Daily tournaments, Omaha and Windfall races at PokerMatch

Daily tournaments, Omaha and Windfall races at PokerMatch

On September 11, new unique events will start at PokerMatch, affecting the expert team of the room. Who is a member of the team, why is it needed and what promotions were added with its appearance – read in this material.

Expert Team PokerMatch: Omaha, Windfall and MTT

On August 20, 2021, the room introduced a new unit in its team – a team of experts, each of whom is a specialist in their field. It includes three well-known poker players: Gleb “Ti0” Tremzin, Sergey “S_Nesterenko” Nesterenko and Stepan “xxSTEPANxx” Osinovsky.

They are not ambassadors of the room, but are separate units, united by one idea: to popularize the format and discipline of the game they have chosen.

Gleb “Ti0” Tremzin

Gleb has been specializing in online and offline MTT for 17 years. During this time, he received more than $ 1.6M in live tournaments, while online his prize money reaches $ 6M – he won more than 100 tournaments, including 4 at WCOOP and repeatedly became a finalist of events of various series, including SCOOP, WSOP Online , Powerfest, FTOPS and others. Tremzin became widely known to the global community in 2015 after a heads-up deal at the EPT Prague Main Event, where he received € 724K.

How Tremzin managed to negotiate a deal at the 2015 EPT Main Event

Stepan “xxSTEPANxx” Osinovsky

Stepan is a former CCM in chess who once beat Magnus Carlsen. He has been playing poker professionally since 2010 and during this time he managed to play HUSNG and MTT, including offline. In live tournaments, his best result was the 9th place at the WSOPE 2017 Main Event.Since 2016 Osinovsky has been specializing in Spins, but it is not known how much he earns in them. According to him, it is enough to provide for a family of 5 people (he has three children).

Stepan streamed his game on the channel in Twitches, then abandoned it for several years and now acts as a streamer on the Pokeroff channels in Twitches and Youtube and PokerMatch… You can find out more interesting facts about Stepan in an interview with him.

Sergey “S_Nesterenko” Nesterenko

Sergey is the least media member of the team who plays Omaha cash and is engaged in coaching.

Tournaments from Gleb Tremzin

Tremzin was the first to enter the room with new promotions, giving players the opportunity to play Tremizin’s Million PKO with a buy-in of UAH 2.5K and a guarantee of UAH 1M. The tournament was successful, breaking the guarantee 1.5 times – you can read more about its results here.

The successful start allowed PokerMatch not only to announce the second tournament of the same kind, but also to launch daily Tremzin tournaments, open to everyone.

Tremzin Daily PKO tournaments

The tournaments started on September 11 – with a buy-in of UAH 1K, they have a 75K guarantee and start at the same time: 20:00 Moscow time. Tremzin Daily PKO is structured as follows:

  • Starting stack – 125 BB;
  • Late registration – 14 levels, 8 minutes each;
  • Format – PKO 50%, starting knockout – UAH 500;
  • Maximum entries per player – 2;
  • Satellites – start every day, have buy-ins of 55 and 100 UAH and guarantees of 3 and 5 tickets.

Everyone who does not receive prizes and knockouts in this tournament will be awarded an Expert Card with a random prize. According to it, with a probability of 20%, a ticket to the same tournament with automatic registration on the next day will drop out.

If the player manages to knock out Gleb Tremzin from the Tremzin Daily PKO, he will receive 1K tournament UAH to his account in the room, and it doesn’t matter what Gleb’s entry into the tournament will be.

Second millionaire Tremzin’s Million PKO

It starts on September 18 at 20:00 Moscow time and has the same buy-in and guarantee as the first one – UAH 2.5K and UAH 1M, respectively. The structure also remained unchanged:

  • Starting stack – 150 BB;
  • Late registration – 14 levels, 10 minutes each;
  • Format – PKO 50%, starting knockout – UAH 1K;
  • Maximum entries per player – 5;
  • Satellites – start every day, have buy-ins of 100 and 150 UAH and guarantees 3 and 4 tickets. From September 13 at 19:00 Moscow time, there will also be a special evening satellite for UAH 55 with a guarantee of 5 tickets.

A ticket to this tournament and an evening satellite can be obtained with an Expert Card, which is awarded for collecting a full house with a pocket pair of 77 at cash tables at NLH limits of UAH 0.25 / 0.50 and above. This promotion will last until the start of the millionaire.

The probability of getting tickets on the card:

  • 5% — на Tremzin’s Million PKO;
  • 95% – satellite for 55 hryvnias.

The campaign is not activated automatically – you need to go to the lobby of the room -> the section “Promotions” -> find the desired promotion and click “Participate”.

Those who do not receive prize money or knockouts in the millionaire will receive an entrance to the consolation freeroll – Tremzin’s Second Chance with a guarantee of UAH 50K, which starts on September 19 at 18:00 Moscow time.

Prizes for omash players from Sergey Nesterenko

From 13 to 27 September, the room will host the Nesterenko Omaha Rake Race, as a result of which TOP-15 players will receive prizes totaling UAH 200K.

Race leaderboard points are awarded for paying rake and depend on the limits played:

  • From 10/20 to 25/50 UAH – 1 point for 1 UAH rake;
  • From 50/100 UAH and above – 2 points for 1 UAH rake.

At the end of the race, the best players will receive the following prizes:

A place Prize, UAH
1 44К
2 36K
3 24K
4 20K
5 16К
6 12K
7 10K
8 8K
9 6K
10 — 15 4K

In the same period of time, Omash players are expected to receive up to UAH 100K with prizes for playing on nominal tables Serhiy Nesterenko – S_Nesterenko Special Omaha with a limit of 25/50 UAH.

Regulators of these tables will receive an Expert Card with random cash amounts for every 100 rake hands. The probability of their falling out is as follows:

  • UAH 100K – 0.001%;
  • UAH 1K – 4,999%;
  • UAH 500 – 10%;
  • UAH 200 – 85%.

To take part in promotions, you need to click “Participate” in the section with promotions.

Leaderboard for Windfall regulars from Stepan Osinovsky

For Stepan, the room has prepared a unique promotion tied to the days of his streams, which will take place for the first time on September 13th.

From 03:00 GMT on September 13 to 02:59 GMT on September 14, Windfall participants with buy-ins of UAH 500 and 1K will receive points towards the Stepan Windfall Race leaderboard with a prize fund of UAH 50K. Points are awarded taking into account the buy-in and the place taken in the tournament:

  • 1st place – 300 points in UAH 500, 10K points in UAH 1K;
  • 2nd place – 150 points in UAH 500, 300 points in UAH 1K;
  • 3rd place – 75 points in UAH 500, 150 points in UAH 1K.

At the end of the specified period, 15 players will receive prizes:

A place Prize, UAH
1 10K
2 8K
3 6K
4 and 5 5K
6 and 7 3K
8 and 9 2K
10 — 15 1K

To take part in the leaderboard, you need to click “Participate” in the section with promotions.

Bonus from Pokeroff: lottery tickets for tournaments!

Pokeroff will also not stand aside in connection with new promotions. Soon in Telegram channels Pokeroff 3 tickets to daily tournaments and 2 tickets to the millionaire Gleb Tremzin will be raffled off. Don’t miss the draws announcements – subscribe to the Pokeroff channel!

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