Brazilians have won the most tournaments in the Turbo Series …

Brazilians have won the most tournaments in the Turbo Series …

The massive series of turbo tournaments at PokerStars has come to an end. As often happens, another Brazilian won the Main Event, but the Russian-speaking regulars also had a lot of successes. Read the full article for an overview of the Turbo Series closing tournaments.

Gusmaa — чемпион $1050 Main Event High

The last day of the Turbo Series was a busy one with the finals of the two Main Events for $ 55 and $ 1050. In the expensive version with a guarantee of $ 2M, 2244 entries were collected, and the Brazilian dragged in Pedro “gusmaa” Madeira (Pedro Madeira), who has over $ 5M in prize money online.

Pedro Madeira

In heads-up, he fought with an equally eminent compatriot Thiago “KKremate” Crema (Thiago Crema), who has a track record of $ 6.2M in prize money. The Brazilians weren’t talking about a carve-up because Madeira had a sevenfold chip lead. Their game for a $ 100K pagejump ended literally in one hand – Madeira with 7Hearts 8Hearts moved ATambourines KTambourines opponent in preflop all-in and updated best-cache.

The final also featured a regular from Ukraine under the nickname “RickyMorty10”, as well as the famous German Ole “wizowizo” Shemion.

Anton “AdrianoK20” Kotlyar – $ 55 Main Event Champion [Low]

We will pay special attention to the second $ 55 Main Event, where the regular Belarus Poker Tour won. Anton “AdrianoK20” Boiler – a kind of Phil Hellmuth BPT, because he has 12 championship cups. He is also a WCOOP Main Event 2017 finalist.

Anton Kotlyar

Anton added the Turbo Series Champion title to his trophy this morning. As a result of the deal in 3-max, he received the most modest payment of $ 81K (still the best cash for him), but he won the right to be called the champion among 21,865 participants.

David Yang won the most expensive tournament

There were two $ 5200 tournaments on the Turbo Series, one of which took place on the night of March 7-8. The turnout was pretty solid – 187 entries outbid the $ 750K guarantee. The first prize of $ 210K including the bounty was taken by a regular from New Zealand David “MissOracle” Yang (David Yan). Moreover, he succeeded using one entrance – many opponents entered 3 or even 4 times.

David Yang

The best result among the Russian-speaking community was shown by the Ukrainians VladTheSlaye (9th place) and Andriy “Anjeyyy” Novak (11th place).

Major victories of Russian-speaking players

The big victories of our players during the Turbo Series cannot be ignored.

Alexander “AxelwOw ~” Sheshukov won the $ 530 # 08 Sunday Supersonic early in the streak. Prize money is $ 69K.

Arthur “Mukhin1” won the 6-max event for $ 215. Prize money is $ 59K.

Andrey “drew.derzh” won one of the few overlay tournaments. The $ 530 Daily Supersonic skid was $ 36K.

How did the Turbo Series go?

A series of 134 events took place from March 21 to March 7 and confidently beat the stated guarantee of $ 25,000,000. Pokerstars could not avoid overlays, but in general, more than $ 29.1 million in prize money were drawn, of which more than $ 4 million went into the pockets of the tournament winners.

No human has managed to win twice in the 2021 Turbo Series, although this happens more often than less. But on the final day, two players took second place for the second time – this is such a coincidence. They became «looserfl» и «N1ce Clunge».

There was no leaderboard with cash prizes. Most of all titles, traditionally, were taken by the Brazilians – players under the green flag won 18 tournaments. The United Kingdom is next (17 titles), and the Netherlands (13) rounds out the top three. Players from the Russian Federation managed to win 12 titles, Ukrainians – 4, Belarusians – 2.

Have you played Turbo Series? How do you like the lineups in the tournaments? Share your success in our poker chat at Telegrams.

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