Brazilian Lauriê Tournier Wins $ 109 WCOOP Event

Brazilian Lauriê Tournier Wins $ 109 WCOOP Event

A streamer from Brazil took an emotional victory in the WCOOP tournament on PokerStars and earned $ 15,486. In today’s article, we will introduce you to Lali Tournier, an unusually cute poker regular.

Tears of joy live and congratulations from her husband

The heroine of today’s material is called Laurie Tournier (Lauriê Tournier), but she prefers to be called Lali – this is the name she signs in Instagram, both on Twitch and PokerStars. Judging by her Instagram profile, she loves poker, streaming, travel, nature and chess, which she plays at a competitive level.

Laurie Tournier

Lali is not a random person in poker. It has been playing since 2011, and now you can see tournaments ranging from $ 5.50 to $ 55 in its downloads (at least on streams). Today she won the $ 109 WCOOP event, which was clearly a higher limit for her.

Despite the fact that Lali is an accomplished streamer (more than 18 thousand followers on Twitch), on this day she decided to do without live broadcast. Instead, her husband worked for the camera – one of the most famous regs in Brazil Raphael “GM_VALTER” Moraes (Rafael Moraes) with over a million dollars in profit on PokerStars. He followed the success of his beloved in the late stages of the tournament and was overjoyed when she won.

Lali went to “visit” the broadcast of Raphael and could not hold back tears of joy. Unfortunately, we cannot say for sure if the girl has won WCOOP events before, and what is the biggest win she has up to this point. The Sharkscope profile is hidden.

The victory of the Brazilian, one might say, became almost a “national holiday” – several specialized publications wrote about her, and dozens of comrades congratulated her on Instagram, including Andre Akkari (Andre Akkari).

Is the husband’s contract with PokerStars the key to success? 🙂

Since September 1, Lali’s husband joined the ranks of PokerStars pros, following Ben Rolle… Conspiracy theorists probably already think that LaliTournier’s victory in the WCOOP heads-up event is a new form of “spinning” streamers and room professionals 🙂

Career Raphael “GM_VALTER” Moraes a bit like the career of a newcomer to partypoker Yuri Dzivalevsky… Rafael has also played poker for 12 years, holds the 2016 SCOOP title, the 2017 WSOPC ring and has over $ 7M in online and offline prize money. At the same time, Raphael has a serious difference: he actively streams his game on Twitches (he has more than 14K followers) and makes a video on a YouTube channel.

Announcing his joining the PokerStars team, the Brazilian stressed that although he realized his dream of getting to big tournaments and winning millions in prize money, until now his biggest dream remained unfulfilled – to become the Ambassador of Stars:

I fell in love with poker watching the best poker players in the world play on TV – they all had one thing in common: a red pike on their chest. I also wanted to be one of them – to be among the best, play great events and represent the largest poker site on the planet.

All these years PokerStars has been a part of my life: when I played poker for the first time, won the first tournament … This is where I received the most prizes in my career. I can say only good things about the room, and now the best thing has been added to this – I have become PokerStars Team Pro!

Rafael also thanked his viewers and subscribers who supported his pursuit of his dream for years – it was their support that helped him achieve what he wanted. Working with PokerStars will give Moraes the opportunity to increase the volume and quality of broadcast and video on his channels:

I’m going to be doing vlogs, commenting on tournaments, doing brand new sweepstakes and promotions, including those related to the Platinum Pass – in general, we have a lot of ideas that will benefit the Brazilian community. My goal in this post is to help poker in Brazil grow and develop!

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