Briton Endrit Geci wins partypoker MILLIONS Main Event 2021

Briton Endrit Geci wins partypoker MILLIONS Main Event 2021

On the morning of March 4th, the partypoker MILLIONS Online Main Event 2021 came to an end. We’ll talk about the tournament results, winner and final table play in this article.

How was the MILLIONS Main Event?

As a reminder, this year partypoker ditched the traditional $ 20,000,000 guaranteed $ 10K buy-in MILLIONS online tournament format. Everything was much more modest than in 2018 and 2019 – the buy-in was $ 5300, and the guarantee was $ 5,000,000.

The MILLIONS Main Event successfully fulfilled the declared guarantee – 1084 entries were collected, and more than half of them were made by satellites, which once again proves the consistency of the qualification grid at partypoker. One cent could qualify for the tournament. It is not known whether any of these heroes were included in the prizes.

MILLIONS Online 2021 Final Table

The final table was not full of stars, but a couple of famous guys were there. The final took place on the evening of March 3, and the initial chip account looked like this:

  1. Endrit Geci – 72 bb
  2. Daniel Dvoress – 48.7 bb
  3. Hermogenes Gelonezi – 36 bb
  4. Dzmitry Urbanovich – 34 bb
  5. Christian Rudolph – 33 bb
  6. Francisco Pinho Correia – 30 bb
  7. Martin Brinkmann – 24 bb
  8. Jonathan Proudfoot – 19 bb
  9. Richard Mullen – 11 p

Most of the media, of course, were the partypoker pro Dmitry Urbanovich, and Daniel Dvoess – a famous high roller from Canada with Russian roots. Those who follow the high roller scene closely will also know for sure Christian Rudolphwho plays under the nickname WATnlos.

Christian Rudolph

Russian-speaking commentators Dmitry Shakhov and Fyodor Truntsev also watched the face-up game on the official partypoker broadcast on Twitch and YouTube.

Final table progress

The game for the first prize lasted about four and a half hours. The first to leave the table was Briton Jonathan Proudfoot. At the time of relegation, he was one of the short stacks (15 big blinds) – Gechi opened UTG with 4Hearts 4Peaks, Proudfoot 3betted with AHearts QHearts with MP, and Gelonesi with THearts TPeaks on the cutoff he made Proudfoot stand out with his four-footed men. The board did not strengthen the Briton in any way and he was eliminated with the minimum prize.

Another Briton Martin Brinkman took off after Proudfoot. Here everything happened more prosaically – Gechi opens from UTG with aces, Brinkman shoves 13 big blinds with QTambourines JDrums on the hijack. There is a call and subsequent exit.

We had to wait about an hour for the next flight. Satellite Richard Mulden left the game in 7th place. He pushed the same Qs from UTGBaptize JBaptizewho could not beat APeaks 9Peaks Christian Rudolph.

Rudolph himself, too, could not stay long after Mulden’s departure. He had 24 bb when he opened from UTG with AHearts KBaptize… Gechi in the big blind didn’t invent with THearts TBaptize – just pushed and got called.

After 20 minutes in the cooler distribution, the Brazilian Hermogenes Gelonesi took the 5th place – exhibited from 7Drums 7Peaks against 8Peaks 8Hearts.

Four-max lasted a long time, no one took off for more than an hour. Dmitry Urbanovich’s stack was simply sausage – he jumped from the lowest to almost the chip leader. As a result, he was cooled preflop by placing QBaptize QTambourines > ADrums QPeaks… He left the game in 4th place and joined the live commentators. By the way, he was not so upset, among other things, due to the fact that he qualified for the tournament via the satellite.

It’s a little offensive, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Considering how many nominations I won yesterday for ace-queen for queens, king-queen for queens and so on, it’s a sin to complain.

Thanks to the fact that Dvoress knocked out Urbanovich, he started out as the 3-max chip leader. But he did not manage to keep the advantage, and in the last hand he was also cooled – Dvoress caught the second nuts, and the opponent had the first.

Heads-up are two of the least known players from the entire finale, about whom Google knows very little. They immediately closed the deal, leaving $ 50,000 to play. Despite the fact that both had already won huge prize money, there was a real fight for $ 50K for two hours.

The first hour, the opponents went plus or minus on equal terms, and in the second, Endrit seized the advantage and gradually pressed. The last hand of the tournament, unusually, went post-flop – Gechi limped with APeaks KPeaks, hit the board perfectly and gave the opponent a little hook to pick up his last chips. And so it happened.

Endreet is a UK regular with only $ 213K in offline prize money. Moreover, in the period from 2011 to 2018, he practically did not participate in tournaments more expensive than £ 200. That is, it cannot be called a high roller.

Prior to winning partypoker MILLIONS Online, the player’s biggest achievement was second place in the $ 1000 Hold’em event at WSOP Online 2020, where he earned $ 224K.

Partypoker MILLIONS Main Event results

  1. Endrit Gechi – $ 774,838 *
  2. Francisco Pinho Correia – $ 731,960 *
  3. Daniel Dvoress – $ 422,422
  4. Dmitry Urbanovich – $ 276,128
  5. Hermogenes Gelonezi – $ 189,320
  6. Christian Rudolph – $ 146,300
  7. Richard Mulden – $ 115,425
  8. Martin Brinkmann – $ 91,542
  9. Jonathan Proudfoot – $ 72,260

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