for which you can get a fine and disqualification …

for which you can get a fine and disqualification …

Because of what rule the entire poker community rebelled, what is a “rabbit hunt”, what size the card protector should be – we read the WSOP 2021 rules and talk about the most interesting of them.

What is the WSOP 2021 rulebook and why is everyone talking about them?

WSOP Rulebook Is a 30-page pdf file that contains regulations governing a wide variety of aspects of World Series play. The rulebook is published on the WSOP website prior to each series. Basically, these rules would have passed us by if Kevin Mathers hadn’t posted tweetthat caused the poker community to explode.

Kevin Mathers: First Look at the 2021 WSOP Rules.  Rule 115 is remarkable.

Rule # 1 that caused the players to riot

Clause 115 of the rules states:

Rio reserves the right to remove any WSOP participant for health and safety reasons. This includes if the participant tests positive for COVID or is 6 feet (183 cm) away for a total of 15 minutes next to anyone who tests positive. The organizers have the right to disqualify a participant without compensation.

In other words, the organizers have the right to remove any player without compensation if they find a positive test result. Basically, a player can be removed without fault, without refunding the buy-in.

Players started resent:

With these rules, we don’t need such a WSOP. We will arrive in 2022.

WSOP organizers tried to clarify this point of the rules and today posted explanation:

The health and safety of WSOP attendees and organizers is our top priority. To this end, organizers will continue to follow state guidelines. So, if it becomes known that one of the participants has been in contact with a covid + person, then he will not be disqualified if he is fully vaccinated and has no symptoms of the disease.

In short, getting vaccinated before the WSOP and taking your vaccine passport with you is + EV for the series participants.

Rule # 2, contrary to rule # 1

Clause 55 of the rules states:

Participants cannot hide their faces. Tournament organizers must distinguish the identity of each participant at all times. Tournament organizers have the right to ask the participant to remove any element that impedes identification. Participants are allowed to wear sunglasses or hoodies, but organizers may ask to remove them if they hinder identification.

Probably, this paragraph was simply thoughtlessly copied from the rulebook of the previous year, forgetting about the masks.

Rule number 3 about prohibited prints and logos on clothes

Clause 53 of the rules states:

Rio reserves the right to prohibit clothing it deems undesirable at any time. For example, clothing with logos related to cryptocurrency, marijuana and people working in this field.

So set aside your lucky weed print tees, like the merch from rum ReeferPoker.

Baseball cap "English BitCoin"maybe Hellmuth will have to take off

Rule number 4 about the prohibition of participation in bracelet events of close relatives of the organizers and members of the film crew

At the WSOP, the participation of employees of the series (organizers, dealers, technical team of broadcasts) is strictly regulated. Clause 17 of the rules establishes:

Caesars employees must request permission from their superiors to participate in a WSOP event. WSOP employees and their immediate family members cannot participate in a WSOP bracelet event without Rio approval. CBS Sports employees and their immediate family members cannot participate in WSOP bracelet events. Poker Productions employees (a company that supplies the equipment that read cards at TV tables) and their immediate family are not allowed to participate in WSOP bracelet events, in which company employees have access to players’ hole cards.

In 2019, the list of people banned from participating in WSOP bracelet events was even larger, since the rights to broadcast the series belonged directly to ESPN, ABC Sports and Walk Disney Company.

Rule # 5 prohibiting rabbit hunting

Paragraph 81 of the rules establishes:

Rabbit hunting is prohibited. “Rabbit Hunting” is a situation when the player asks to show the cards that would have dropped out if the distribution had not ended.

So asking the dealers to turn to the river in a brotherly way once is useless.

Rule # 6 to silence the annoying tablemate

This is the rule that William Kassouf would not like. Clause 119 of the rules governs breach of etiquette:

Repeated violations of etiquette are subject to fines. Examples of violation of etiquette: touching the cards or chips of other participants, as well as touching the body and clothes; delay in the game; repeated actions out of turn; bets out of the dealer’s reach or excessive chatter. Excessive chatter – conversations that interfere with the participants in the distribution.

And this is only one of the options for the interpretation of excessive chatter. The rules clearly state that this is not the only definition. So call the tournament manager if you come across a very talkative participant.

Rule # 7 governing the size of the card protector

Paragraph 112 of the rules establishes:

There should be no foreign objects on the table except for a single “card cup”, also known as a “card protector” Card protector dimensions: no more than 5 cm in diameter and no more than 1.27 cm in height. Food and drinks must not be placed on the table, with the exception of one sealed bottle of water.

A complete list of rules is available on the WSOP website, we have selected, in our opinion, the most interesting of them. What rules seem curious to you? Join the discussion in our chat in Telegram.

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