Denisov won Main, Shakerchi brought the leaderboard, and Yantsevi …

Denisov won Main, Shakerchi brought the leaderboard, and Yantsevi …

Main Event final table review, Main Event results in Low and Medium, a couple of strange hands from “LlinusLlove” and WCOOP leaderboard results.

How Sergey “CrazyLissy” Denisov got promoted with 17 big blinds and dragged the Main Event WCOOP

The new world champion in online poker is Sergey “CrazyLissy” Denisov. The future champion made the final table with the shortest stack of 17bb. In the first hour “CrazyLissy” doubled with AA vs TT Linus Löliger, in the next hand against “Rebel FishAK” added another + 50% to the stack.

Crazy Lissy opened preflop, bet 30% on the flop, 66% on the turn, check-checked on the river

One of the key hands for CrazyLissy happened in 8-handed. “Necgaidziai” opened UTG + 1 with K8s minraise, “CrazyLissy” defended the big blind with a pair of Nines. On the flop, “necgaidziai” made a flush, and “CrazyLissy” made a set, which was reinforced by a full house on the turn.

CrazyLissy check-called all three streets (bet size: 20% flop, 57% turn, 71% river)

In 5-handed, CrazyLissy knocked out the best hand. Bb defended preflop. And on the flop he raised a continuation bet from Rebel FishAK – he folded his cards.

In a 4-max stack, “CrazyLissy” was in a fever up and down. Every 4-max competitor has been a chip leader for a while. The future champion had to play “everything” several times.

First, “CrazyLissy” won the field with a pocket pair of Threes against Nines.

Then he strengthened his position in placing with AA vs A2s.

Chu pushed preflop, Denisov called

And once again I had to play for all with pocket Jacks against AKs “Rebel FishAK”.

“CrazyLissy” started heads-up with a chip lag of 36bb against 62bb (in 3-handed Lefrancois knocked out Chu in an Eights against Fives). The game lasted an hour. In the depth of 34.5 bb Lefrancois pushed AJo, Denisov received a pair of tens.

$ 431K Coin Flip

After this hand, Lefrancois was left with 1 big blind, but failed to spin. Final display on the main photo.

Payouts to $ 5,200 Main Event WCOOP Finalists (1,965 Registrations)

  1. Sergey “CrazyLissy” Denisov – $ 1.5M
  2. Pascal Lefrancois – $ 1,069M
  3. Stevan “random_chu” Chu (Stevan Chew) – $ 762.2K
  4. «Rebel FishAK» — $543,3K
  5. Marko «marcozevola5» Zevola (Marco Zevola) – $ 387.3K
  6. Markus Prinz – playboy99999 – $ 276K
  7. Linus Loinliger – $ 196.8K
  8. “Necgaidziai” – $ 140.3K
  9. Tyler “Juicy_J_93” Jardine (Tyler Jardine) – $ 100K

This is the second WCOOP title in the career of Sergei Denisov. He secured his first win in 2019 at $ 2,100 NLHE ($ 115.5K).

The tournament runner-up Pascal Lefrancois tweeted two pictures of him celebrating after the end of the match in 2021 and 2008, and signed: I’m getting old.

Pascal Lefranusa celebrates after the tournament in 2021

Pascal Lefranusa celebrates after the 2008 tournament

Linus “LLinusLLove” Löliger’s two strange hands in the WCOOP Main Event

The final table was played by regular expensive cash game Linus “LLinusLLove” Löliger. Linus was in the lead after the second game day, and went to the final table with the seventh stack, most of which he shipped to Denisov in the field with Tens against Aces at the very beginning of the final day.

But the most interesting hand with LLinusLLove came in 7-handed. Löliger had 8 big blinds. He opened from UTG + 1 with a 5bb raise on A3s. “Random_chu” just called on CO with AKs. Marco “marcozevola5” Zevola shoved all-in on SB 16 bb, to which “LLinusLLove” passed, and “random_chu” called. However, it was not possible to survive the pagejump.

However, if LlinusLlove went all-in, he would have won this hand

Another distribution with the participation of “LLinusLLove” is discussed on the forum 2 + 2. It happened on the first day of the Main Event.

Leliger calls all the way on K-high until he gets a pair on the river.

How do you like this game from Löliger? We discuss in Pokeroff chat in Telegram.

Belarusian Valery “sNap36484” Yantsevich shared “pagan_junior” with Swede in $ 55 Main Event

In the other two Mains, the Swedes became champions.

V $530 Main Event WCOOP with 7,783 entries, the ABI $ 40 regular “festen x” won. First prize – $ 549K. Interestingly, festen x experienced a $ 45,000 downstream in 1,000 tournaments.

V $55 Main Event WCOOP on 40.291 entries, “pagan_junior” became the winner (his stats are hidden). First prize – $ 180.2K.

In the heads-up of this tournament, the Swede shared with the Belarusian Valery “sNap36484” Yantsevich ($151,5K).

Valery Yantsevich became the Champion of Belarus in sports poker in 2018

Talal “Raidalot” Shakerchi became the best WCOOP player – leaderboards results

In 2020, the best WCOOP player was Renat “ZapahZamazki” Lyapin. In 2021, it was not possible to repeat the success: only 15 position in the overall standings.

The best player in WCOOP 2021 is 57-year-old businessman and amateur player Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi. The gap from the top-2 “FONBET RULIT” was 120 points (100 points are given for the first place in the tournament). For winning the leaderboard, Talal gets a cup and $ 25,000.

Shakerchi secured 3 victories at WCOOP 2021:

  • $ 1,050 NLO8 108 entries, $ 36.1K
  • $ 1,050 8-Game with 92 entries, $ 29.2K
  • $ 5,200 NLHE High Roller with 93 inputs, $ 124.7K

In addition to the general leaderboard, Shakerchi headed the “High” leaderboard:

  1. Talal “Raidalot” Shakerchi – $ 15K
  2. Yuri “theNERDguy” Dzivilevsky – $ 10K
  3. Joao “Naza114” Vieira – $ 5K

Leaderboard results “Medium”:

  1. FONBET_RULIT — $10K
  2. OLD TIME GIN — $7,5K
  3. Camilancefieldg – $ 5K

Leaderboard results “Low”:

  1. balanced – $ 5K
  2. Olista19 — $2,5K
  3. renemastermi — $1,5K

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