Claes Segebrecht earned $ 267K for winning the Super MILLION $ (GGPOKEROK)

Claes Segebrecht earned $ 267K for winning the Super MILLION $ (GGPOKEROK)

The next Super MILLION $ finale did without Russian-speaking players, Anatoly Filatov became the bubble-boy of the finals (10th place).

Claes “ssicK_OnE” Segebrecht – five interesting facts from the biography

  1. Klaas Segebrecht started playing poker in 2012. In 2015, he received a bachelor’s degree in economics, put it on the shelf and plunged into poker.
  2. On the Internet, Klaas “ssicK_OnEE” Segebrecht has earned over $ 3M and won three SCOOP tournaments. He won over $ 2.7M in live tournaments.
  3. Over the past two years, he has changed four countries. Klaas lived in Germany, Hungary, Sweden and Ireland. Judging by the flag on GGPOKEROK, Austria can also be added to the list.
  4. Klaas «ssicK_OnEE» Segebrecht – bitB fund coach.
  5. Klaas’ profile picture on GG shows Christian Rudolph in Photoshop with some unidentified faces.

Claes Segebrecht entered the $ 10K Super MILLION $ final table at GGPOKEROK with the chip lead and held the lead for more time. The cooler in 5-max with AA vs KK Andersson became the key one.

Segebrecht went heads-up against Bruno Volkmann. The final distribution is attached below. Stack depth: 65bb for Segebrecht, 22bb for Volkmann. Preflop Segebrecht completes, Volkmann raises to 3.75bb – calls.

Volkmann then bet two barrels (flop and turn) and check-called the river.

Payouts to Super MILLION $ Finalists

  1. Claas Segebrecht Austria ssicK_OnE Austria – $ 267.3K
  2. Bruno Volkmann Brazil – $ 208.7K
  3. meow41 (Canada) – $ 163K
  4. Chris Puetz Austria – $ 127.3K
  5. / Joachim Andersson (/ Joakim Andersson) Malta – $ 99.4K
  6. Simon “C. Darwin2 Simon Mattsson Novegia – $ 77.7K
  7. Sergio Aido Macau – $ 60.6K
  8. Ramiro «ramastar88» Petrone (Ramiro Petrone) Uruguay – $ 47.3K
  9. Yuri Dzivielevski Brazil – $ 37K

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