Fil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan will play heads-up on August 25: match details

Fil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan will play heads-up on August 25: match details

Why the poker world has been waiting for this duel for so long, how do bookmakers estimate the chances of winning and who else is openly ready to fight the legendary Helmut in a one-on-one match.

Joni Chen, Tony G, Tom Dwan, or Phil Ivey are nominations for Phil Hellmuth’s rivals

On the morning of August 3, Phil Hellmuth tweeted:

“PokerGO has just been informed who I will be up against in the next High Stakes Duel. Try to guess: Joni Chen, Tony G, Tom Dwan or Phil Ivey. ”

The poker community has received this news with enthusiasm, especially considering the last match against a sports commentator Nick Wright.

All candidates were as if they were a selection. Phil Hellmuth defeats Johnny Chan heads-up Main Event WSOP 1989 года… It would be interesting to see the rematch after 32 years.

Phil Hellmuth and Tony G are heads-up dreams. These two are like fire and water, like the Hare and the Wolf from “Well, Wait!” – are always ready to piss each other out of themselves at the poker table. We hope the organizers of High Stakes Duel have saved this pair for later.

And Phil Ivey is simply the best heads-up player on the planet. He proved it by winning the $ 25K WPT Heads Up Championship. No one feels the game as well as Phil Ivey. It is interesting to see if Hellmuth’s “white magic” is enough against him.

PokerGO did not languish with anticipation for a long time and by the evening they announced the name of the opponent – Tom Dwan. The poker community took this news with enthusiasm: the match had been waiting for over 13 years.

Helmut on Dwan: “Let’s see if you play in five years!” – background of the confrontation

During the 2009 National Heads-Up Championship, Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan hit heads-up after one cooler hand. Tom Dwan was already playing online under the nickname “durrrr” (that year he won about $ 6M on Full Tilt Poker), but was not known for playing offline.

66bb deep preflop Phil Hellmuth made a complete, Dwan raised to 3.6bb, Hellmuth re-raised to 12bb. Dwan all-in, Hellmuth called: TT vs AA, ten came on the turn. And when Phil Hellmuth didn’t get any of the outs on the river, he launched his tirade on his opponent.

“Son, I’ll tell you this: I would never have invested more than three thousand with a pair of Tens. This is a very bad game. “

Tom Dwan replied with dignity:

“I was going to say good game, sorry about the bad beat, but since you put it that way, I won’t. Now you can choose any bets you like and we’ll play as many heads-ups as you want. It was a standard game. Learn to play heads-up. “

And at the end, Helmut gave out a phrase that will definitely be remembered during the upcoming match:

“Let’s see if you play in five years!”

As you can see, Vanga from Helmut turned out to be none.

Details of the match Phil Hellmuth vs Tom Dwan and bets on the winner

The match will take place on the night of August 25-26. The banners say “Round 2” because Hellmuth played against Wright in the first round with the $ 50K buy-in. He did not agree to a rematch, and according to the terms of the match, now Hellmuth must play the second round with a buy-in of $ 100K.

PokerShares has already added a line for the upcoming duel. Tom Dwan is considered the favorite: coefficient x1.84. Bets on Helmut are accepted with odds x2.03. We conducted our survey in Telegrams, and our readers agree with the bookmaker’s opinion: 55% predict Dwan’s victory.

Who else from the poker legends challenged Hellmuth

If Helmut defeats Dwan, you shouldn’t worry about the next opponent. First, Tony G. is tweeting hints that he is ready to fight Hellmuth.

Tony G:

Secondly, Erik Seidel can’t wait to be able to meet at the same table with Helmut.

Here’s what he tweeted:

“I would like to challenge in 2022. Together we played heads-up against each other until the score was 2-0 in my favor. Of course, this was all in the days before the entire arsenal of “White Magic” was developed, but I hope that you will take your chance for revenge. “

Will Phil Hellmuth be able to stay undefeated? We will find out on August 26.

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