Four players banned for teamplay in Vbet tournaments – interview with the head …

Four players banned for teamplay in Vbet tournaments – interview with the head …

The reason for this interview was the controversial situation that happened in the Vbet room this week. But first things first.

May 13 c telege Pokeroff the post came out:

For several months, users massively complained about four suspicious nicknames: Veaaa, Grexometr, AAKKalashnikoJJ and SigmundFreud. It is believed that they took out a lot of money from MTT and were the top winners of the VBET room. All thanks to the well-coordinated teamwork in satellites and tournaments.

Ordinary users have repeatedly complained about these guys, and the reaction from VBET occurred yesterday: the guilt of the players in the fraud has not been proven, but they were still banned due to massive complaints and allowed to withdraw their bankrolls.

Just in case, let’s say that the player Veaaa has nothing to do with Artem “Veeea” Vezhenkov, although the nicknames are really similar.

Veaaa’s profit in the entire history of playing in the room

Profit Grexometer

Фитофит AAKKalashnikoJJ

Profit SigmundFreud

An interesting fact, two out of four players skated a long enough distance to zero. It turns out that the guys are so narrow-minded that even with tricks they could not earn a piece of bread and butter?

The problem seems to be solved, although a little strange. Why punish people if there is no evidence of guilt. But on the other hand, if there are no public objections from the injured party, then everything looks more or less logical. But then it is completely strange.

A couple of days later, one of the regulars of the room notices the old notes on two completely new players who have just appeared on the network. And, as you might imagine, they were two team players from the post above. The network, having reacted to the information in the branch on Jipsitim, manually “cut out” the scammers from the ongoing tournament.

Agree, the situation is very extraordinary. We decided to seize the moment and get in touch with the management of the BestContruct network, which includes the VBET room, and ask questions about these team players and more.

Meet the Head of Poker and Skill Games of the BestContruct network Suren Vardanyan

– Suren, good afternoon! Please tell us how in the room, where there is no functionality for changing the nickname, the banned players were able to change the nickname?

– Good afternoon, Kirill! The players took advantage of a bug that took place, but has already been fixed. Let me explain in more detail, when a player registers in Vbet, he registers not only in the poker room, but at the same time in the bookmaker and the casino. When four players from this story were banned in the poker client with the right to withdraw funds, when logging into the common client, the system offered to create a new nickname for them in the poker room. I emphasize that the ban was only placed on the poker part of the platform. Therefore, they were able to log in, and then they were able to change their nickname, because the system recognized them as new players.

It’s good that we figured it out in time and removed them from the ongoing tournament. Now they will definitely not play with us. This vulnerability has already been fixed.

– How would you comment on the fact that the banned 4 players received a ban, but without confiscation of funds? The standard practice in the poker world is: if you are guilty, give away your dishonestly earned money.

– We did not have concrete evidence, but we trust the opinion of the community. Therefore, we decided to limit ourselves to mild punishment.

The decision on the lack of compensation was not made by us (Betkonstrakt), but by the management of Vbet. Monitoring belongs to the network.

– Ok, let’s talk about overlays on your network. Many are waiting for you to run out of money)). I often see 50-60% overlays.

– Most likely, you could see such a large overlay in satellites on RPT. In ordinary regular or serial tournaments, the total overlay for the distance does not exceed 10%.

– I have played more than a dozen tournaments and satellites on VBet over the past 5 months and noticed the peculiarity of tournaments – 25 levels of 10 minutes each (4.5 hours including breaks) for late registration. Because of this, tournaments take a very long time and it is difficult for amateurs like me to play them. Can’t the leitreg be made shorter?

– I’ll start my answer from afar. I joined the team about a year ago. There were no big tournaments online. We started experimenting with structures and formats. As a result, so far we have come to such a structure. In some tournaments we have the first level of 50 minutes. You need to understand that late registration will decrease – there will be less guarantee. If the guarantee becomes less, there will be fewer players in the tournament. But I will say that there are plans to change the structures of the tournaments so that late registration becomes at least an hour shorter.

– I have a similar question about Re-Entry – can it limit at least three or four entrances?

– At this stage, unlikely. The reasons are the same as for the structures.

– There are almost no freezeouts in the schedule, why?

– We see that PKO tournaments are the most popular. Right now, for example, there is a series of Spring Knock Knock, consisting of some knockouts.

Spring Knock Knock Series at VBet Poker: 358 events with a total guarantee of € 500K!

But in the regular schedule, we do not refuse freezeouts, although there are indeed much fewer of them than knockout tournaments.

– Compared to the industry leaders, the design of the room, it seems to me, looks a little outdated. There are no bright smilies, animation when knocking out opponents, the ability to throw virtual objects at opponents. Is this work in progress?

– Immediately after the end of the Spring Knock Knock series, we will have a software release. In particular, there will be a new design for the final tables, and there will be a “Seat Me” function in the cache. We are working on this direction to the best of our ability.

– How many rooms are included in your network?

– BestContruct has about 500 partners with whom we cooperate, and about 300 of them have the opportunity to bring their poker players. The largest of them are:

  • Vbet (Europe and CIS countries)
  • Grompoker (Ukraine)
  • Vivaro (Armenia)
  • Playbet4U (Cyprus)
  • Crocobet (Georgia)

– If it’s not a secret, what areas are the priority for the network?

– All areas are priority, but in terms of volume, the situation is such that online casinos are in first place, bookmakers are in second place, and online poker is in third place.

– A bit absurd situation – you are running online satellites on the Russian Poker Tour (by the way, on May 18 the start of the next series), but players from Russia cannot register with you. How so?

– This is all due to legal difficulties. Those players who are already registered with us earlier can play. It is not yet possible to accept new players from the Russian Federation.

– What about the Ukrainian market?

– In Ukraine, works absolutely legally, all available payment systems work, you can replenish your account in terminals.

– But Ukraine already has Grompoker, why are there two rooms of the same network in one country?

– Yes, the network is one, but the partners are different. The network benefits from the appearance of more rooms.

– Are there any plans for expansion in the Belarusian market?

– We cooperate with the RPT series, which conducts most of the stages in Belarus. We are interested in attracting Belarusian players to the room. But we have no plans to enter the Belarusian market by analogy with Ukraine.

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