Dmitry Shakhov vs. Kirill Teryokhin – challenge live

Dmitry Shakhov vs. Kirill Teryokhin – challenge live

Partypoker opened his own “fight show”, where poker players and poker players face to face. It’s time for the editor-in-chief of Pokeroff to take part in it. This article details what awaits Kirill Teryokhin.

Daily Legends Challenge – Twitch Poker Show

The DL Challenge is at its core the quintessence of modern poker, with two streamers joining the show to battle live Daily Legends events at partypoker. The winner is the one who showed the greatest profit, or less lost in one session. The loser must execute the penalty at the winner’s discretion.

The Challenge starts on Fridays at 20:00 Moscow time. Initially invited streamers start broadcasting on their channels, then both go to the official Twitch channel party pokerwhere they can communicate with each other and interact with the chat.

Also, according to the rules of the challenge, participants can only play certain Daily Legends tournaments, in each of which one Re-Entry can be used.

Time (MSK) Tournament Bai-in Guarantee
19:05 The Magnum $44 $20,000
19:05 The 88 $88 $10,000
20:05 The Masters $55 $17,500
20:05 The Predator $22 $30,000
21:05 The Open $125 $20,000
21:05 The Gladiator $55 $50,000

What are the Daily Legends tournaments?

New to partypoker, the room has redefined its attitude towards daily events since fall 2020. There was a complete rebranding, plus additional promotions like Boosted Legends.

The Daily Legends tournament grid features 45 weekday Hold’em and Omaha tournaments. On weekends, many of the guarantees increase. Moreover, since February 2021, the number of Omaha tournaments has grown significantly, so fans of the game of four cards should pay attention.

Omaha Daily Legends – partypoker expands daily Omaha tournament schedule

Challenge participants

The Daily Legends Challenge is still quite young. The first episode was released at the end of January and has since played three pairs of streamers.

Peaks Andrey “Babyshark” Kozlenko vs. Dmitry “SPR3216” Kukhtarev… Both played in the red, but Andrei was more modest, so on his next broadcast, Dmitry played with a “candid photo” of his opponent on the screen as punishments.

Photo with “punishment”

Peaks Daria “Darya_Kurt” vs. Svetlana “Svetarik”. The next pair were two charming and popular poker players in the poker community. On the stream, for elimination from the tournament, everyone had to play “truth or desire”. According to the results of their battle, thanks to the diploma in the Gladiator tournament, Daria became the winner – she became the first participant in the show in two weeks who played the session with a plus.

Peaks Leonid “LeBroHbKA” Logunov and Vlad “ROOFBUILDER”… The fight between them was already more intense, but Vlad won – initially his session did not add up to words at all, but he took 30th place in The Open tournament and the only ITM worth $ 260 was enough to defeat Leonid – he won only $ 177 during the session. As a punishment, LeBronka had to stream in women’s clothes and with full makeup. See the photo under the spoiler.

Photo with “punishment”

Duel of Shakhov and Teryokhin – February 19 at 20:00 Moscow time

It’s time for our editor-in-chief of Pokeroff Kirill “Kirill_ur” Teryokhin show the skill. His opponent will be Dmitry “Shahovez” Shakhov, a journalist and commentator for partypokerRU tournaments, so it will be a kind of commentator duel.

Dmitry Shakhov

The rules will be the same – six tournaments, one Re-Entry each. The winner is the one with more profit or less minus. Punishment streamers will choose from telegram chat Partypoker players – the author of the best penalty will receive the $ 11 The Terminator tournament ticket at partypoker.

Pokeroff, of course, is a fan of Kirill. If there were Omaha tournaments, the outcome would be completely predictable, but here remains at least a little intrigue … 🙂 We are waiting for you on our Twitch channel.

Kirill Teryokhin

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