Download TigerGaming mobile app for Android 2021

Download TigerGaming mobile app for Android 2021

TigerGaming updated the mobile version of the client: Android users can access .apk from the official site. We have started a new application on the phone and are ready to tell you why it is one of the best mobile clients.

TigerGaming on Android and iOS: how it was and how it became

It was possible to play at TigerGaming before: a web version was available for playing in a browser, and an .apk was also available for playing on Android. There was no separate TigerGaming application for iOS, and still does not exist, and the support has been answering the same thing for several years: “An iPhone app is in development”.

Now two versions are available for playing on mobile devices:

  1. web version for iOS (but it runs on Android too) – there is still no application on the iPhone;
  2. .apk app on Android.

How to download the TigerGaming app for Android

  1. Enter “TigerGaming Poker” in your browser’s search bar or go directly to and select “PLAY POKER”.
  2. On the new page, tap on the “DOWNLOAD FOR ANDROID DEVICE”
  3. Wait for the download (the application weighs only 35 mb), install, run and play.

TigerGaming Android app review

Previously, both the web version and the mobile application of TigerGaming were like two peas in a pod. Both versions did not differ from each other externally and in terms of the dynamics of the game. The updated software of TigerGaming easily claims to be the best mobile poker application.

Home screen of the TigerGaming mobile application on Android

As a theater begins with a coat rack, any room begins with a lobby. There are five tabs on the main screen of the application: Windfalls, Boost, MTT, Holdem, Omaha. By choosing one of the tabs on this screen, the user is taken to a screen with a quick selection of the game. Scrolling down the screen below will open the familiar all discipline lobby with tabs, filtering and organizing – just like in the full client. Like one of the most intuitive lobbies.

Several tabs are available in the drop-down list on the right side of the screen:

  • Cashier
  • Bonuses
  • Contests
  • Buy-In settings
  • My Tables & Tournaments
  • Create a private table (Create private table is the only option that did not work in our room)
  • Settings
  • Themes
  • Client Info
  • Logout button.

Settings and Themes tabs

The lobby is drawn beautifully, intuitively, it works smoothly, no unnecessary buttons, banners and tabs (such as “slots”, as it is in the similar software of other rooms). We like it and go to the review of the game dynamics.

Review of TigerGaming tables and gaming dynamics for Android

The tables are made with the same high quality and thoughtfulness as the entire lobby.

  1. Can be played vertically or horizontally.
  2. It is convenient to switch between tables. Vertically at the bottom of the screen, horizontally on the right or left. What’s more cool: the application automatically switches you to the table in which you need to make a decision right now.
  3. There is no way to enter the bet size from the keyboard. And at first it may seem very inconvenient, but quick bets are available, as well as a very convenient and sensitive betting slider.
  4. The set of games is the same as in the full version of the client

Our experience of playing at TigerGaming on Android

Horizontal orientation of tables at TigerGaming

We played at the NLHE and PLO8 tables for about an hour. And during this time, not a single lag, freeze, disconnect or any other bug was caught. The client works very quickly, the animation is smooth, the timers are accurate. It’s a pleasure to play (especially with opponents like TG).

By the way, TigerGaming uses software developed by Connective Games. The software from this company is also used by Pokerdom and PokerMatch.

Have you tested the new TigerGaming mobile app on Android? How do you like it? Share your opinion in the comments.

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