Final 9-max $ 1,100 Main Event WCC partypoker: Dmitry Yurasov, …

Final 9-max $ 1,100 Main Event WCC partypoker: Dmitry Yurasov, …

Streamer, MTT top reg, WSOP bracelet winner Dmitry “TuRyst” Yurasov made the final table of the WCC Main Event. To help Yurasov beat everyone, we collected information about the finalists.

Short stacks (up to 25bb): Hook, Nemeth, Kalinin

Yurasov has eighth stack of 22.6 big blinds. Together with him, there are four at the bottom of the chip account with approximately equal stacks.

Finn Hook (17bb): “dark horse”

This guy is not on SharkScope or hendonmob. But there is his statistics of playing under his real name at PokerProLabs: in March he rolled centrolls, in May – satellites for $ 15 – $ 20. And in July he qualified for the WCC Main Event and got to the final table.

Find Kruck at PokerProLabs

András “probirs” Nemeth (24.5 bb): top-reg MTT

A finalist that needs no introduction. One of the strongest players in Hungary with $ 3.5M in prize money in live tournaments. Just admire his high-end serials results on partypoker in 2020. Impressive.

András Nemeth’s results at partypoker WPT Online and Poker Masters Online in 2020

Nikita “Fakhish” Kalinin (25 bb): regular tournament in Sochi, mid-stakes grinder online

Kalinin earned $ 182K in live tournaments. Best result – second place in the ₽33,000 EAPT Russian Poker Championship Sochi ($ 29K). Online on PS under the nickname “Fakhish” I have played over 23,000 tournaments with a profit of $ 102K.


Average stacks (up to 50bb): offline and online tournament regular from Canada and unknown Swede

In the middle of the chipcount there is a flag hunter from Canada and a noun name from Sweden.

Peter “pitabread189” Chien (35.4 bb): regular online and offline tournaments

According to CardPlayer, Peter Chien has earned over $ 500K in live tournaments around the world (Canada, USA, Brazil, Barcelona, ​​Malta, Taiwan). Earned over $ 100K on PS with a top score of $ 21,372 for winning the $ 109 SCOOP Afterparty.

Joel Nistedt (p. 48): The Dark Horse

Little is known about this Swede. SharkScope has $ 17K in prize money. Best result – 160th place in the EPT Barcelona 2016 Main Event ($ 10,482).

SharkScope Джоэла Нистедта

Chipleaders (over 50bb stack): WSOP champion, satellite from Russia and Brazilian

At the top of the chipcount are the world famous top reg, a satellite from Russia and a player from Brazil, because of whom we had to play a little guessing game.

Pedro Fernandez (63.6 bb): guess it’s Pedro Oliviera

Who exactly is hiding under the Brazilian flag with the name Pedro Fernandez is as difficult to say with 100% certainty as if Ivanov from Russia was in the chip account. We assume that this is most likely Pedro Oliviera Fernandes, who is playing offline under the Portuguese flag. Top 11 Main Event WSOP 2017 ($ 675K).

Mikhail Mikheev (76 bb): unknown player, selected via satellite for $ 109

The best ROI among the finalists was guaranteed by Mikhail Mikheev. He qualified through the mega-satellite for $ 109 and has already guaranteed at least $ 13.606.

Christian Rudolph (91bb): MTT top reg that needs no introduction

WSOP bracelet winner and over $ 5.2M in live tournament earnings Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph won a month ago $3,200 Main Event WPT Online на partypoker… Then in interview he said he always plays to win. And in order to ride for 10 hours, he prepares four servings of coffee, washes and goes for a walk.

Chipcount of the final 9-max $ 1,100 WCC Main Event:

  1. Christian Rudolph – 91 bb
  2. Mikhail Mikheev – 76 bb
  3. Pedro Fernandes – 63.6 bb
  4. Joel Nystedt – 48 p
  5. Peter Chien – 35.5 bb
  6. Nikita Kalinin – 25 bb
  7. Andras Nemeth – 24.5 bb
  8. Dmitry Yurasov – 22.6 bb
  9. Finn Kruck – 17 bb

Payouts $ 1,100 Main Event WCC:

  1. $166,993
  2. $115,038
  3. $79,105
  4. $57,740
  5. $35,502
  6. $27,455
  7. $21,680
  8. $17,212
  9. $13,606

A total of 1,008 entries were registered in the WCC Main Event. Dmitry Yurasov will stream today at 22:05 Moscow time on Twitch and YouTube.

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