Brazilian Charles Modesto on poker and life in Russia

Brazilian Charles Modesto on poker and life in Russia

Today we will meet an unusual poker player from Brazil. Charles Modesto has been living in Moscow for several months and even plays under the Russian flag, although he does not know the language. How life brought him to our area, and what he thinks about life in the Russian Federation – find out in today’s material on Pokeroff.

Poker, dancing, traveling

Charles “PockerZouk” Modesto (Charles Modesto) – Low Limit MTT Schnick and Dance Teacher from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He has played 26,000 ABI8 tournaments on PokerStars for $ 66,155. His bestcash is $ 20K for winning the $ 22 Turbo Series. [Mini SuperSonic] this year.

From a fresh interview of Charles to the Brazilian portal superpoker we learned that the poker player has another big hobby in life – dancing. Previously, he taught ballroom dancing and forro (national Brazilian dance) at school.

During my tough poker months, dancing helped cover the costs as I had weekly private and group lessons. Can’t wait for everything to return to normal [речь про COVID]so that I can again freely deal with people.

Photo from Charles' Instagram

How did Charles end up in Moscow?

Let’s start from afar. The Brazilian married a Russian girl whom he met at a dance in 2019:

We danced a few songs and still dance together. It was love at first sight.

Charles Modesto with his wife Maria

According to Charles, the girl came to Brazil for work and danced on weekends. She herself lived in London, where she returned after a business trip. The couple kept in touch and in February 2020 Maria returned to Brazil, where she was already thoroughly stuck due to the pandemic.

The couple lived in a rented house for about seven months, and in May 2020 they found out that they were expecting a baby. Although Charles tried to devote time to poker, he could not concentrate on 100% due to everyday problems – downswing began. The time has come to decide where it is best to give birth to a child, and the choice fell on England, where the family went in October 2020.

Maria gave birth early, at a period of 7 months, so the child needed special care in the hospital for a long time. Modesto recalls hard times:

I had English lessons from 9 am to 1 pm, then I went straight to the hospital and stayed there until 5:30 pm. He returned home at 18:00 and sat down to play poker.

It is symbolic that Charles’ child was born on Sunday. The wife was in the hospital, and due to covid restrictions it was impossible to visit her – in the afternoon she called with the words “I’m not giving birth yet,” and the poker player decided to play on Sunday. Towards evening, when he loaded a dozen tournaments, his wife announced that she was about to give birth. In some of the tournaments I had to go sit-out, and in some I managed to finish playing from the phone in a taxi.

When the son was discharged from the hospital, the couple bought tickets to Russia to visit the wife’s parents. Just before relegation, Charles completed his biggest drift of his career in the Turbo Series.

Brazilian life in Russia

Charles considers Russians “not very tolerant” and superstitious.

I have a habit of whistling at home, in shopping malls, restaurants … But this is not accepted here.

During poker sessions, my wife constantly tells me to stop whistling, otherwise I won’t earn anything. I should definitely listen to her on that score.

The Brazilian likes the local food, but it seemed to him that there are too many soups in the diet.

While living in Russia, Charles reconfirmed his address with PokerStars support so that his account would not be blocked. Because of this, he now plays under the Russian tricolor.

My daily routine today is this: at 18-19 I start the poker session, play until 3-4 in the morning. Then I go to bed, but the first time I get up at 7 in the morning to feed my son Vincent, then I sleep until 12. At 15:00 I have an English lesson, and then I go for a walk – there are many wonderful parks.

During his stay in Russia, Charles managed to visit EPT Sochi, and the impressions were extremely positive. According to him, the casino staff did a great job – he felt comfortable and safe.

There was no difference at the tables, he was offline and offline in Africa: very high raises, funny showdowns. I only watched, because, of course, everyone spoke Russian, but I managed to communicate well in English.

Most of the dealers spoke English, but there were always a couple of Russians who helped me explain, so it was pretty cool

As soon as the situation with COVID-19 subsides, the family wants to move to live in Brazil.

What I miss the most is family and Brazilian food. It’s also hard without dancing, I’m still a teacher.

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