evening.

We also remind you about other nice features of the small room VBET:

  • Soft field… You do not need to make a deposit to be sure of this – you can just look at the recent stream head Pokeroff Kirill Teryokhinawhere he won the € 33 CIS H: Daily Main Event $ 4K Gtd.
  • Bubble protection… For registration before the start of the tournament, the poker room gives insurance on the bubble. If a player becomes a bubble boy, the buy-in is returned to him.
  • Lots of satellites and freerolls… Players with the smallest bankrolls can quite comfortably compete for the right to participate in the larger tournaments. For example, on January 8th there were more than 20 freeroll satellites for the CIS Championship series, including the tournament from Pokeroff with a € 220 TM guarantee. The tournament starts on January 8 at 20:30 Moscow time, entrance only with a password, which we will announce 10 minutes before the start of the tournament in the telegram channel @pokeroffru

January 8 – 15 events and € 15,000 guarantees

On the day of publication of this material, 15 tournaments with buy-ins from € 1.10 to € 55 will be held at the CIS Championship.

  • The most accessible tournament – €1,10 CIS L: Micro Rebuy Event #330 with rebuys and addons, € 200 guarantee
  • The tournament with the largest guarantee – €18 CIS M: Daily Main Event #333, guarantee € 4000. Unlimited re-entries. Start 20:00 Moscow time. You can qualify for it through satellites of € 2.2 and € 3.3, which run every hour and a half.

Omaha lovers will find two 6-max PKO events on this day:

  • €4,40 CIS L: Turbo Omaha Event #331 – € 400 guarantee. Start 18:00 Moscow time
  • €11 CIS M: Omaha Event #334 – € 600 guarantee. Start 20:30 Moscow time

January 9th – 17 events and € 25,450 guarantee

Saturday will be much more generous in guarantees, as several major tournaments and the Ukrainian Major are scheduled for it. Also, be sure to pay attention to the high roller event, as in the past there have been solid overlays.

Start (MSK) Tournament Bai-in Warranty Starting stack and blinds
17:00 CIS Odessa Cup PKO €16,50 €2000 50,000 chip stack, 10 minute levels
20:00 CIS Ukrainian Cup PKO €55 €10,000 50,000 chip stack, 10 minute levels
20:30 CIS H: Highroller Event # 351 PKO €99 €5000 50,000 chip stack, 10 minute levels
21:00 CIS Kiev Cup PKO €22 €1500 50,000 chip stack, 10 minute levels

January 10 – the final day of the series € 44,700 guarantee

On the last day, all attention will be focused on two Main Events.

Start (MSK) Tournament Bai-in Warranty Starting stack and blinds
15:00 CIS Mini Main Event PKO €11 €2000 50,000 chip stack, 12 minute levels
20:00 CIS Main Event PKO €60 €30,000 50,000 chip stack, 10 minute levels
20:30 CIS H: Highroller Event #368 €99 €5000 50,000 chip stack, 10 minute levels

At the time of publication, 143 participants were registered in the Main Event for € 60. To qualify for it is as easy as shelling pears – the lobby is literally littered with inexpensive step satellites, ranging from freerolls every hour, ending with megasats with a buy-in of € 6.6.

For example, you can go this way:

  • 1 step, freeroll – guaranteed 9 tickets for step 2;
  • Step 2, € 1.10 – 10 tickets guaranteed for step 3;
  • Step 3, € 6.6 – 10 tickets guaranteed Main event of the CIS Championship (€ 600). The nearest such satellite will take place on January 8 at 21:30.

Sign up to VBET, qualify for the CIS Championship Main Event and become its first champion.

Lockdown Series – schedule, guarantees, promotions, results of the first two game …

From January 8th to 24th, the newly created Lockdown Series is taking place at PokerMatch. Every day within the series starts four events – NLH, OFC, NLH PKO, as well as PLO, PLO5 or PLO6.

Buy-ins of tournaments vary from UAH 25 to UAH 2K, and guarantees – from UAH 30K to UAH 1M.

The main feature of the series is that all tournaments, except OFC, are multi-entry. This means that each player can play with several inputs (stacks) at the same time. Depending on the discipline, the number of multi-entry is limited:

  • 8 – NLH and NLH PKO. Rebuy and add-on are also available.
  • 4 – PLO, PLO5 and PLO6. Rebuy and add-on are also available.
  • 0 – OFC. There are no rebuys or add-ons, but you can make up to 5 entries.

Let’s take a closer look at the Lockdown Series.

How were the first two days of Lockdown?

On January 8 and 9, 8 tournaments were held within the framework of the series, and the series began extremely successfully:

  • Overlay was only in two tournaments, and relatively small – it was completely covered by the prize pools of other events in the series.
  • A large number of satellites made it possible to collect soft and rather large fields in target tournaments.
  • The multi-entry format has obviously found a positive response from the players. This means that people are ready to actively play in such a profitable format for the room.

Lockdown Day 1 Tournament Results

Tournament Bai-in, UAH Guarantee, UAH Final prize fund, UAH Winner Payout to the winner, UAH
Lockdown Day 1 NLHE 100 150K 232,920 freeman2 40,612
Lockdown Day 1 PLO5 200 60K 65,700 betman95 15,375
Lockdown Day 1 OFC 1K 80K 98,100 tota 30,411
Lockdown Day 1 PKO 200 300K 457,920 mrnobody 39,915+ bouts 16,282

Lockdown Day 2 Tournament Results

Tournament Bai-in, UAH Guarantee, UAH Final prize fund, UAH Winner Payout to the winner, UAH
Lockdown Day 2 NLHE 150 175К 214,020 titamir 50,294
Lockdown Day 2 PLO 250 80K 57,150 multiplayer 22,400
Lockdown Day 2 OFC 1K 100K 78,300 tota 31,000
Lockdown Day 2 PKO 250 400K 532,350 lawyer1994 46,700+ bundles 23,313

Lockdown Series Main Events

Main Event OFC

  • Start – January 22 at 20:30 Moscow time.
  • Bai-in – 2K UAH.
  • Guarantee – UAH 500K.
  • The starting stack is 100K chips (250 kush) or 110K (275 kush) if you register before the start of the tournament.
  • Late registration – 12 levels of 15 minutes each (3 hours of playing time).
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 28 kush.

Main Event PLO

  • Start – January 23 at 19:15 Moscow time.
  • Bai-in – 2K UAH.
  • Guarantee – UAH 500K.
  • The starting stack is 100K chips (500 BB) or 110K (550 BB) if you register before the tournament starts.
  • Late registration – 17 levels, 12 minutes each (3 hours 24 minutes of playing time).
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 31 BB.

Main Event PKO

  • Start – January 24 at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Bai-in – 500 hryvnias.
  • Warranty – UAH 1M
  • The starting stack is 100K chips (250 BB) or 110K (275 BB) if you register before the start of the tournament.
  • Late registration – 18 levels, 12 minutes each (3 hours 36 minutes of playing time).
  • The stack at the last level of late registration is 12.5 BB.

Trophies for the winners

The winners of all PKO and Main Events tournaments will receive special trophies from PokerMatch – but not cups, as was the case in the rest of the series. how explained room CEO changes Ruslan Bangert in his Telegram channel “Poker Director”:

Our idea is that it is not a mistake to save space in the apartment and make not bulky cups, but beautiful “frames”, “certificates” or “buttons” on the wall, like in YouTube. Live looks just fucking, you will not regret it.

These frames-certificates-buttons look like this:

For the winners of the other events, the room has prepared personalized medals, which Bangert also named “No less fucking”:

Lockdown Series Promotions

As part of the series, there are two promotions at once – you can find them in the Promotions lobby under the name tabs.

[Lockdown Series] Lucky card

Each participant in the events of the series can return from 1% to 100% of the buy-in of the tournament played after the departure. Refunds can only be received from buy-in – re-buy and add-on are not counted. All you need to do is go to the Gifts section of the room and activate the bonus. The return percentage will be determined randomly.

Lockdown Tournament Mania

Here PokerMatch continues the idea of ​​the previous Cocktail PONT series and credits players with points to a special leaderboard for UAH 250K not for participating in the events of the series, but for knocking people out of them.

Depending on the buy-in of the tournament, the player will receive a different number of points for a knocked out opponent:

  • 25 and 50 UAH – 1 point.
  • 100 – 250 UAH – 2 points.
  • 500 UAH and more – 3 points.

According to the results of the TOP-40 series, the leaderboard will receive additional prizes from the room.

A place Prize, UAH
1 50,000
2 37,500
3 30,000
4 22,500
5 17,500
6 12,500
7 10,000
8 7,500
9 5,000
10 3,750
11 — 15 2,750
16 — 20 2,250
21 — 25 1,750
26 — 30 1,500
31 — 40 1,250

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Epic STiger stream on Pokeroff Twitch ends with two wins

We hope you had a good rest on the New Year holidays and are ready to return to the usual rhythm of working life, because Pokeroff and SVschool are ready to delight you with not only entertaining, but also educational streams. On January 9, the coach of the SV school Andrey “STiger” Novak held the first stream of 2021 and it suddenly turned out to be a record profit.

Two STiger wins at GGPOKEROK live

Dozens of tournaments with buy-ins above $ 1000 are held in the GGPOKEROK room every day, thanks to which it has long become the main attraction for the strongest high rollers on the planet. Here you can win a couple of million dollars in a week, as I did in September 2020 Fedor Holtz (Fedor Holz), or drain the entire bankroll and backers’ money.

January 9 high roller from Ukraine Andrey Novak (Andrii Novak) held the first stream in 2021. The load of tournaments was not Sunday, but Saturday, and it was still measured in tens of thousands of dollars – largely due to the fact that almost all tournaments in the room have either several or even unlimited re- Entry.

After seven hours of play, despite minor technical problems with the stream, Andrei dragged in two expensive events. Moreover, in both, success was achieved from the first “patron”:

  • $3150 WSOPC High Rollers: Blade Bounty King – prize money $ 14,315 + $ 21,000 bounty

  • $1260 High Rollers Bounty Six Shooter – prize money $ 7,399 + $ 19,661 bounty. It’s a funny fact that a month ago, exactly in the same tournament, Andrey took the 2nd place, losing heads-up to Fedor “LoremCDMX” Truntsev on the air. This time the opponent of the Ukrainian was the professional GG Felipe Ramos. By the way, he also streamed on his Twitch channel that evening.

Andrey said that the stream on January 9 turned out to be a record profit in live air – plus $ 45K. See how it was recorded on YouTube, or check out the most interesting moments in the stream highlights.

Winning two tournaments in an evening is a rarity, especially at such a high level. But for STiger, such sessions in the strongest lineups have become commonplace, because his name can always be seen among the winners of GGPOKEROK high roller events.

You don’t have to go far. On the day of publication of the material (January 11), we checked the history of tournaments on PokerCraft for the last few days and saw that on the night of January 10-11, Andrei got to four finals in High Rollers tournaments at once. The total prize money is over $ 117K.

  • WSOPC High Rollers: $2500 Blade Opener – 2nd place, prize money $ 37,155

  • WSOPC High Rollers: $2500 Blade Mulligan – 4th place, prize money $ 27,620

  • WSOPC High Rollers: $2500 Blade Prime – 4th place, prize money $ 28,714. The winner is former partypoker pro Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov, who is currently on vacation with his family in Tallinn, so he rides under the Estonian flag.

  • High Rollers Marathon $840 – 3rd place, prize money $ 23,873

Watch STiger streams on the Pokeroff Twitch channel

In 2021, in cooperation with Pokeroff, the founders of the poker school SVschool Andrey “STiger” Novak and Artyom “veeea” Vezhenkov will often stream on our Twitch and YouTube channels. Why should you subscribe and follow their streams?

  • STiger and veeea have been riding high-limit MTTs for the past few years and know the current trends of the field. You can count on one hand the channels that make such free content with live play and commenting on decisions in Russian;
  • How well is Artur Martirosyan playing? And partypoker pro Kristen Bicknell? Does Niklas “Lena900” Astedt fit? Players discuss them and many others on the air – come and ask questions;
  • Open trainings and game analysis… Pokeroff streamers Stas and Yana continue to conquer MTT under the strict guidance of Andrey and Artem. There will be fresh content very soon, but for now you can check the archive of tournament poker training on the Pokeroff YouTube channel.

You can also read STiger’s tips for novice MTT players in a special text material on the site.

5 Tips for Beginner MTT Players from High Limit Coach STiger

Veeea or STiger give individual training to SVschool students, but, of course, not micro-limiters. For those just starting out on their MTT journey, there are other talented trainers who can help build a solid foundation in poker and climb the limits. You can apply for training at official website poker school SV.

conditions for participation in the promotion, schedule and …

Until February 9, every 10 seconds at 888poker tables, drops will drop. What gifts the players will receive and how they can be used – we will deal with Pokeroff.

888poker Gift Drops promotion terms: just play poker

888poker are masters of common stock. Spin the wheel, sign up for a shooter freeroll – these are the usual terms of 888poker promotions. To participate in the 888poker drops promotion, you just need to play at the cash, BLAST, SNAP or MTT tables (and before that you need to make a deposit).

Every 10 seconds, “Made to Go Turbo Gift Drops” will drop at one random table, which hides up to $ 1,000 in BLAST tickets, freeroll tickets or just cash. You can also spin the wheel every day and get tickets for freerolls with a prize pool of $ 200.

New 888poker Drops and 888poker Winner Spinner freerolls schedule

There will be 8 freerolls every day. The conditions for obtaining a ticket for a freeroll (in drops or in a wheel) are indicated in the table:

Time (MSK) Name Participation condition Levels (min.) Late rega (min.)
02:00 $200 Gift Drops Cash Freeroll No ticket 1 5
09:00 $300 Gift Drops Cash Freeroll No ticket 1 5
15:00 $500 Gift Drops Cash Freeroll Drop ticket 2 10
17:00 $500 Gift Drops Blast Freeroll Drop ticket 1 5
19:00 $200 Winner Spinner Freeroll Ticket in the wheel 1 5
20:00 $200 Winner Spinner Freeroll Ticket in the wheel 1 5
22:00 $500 Gift Drops Blast Freeroll Drop ticket 1 5
00:00 $1,090 Gift Drops Mega Deep Freeroll Drop ticket 2 5

And every Sunday at 11:00 Moscow time, the $ 5,000 Gift Drops Sunday Freeroll starts, registration is open at 10:05 Moscow time on Sunday for all depositors of the room. Levels are 3 minutes, late registration is 10 minutes.

The structure of 888poker Gift Drops freerolls is hyper-turbocharged with levels of 1-2 minutes and late registration of 5 minutes, except:

  • $ 500 Gift Drops Cash Freeroll – with 2 minutes levels and 10 minutes late registration,
  • $ 1,090 Gift Drops Mega Deep Freeroll – with 2 minute levels and 5 minutes late registration.

In such tournaments, it is important to be lucky and spend the time-bank correctly at the right moments (wasting time on the bubble). Cash prizes are awarded in all tournaments, except for:

  • $ 1,090 Gift Drops Mega Deep Freeroll – in the raffle of 10 tickets for $ 109 on Sunday Mega Deep,
  • $ 500 Gift Drops Blast Freeroll – in the raffle of 100 $ 5 Blast tickets.

The distribution of the prize money depends on the tournament. For example, in tournaments with a prize pool of $ 200 and $ 300, which do not require a ticket to participate, 1000 people register an hour before the start. Therefore, the winner gets something around $ 12 – $ 15, and the minimum ITM is around $ 0.10.

But in a tournament that requires a ticket, there are far fewer participants. For example, in today’s $ 500 Gift Drops Cash Freeroll tournament, 580 participants were registered, 81 were in the prizes. Minimum ITM $ 1.50; the maximum is $ 94.45. As if not a freeroll at all, but a micro-limit MTT.

Lobby $ 500 Gift Drops Cash Freeroll from January 12, 2021

What is the maximum prize you have won in 888poker promotions? Share in the comments and join the discussion at chat in Telegram.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation bans YuMani from making deposits to poker rooms

Yandex.Money payment system disappeared in all major poker rooms, which are in the process of rebranding into YooMoney (YuMoney). Let’s try to figure out what has been happening with payments in online poker in recent months.

Why are deposits to poker rooms with YuMoney temporarily prohibited?

On January 12, 2021, the YuMoney service limited the transactions of individuals with non-resident companies for six months. This happened due to a check from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and at the end of 2020, after which a prescription was published. All companies registered outside the Russian Federation fall under “non-residents” – all “gray” (not having a local license) online casinos and poker rooms. Now users will not be able to make a deposit or receive their winnings on Yandex for at least six months.

The Pokeroff editorial team has checked the cash desks in all major poker rooms. Yandex Money was either absent or not working: at GGPOKEROK, at PokerStars, at 888poker, partypoker and Pokerdom. It is not known whether Yandex Money payment system will return to poker rooms by July 12, 2021.

Payment error issued by GGPOKEROK when trying to make a deposit with Yandex Money

A representative of YuMoney confirmed the authenticity of the letter that the service sent to partners:

In pursuance of this instruction, we suspend the implementation of transfers from individuals and / or the crediting of funds in favor of individuals under an agreement concluded between our companies – This will happen during the current day Moscow time.

The YuMoney service has been 100% owned by Sberbank since the summer of 2020 and is the former Yandex Money. In October 2020, when the company was rebranding, Pokeroff reported on the problems of many users with deposits to poker rooms through YuMoney.

At the time of publication, the YuMoney service and card can still be fully used for local payments on the territory of the Russian Federation – to pay for products, housing services, traffic police fines, and so on. By the way, due to the ban on cross-border payments by YuMoney, computer games like Valorant, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO and others have suffered – according to reports from the network, their users are also unable to make in-game payments.

What kind of check from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation?

Over the past couple of months, the banking regulator has been actively “cleaning up” the ranks of companies that have made suspicious payments (including gambling). The order to ban cross-border transfers in December 2020 received a half-year Qiwi Bank, and with a fine of 11 million rubles in excess. And other banks have lost their licenses altogether – for example, Onego and Fintech. Almost at the official level, the reason for this was the service of illegal online casinos and gray bookmakers that are not connected to CUPIS.

Despite the fact that YuMoney belongs to Sber and did not receive a fine like Qiwi, experts believe that the Central Bank has applied much stricter restrictions to the service. In the near future, the management of the YuMoney service will surely try to negotiate with the regulator in order to carry out foreign payments at least in favor of verified legal entities.

Where is the Russian gambling market going?

As usual, in the direction of tightening the nuts. The state is trying to take control of the cash flows that now go to the benefit of illegal gambling operators. For example, many banks in the Russian Federation have stopped making payments using the MCC code of gambling 7995, foreign payment systems like Skrill or Neteller have not been sending prepaid cards to the Russian Federation for a couple of years now, now Qiwi with YuMoney have been distributed.

In addition, in December 2020, the State Duma passed a bill with lightning speed that would potentially transform the gambling market and financial institutions serving it. In Russia, it is planned to create a unified regulator of gambling, the first “victims” of which will be bookmakers.

How bookmakers work now: they connect to the CUPIS system and pay sports federations 5% of their income (at least 15 million rubles per quarter).

How bookmakers will work: they will be connected to a single payment (there is a possibility that it will be Qiwi) and will keep a record of all user rates from which they will be charged 1,5% on the development of sports. The quarterly minimum will rise to 30 million rubles. In addition, each bookmaker will have to invest an amount of 30 million rubles or more in the “compensation fund”, which will be used to ensure financial obligations to the players in case of emergency situations.

Historically, by the example of the bookmaker business, we can assume by what vector the legalization of online poker in the Russian Federation can occur. So far, everything is not rosy, since representatives of all bookmakers have negatively responded to the idea of ​​retaining 1.5% from each bet.

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KO Series, WPT Montreal, WCOAP and MILLIONS Online at partypoker – how to get …

Put together a complete guide on how to qualify cheaply for the main series tournaments at partypoker.

partypoker is changing tactics on MTT and satellites

In 2020, due to the overlapping schedule of episodes in other rooms, parties were forced to adapt to competitors and publish the WPT WOC schedule later than others, and even completely redrawn it on the fly and postponed the Main Event.

In 2021, the Party showed all of their cards: users already in the first half of January know which tournaments to play almost until March. And if any changes are made to the schedule, then the ticket guarantee in mega-satellites is only increasing for now.

The partypoker feature is a huge grid of satellites for almost every event. partypoker is one of the main providers of stories like “I won $ 20K from one cent” or “I got a ticket to the promotion – I entered a $ 10K tournament.”

For example, Alexander Shtykalenko grind centrolls and qualified for the WPT Russia live streak, winning a package worth ₽300K.

Lilian Figeredo from Brazil won $ 13K from a freeroll in Summer 2020. The girl did not play WPT tournaments very successfully, flew out, got a ticket to the Second Chance freeroll, in which she won a ticket for $ 109, and then became top 3 in the 6-Max Warm Up tournament and earned $ 13,153.

Lillian Figueredo

And there are such stories on a partypoker wagon and a small cart. And there is a high probability that any of the readers of Pokeroff could become one of the next heroes of such a story.

Main Event KO Series

When: January 16-18

Main Event buy-ins: $11, $109, $1050

The KO Series will run until January 20, Day 1A and 1B will run on January 16 and 17. In each of the events, you can qualify through satellites.

  • $ 11 Micro Main Event $ 50K GTD – $ 1.10 Satellites with 10 Ticket Guarantee
  • $ 109 Mini Main Event $ 300K GTD – $ 11 Satellites with 5 or 10 Tickets Guaranteed
  • $ 1,050 Main Event $ 1M GTD – $ 109 satellites with 5 or 10 tickets guaranteed (this satellite can be accessed via Feeder for $ 11 with 5 or 10 tickets guaranteed)

The final satellites are night, starting either at 23:05 Moscow time, or at 01:05 Moscow time.

Everything you need to know about the KO Series at partypoker

WPT Montreal

When: From January 17 to February 1

Buy-ins in Main Event: $33, $320, $3200

WPT has 42 events with buy-ins ranging from $ 33 to $ 25,500. Micro-stakes and low-limit players, don’t skip this paragraph. As always, it will be possible to qualify for each of the tournaments via a satellite. For example, the $ 109 Mini Omaha $ 20K GTD tournament can be qualified via satellites for $ 16.50 (2 GTD tickets) or $ 33 (3 GTD tickets).

The main events of the series are presented in three buy-in categories. From January 25 to 27, it will be possible to enter the $ 33 Micro Main Event and $ 320 Mini Main Event.

  • $ 33 Micro Main Event $ 30K GTD – Qualifying via satellites for $ 4.40 with 5 tickets guarantee or $ 6.60 with 10 tickets guaranteed
  • $ 320 Mini Main Event $ 200K GTD – Qualified via satellites for $ 44 with 5 tickets guaranteed and $ 66 with 10 tickets guaranteed

The starting days of the $ 3200 Main Event $ 2M GTD will run on January 17th and 24th. The ladder of satellites for this tournament is as follows:

  1. Central roll (25 tickets € 3.30 GTD).
  2. €3,30 Phase 1.
  3. €33 Phase 2.
  4. € 320 Mega Satellite (50 tickets at € 3200 GTD).

The phases stop when 10% of the field remains in the tournament. How many chips by this moment you have time to fill, with such a stack you will proceed to the next phase. Unlike the ladders of satellites in other events, the final selection phase is not closed. It can be entered directly for € 320

WCOAP (World Championship Of Amateur Poker)

When: from 23 January to 7 February

Main Event buy-ins: $ 11 and $ 109

The Amateur Poker Association (APAT) and partypoker have signed a partnership agreement. As a result, the World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) will be online for the first time in 12 years.

What is the trick of the tournaments in this series? APAT focuses on events for amateurs with democratic buy-ins without re-entry. There are 32 events scheduled with buy-ins from $ 5.50 to $ 530

Two Main Events kick off on February 7 at 22:15 UTC:

  • $ 109 Main Event $ 150K GTD – Qualified via satellites for $ 11 with a 3-ticket guarantee
  • $ 11 Mini Main Event $ 20K GTD – Qualified via satellites for $ 1.10 with a 10 ticket guarantee


When: from February 21 to March 1

Bai-in: $ 5300 and $ 1100

MILLIONS Online returns to partypoker in February. The event will be held in two buy-ins: for $ 5300 with a $ 5M guarantee and for $ 1100 with a $ 1M guarantee. You can qualify for both tournaments via satellites.

$ 5,300 MILLIONS team ladder:

  1. Central roll (5 tickets $ 5.50 Phase 1 guarantee).
  2. $ 5.50 Phase 1 – 10% of the field goes to $ 55 Phase 2.
  3. $ 55 Phase 2 – 10% of the field goes to Final Phase.
  4. Final Phase – 10 tickets guaranteed for $ 5,300 MILLIONS Online Main Event 1A. Starts on the night from Sunday to Monday at 00:00 Moscow time.

$ 1,100 MILLIONS team ladder:

  1. Central Roll (10 tickets guaranteed for $ 1.10 Phase 1).
  2. $1.10 Phase 1
  3. $11 Phase 2
  4. Final Phase – 20 tickets guaranteed for $ 1,100 MILLIONS Online Main Event 1A. Starts on the night from Sunday to Monday at 00:00 Moscow time.

Phases 1 and 2 can be entered directly with a buy-in. 10% of the field goes into the next phase. What stack you will be able to fill, with this and continue the game in the next phase. The final phase can only be reached through phase 2.

Register for a partypoker from Pokeroff and get + 20% rakeback.

NL_Profit is the new ambassador of the poker room GGPOKEROK

Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov started 2021 with a clean slate. On January 10, he announced his departure from partypoker, and on January 15, he joined the GGPOKEROK Ambassador team. In this article, let’s talk about the event in more detail.

Three years at partypoker flew by

Anatoly Filatov (Anatoly Filatov) is one of the most recognizable poker players from the Russian-speaking community, especially abroad. It is logical that any large room is very happy with him as an ambassador – he plays MTT, and accordingly he has a whole carriage of awards, achievements and loud drifts.

  • In 2014 BLUFF magazine awarded him the title of the best player in Europe
  • In 2015, Anatoly was named “the most inspiring player of the year” according to PokerListings, at the same time the best player in the Russian Federation according to the GPI
  • In 2016, he won the EAPT Altai Main Event ($ 16,590), and captained the Russian team Moscow Wolverines in the Global Poker League international poker competition all year.

NL_Profit began his journey as a poker ambassador in 2015. First, he turned pro at Pokerdom, where he revealed himself in all its glory as a streamer and video blogger. Then the ardor faded and in March 2017 the player moved under the wing of partypoker, and it all started with a bungee jump in Sochi.

In the Party’s team, Filatov performed a more “classic” function of a brand professional – he attended all offline episodes with a sponsor’s patch, gave interviews, ran social networks and occasionally streamed. Three years of cooperation flew by quickly, during which Tolya managed to win many tournaments:

  • Июнь 2017 — partypoker MILLION Germany High Roller ($67,202)
  • Август 2017 — partypoker German Poker Championships High Roller ($75,575)
  • Август 2018 — partypoker MILLIONS Sochi Main Event (₽60,000,000)
  • Январь 2019 — WPT Russia High Roller ($105,906)
  • Ноябрь 2019 — partypoker MILLIONS World Bahamas High Roller ($280,000)

While working in a team with Tolya, there were other events, both good and bad. For example, in the summer of 2017, he got married in Las Vegas, and in September of the same year, he was involved in a scandal for cheating views on YouTube.

Anatoly announced the end of cooperation with partypoker on Instagram, where he also attached a commemorative video of cooperation to the message (you can watch link)

My collaboration with @partypoker has come to an end. Three years of collaboration, travel and play! […]

We started cooperation in 2017, right after the series in Sochi and the bungee jump. After those events, Sochi became a second home. A young team, countless live and online episodes, the creation of partypokerlive and the Millions Series! During this time, I visited many countries and won a lot of prize money, managed to get married, spent time in quarantine and even gave birth to Bo. Dominican Republic, Rozvadov, Sochi, Rio, Bahamas, Nottingham, Prague … I played several times in super high roller tournaments and was even able to update the record for prize money😎

It was nice to work in a team and move towards common goals. Thank you very much partypoker for this great, exciting time and teamwork! I am sure that we will repeatedly intersect with the team, but I will already be without the bright orange patch, so beloved during this time ♦ ️

New home in GGTeam Russia

Anatoly announced his departure from Partypoker just 5 days ago, and it would seem that he will take a short leave from media activities, as is often the case after the end of the contract. Moreover, considering that he is now resting in Tallinn with his family.

But already on January 15, the poker player announced cooperation with GGPOKEROK and boasted a new avatar.

Friends, hello! Well, now you know that I will represent the team of GGPoker professionals. I will represent Team Russia – drag, carry. As you can imagine, streams will be back soon. Hope you are waiting. Good mood everyone, good varnish.

It should be noted that Tolya is one of the founders of poker streams. At the time of its publication Twitch channel has 15.4 thousand followers, which is not quite a lot even for a poker scale. And Filatov’s YouTube channel has not existed at all for a couple of years for reasons unknown to us. But his poker player is also planning to “resurrect”, so in the near future Anatoly’s fans will receive a lot of content.

At the time of publication, the Russian-speaking team of GGPOKEROK professionals includes Mikhail Semin, Sergey Rybachenko and Anatoly Filatov… It is possible that in the next month they will join and Mikhail “Innerpsy” Shalamovwho left PokerStars on January 1, 2021.