Fml Hellmuth and Katie Sanborn married for 31 years – the secret of happy families …

Fml Hellmuth and Katie Sanborn married for 31 years – the secret of happy families …

Ironically, the most eccentric, eccentric player Phil Hellmuth is married to psychotherapist Katie Sanborn. Poker commentator Norman Chad called her “a holy woman and an angel” for her patience with such a temperamental husband. We figure out how they manage to continue living together for 31 years.

Tip # 1 – There should be one star in the family, and this is Phil Hellmuth

Phil and Katie lived in the same house in Madison. Both came to study at the University of Wisconsin. True, Katie graduated from it, and Phil dropped out of school for the game. The couple met in the second half of the 1980s, in 1989 Phil Hellmuth won the WSOP Main Event ($ 755K), and in 1990 Phil and Katy got married.

Phil Hellmuth's wedding photo, 1990

In 1993, Catherine graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. She completed her residency at Stanford University School of Medicine in 1999. Catherine Sanborn is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behaviorism at Stanford University. Katherine doesn’t play poker. The only photo of her at the table was taken during the 2005 WSOP Women’s Tournament.

Jennifer Tilly (left) and Catherine Sanborn

Catherine is a completely non-public person. She does not allow Phil to post his photos. Here is the only shared photo of Katherine with Phil and their son Phil Hellmuth III in the public domain (another son Nick was not included in the frame).

Tip # 2 – Don’t settle for your husband’s dubious adventures

Phil loves to share his wife’s stories on Twitter. In 2014, Phil and Katie were invited to participate in ABC’s reality show Wife Swap. Of course, the extravagant Helmut gladly accepted this offer:

I’m sure Katherine will look amazing

But Catherine refused this offer. Catherine and her scientific and medical practice shocking reality show are useless.

Tip # 3 – Support your husband, but don’t overdo it

Catherine is not caught in camera lenses, but everyone knows her. She is the first person to whom Phil runs to complain during an unfair distribution. Phil also likes to shout from the table about the progress of the distribution of phrases like: “Darling! Hope he doesn’t have aces! “

Katherine is a wall that you can lean against in difficult times. But this does not mean that she is ready to go crazy with any exploits of her husband. This situation happened on the 31st anniversary of marriage:

This Wednesday my wife and I had our 31st wedding anniversary. She is an intelligent, beautiful, flawless and understanding woman. Like a dog, I put this white bag on her lap. She looked inside and laid it down on the floor. And I expected delight! This belt was given to me for winning the High Stakes Duel over Antonio Esfandiari.

Tip # 4 – Be self-reliant

When the sofa breaks in the house, Katherine fixes it. And Phil offered to buy a new one, but Catherine fixed the old one.

Update on the couch: the wife finished. She took it apart (pulled out 500 staples), replaced the broken board – I just sat down too abruptly on the sofa – added two legs under it and stabilizers. She carved out a new plank using her professional grade saws / woodworking skills! Next: swap fabric for royal blue!

Tip # 5 – Work on Relationships

For 31 years of marriage, all kinds of things happened. In his autobiography, Phil Hellmuth wrote that the couple was on the verge of breaking up twice: in 2001/2002 and 2015/2016. Cathy was the initiator the first time, Phil was the second. But they continue to live together, no matter what:

My wife is a very successful doctor. But she does not always manage to disconnect from her work with families and patients. I always idolize her. Now there is balance and calmness in our relationship. When you work hard on relationships, you get better, smarter.

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