Finalists of the biggest tournament The Venom at PokerKing

Finalists of the biggest tournament The Venom at PokerKing

Two millionaires are coming to PokerKing tonight thanks to The Venom $ 10M GTD event. There are 8 participants left and in today’s material on Pokeroff we will tell you more about each one in more detail.

How the Venom tournament was held

In four entrance flights, the event for $ 2,650 managed to collect 3,930 entries – just short of breaking the $ 10,000,000 guarantee. We talked about each of the flights in our telegram channel Pokeroffru and on the website [1A, 1B, 1C, 1D]… By the way, before the last entry day, 1D seemed to smell like a huge overlay, but we managed to attract another 1598 entries, so it was bypassed.

After Day 2, only 70 players remained in the game, including several Russian speakers:

  • 111aaabdy – 98 BB
  • } l {uBoTHOE – 57 ББ
  • Arseny “josef_shvejk” Karmatsky – 50.7 BB
  • Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov – 45.5 BB

The third day ended at the top-8 stage. None of ours made it to her -} l {uBoTHOE flew 60th place ($ 15K), Karmatsky in 52nd place ($ 17.5K), Filatov at 50th ($ 17.5K), and 111aaabdy got the farthest – 27 place ($ 30K).

Dipran also issued:

  • CWestmoreland – 29th place ($ 30K). A player was featured in our recent highstakes review
  • Renato “renatonomura” Nomura – 18th place ($ 37.5K). Former partypoker pro.

Renato Nomura

Ramon Kropmanns

  • Jeff Cushing – 10th place ($ 90K). An offline cash game regular who decided to switch to online MTT in 2020 due to COVID. It could have turned out to be a beautiful story.

Jeff Cushing

The Venom $ 10M GTD Final Table Lineup

The final table will begin live streaming today, August 4th at 11:59 p.m. EDT, with the winner claiming $ 1,514,000. The runner-up will also become a millionaire.

Ronan “Sw33ney” Sweeney – 62 bb

The Irishman finished Day 1B as chip leader. According to hendonmob, he has a modest $ 130K in prize money, and his biggest offline achievement is 2nd place in the € 340 side-event of the partypoker LIVE 2017 series in Ireland (prize money € 38.4K).

According to SharkScope, everything is about the same: since 2019, Ronan has played 2000 ABI145 tournaments at PokerKing. The total profit is $ 96K, and the bestcash happened just a week ago – the poker player won $ 57K for the first place in the $ 55 Sunday Special.

Ronan Sweeney

Lordfish — 49 bb

Anonymous player from Canada. WPN has played less than 200 ABI240 tournaments with a solid ROI of 57.8%. It’s only the beginning.

Tommy “BTCBlade” Chen – 44 bb

The most interesting and at the same time controversial character of the final table. The American is fond of many things, many of which he excelled at. He has been playing poker professionally since 2007 and has fun at HearthStone / League of Legends in his spare time and even streamed five years ago. Returning to his “money” hobbies, Chen also worked in trading, blockchain, sports betting and programming.

On his business card site, Tommy Chen wrote that he is now a full-stack programmer and is ready to take on commercial projects.

Tommy Nienchi Chen

But Chen is best known for being banned from the American poker room WSOP-com. Five years ago, he played live using the HUD, which is (or at least it was then) a criminal offense in Nevada. He could be fined up to $ 10,000 or imprisoned for up to six years.

Screenshot 5 years ago from the broadcast of Tommy Chen

Tommy Chen’s biggest poker achievement to date is 2nd in the $ 10K NLHE Championship and $ 479K in prize money. He lost then, by the way, to Dmitry Yurasov.

BabyBowser – 34.3 bb

A WPN regular that has played over 21,000 ABI80 tournaments. His total profit is $ 104K, and throughout 2021 he has been struggling with a downstream. Given that the minimum final table prize is $ 130K, the streak is officially defeated.

Eduardo “M CUNHA G” Silva – 34.2 bb

Brazilian from the southeastern state of Minas Gerais. Plays under the nickname M CHUNHA G, which he took in honor of his football friend Mateusa Kunja.

On the WPN network, Eduardo managed to get good at 334 ABI185 tournaments played ($ 25K profit), and now he has over a million dollars.

Plays ABI50 on PokerStars under the nickname Eduardo850 – more than $ 440K profit. Over 30,000 tournaments, it has a good ROI of 31.6%.

Eduardo Silva

Cruel — 32 bb

A player about whom nothing is known. Plays ABI425 on WPN, played less than 600 tournaments with a profit of $ 12K.

Felipe «Ketzerfelipe» Ketzer – 21 bb

A 23-year-old Brazilian who briefly held the chip lead in the top 30. Judging by his Instagram, likes to relax on the beach. Hides poker results.

His biggest career win was on March 1, 2021 – $ 134K for 2nd place in the Sunday High Rollers event at GGPOKEROK.

Felipe Heretic

TALKINABOOT? — 17,5 bb

A character with dubious chances of winning. Started playing on WPN six years ago and immediately got a $ 175K + boost before taking a break. He returned in 2020 and since then he has occasionally played ABI330 in a small plus. Everything looks clearer on the chart.

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