Chris Moneymaker on working at PokerStars, working with ACR and plans …

Chris Moneymaker on working at PokerStars, working with ACR and plans …

In an interview with PokerTube, Moneymaker told how he got into WPN, why he decided to cooperate with the room and shared his plans for cooperation.

Chris Moneymaker and Mikhail “Innerpsy” Shalamov leave PokerStars

– Did you expect such a quick return to the role of ambassador?

Yes, already in October I signed a contract with Winning Poker Network, when PokerStars offered me to continue cooperation.

– How did you come up with the idea to cooperate with the room?

During the quarantine, I started playing online again, and I really liked it. I met with Phil Nagy, we have a warm relationship. I saw what the room is doing for the players, and I really wanted to come and work with them.

Phil Nagy

“They call you the“ poker hero for the masses ”. Some of your colleagues at the room talked about the positive effect you had on their careers. Who is your personal “poker hero” and why?

I think I can call Doyle Brunson that person. He is the godfather of poker.

Doyle Brunson played the final tournament of his career

– Apart from lockdown, what are the pros and cons of live poker versus online poker for you?

In live poker, this is the social aspect of the game, tells that can be used while playing. Online, this is an opportunity to play several tournaments at the same time and feel comfortable at home.

– Why did you decide on a new collaboration?

For streaming and communicating with fans in a way I couldn’t do before. New WPN promotions are changing people’s lives. And also because of the opportunity to work more from home.

– How did your family react to the recent changes in your career?

They really liked it, they always support me. They are happy that I am more and more at home. And they say that I look happier because I can spend more time with my children and see them grow up.

– If you were a playing card, which one and why?

King, I think it’s obvious.

– If you could relive the last 17 years of your life, what would you change and why?

I would just buy a bunch of bitcoins! In truth, in hindsight, I am very happy with most of my decisions. 17 years without scandals and negative events in the gambling world is very difficult. I was also very much supported by the people I love. However, I would like to spend more time studying poker.

– WPN is known for its lack of censorship (Note: the word “unfiltered” was used in the original interview). How does this suit you and your personality?

I like the small team and the transparency. I don’t do corporate politics and suck up, so this is perfect for me. I can be open and honest with the team, and none of us will take offense at each other.

– Tell us about your plans for the year?

It all depends on the situation with COVID-19. If the pandemic continues, I will be playing and streaming more from my home. If everything returns to normal, then I would like to start the Moneymaker Tour and continue to change people’s lives.

– PokerStars has faced criticism over the years over the value of the players and the reward system. Was it hard to see these situations from the inside? Could you express your opinion on this matter?

PokerStars is a great company with an incredible reputation. Problem Supernova Elite was one of the few situations that could have been solved differently. The company has always been happy to hear our opinion on this. But in the end, none of us could influence the work of the room.

– What advice could you give to those who are just starting their way in poker?

Don’t treat poker like a job. Play for fun. Poker is constantly evolving and no one knows what the industry will be like in a couple of years. So it’s very difficult to plan for the future around poker. But if you’re determined to become a poker pro, learn all the games and continue to devote as much time to learning as you do to the game.

– The last question: BTC or USD?


You can follow Moneymaker on his Twitter. And you can also play with him at the same table on the WPN.

And for PokerKing players (this room is part of the WPN network), Pokeroff has a great deal. Write to the manager for the conditions.

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