Garik Tamasyan – SPF 2021 Spring Stage Champion

Garik Tamasyan – SPF 2021 Spring Stage Champion

The spring series of Sochi Poker Festival tournaments has come to its logical conclusion, where Armenian Garik Tamasyan once again showed an incredible result. We’ll talk more about his upstroke and the results of all major tournaments in the full article.

Ivan Tukmachev won Warm Up for $ 32,545

The warm-up tournament of the spring SPF with the support of Pokerdom was held with three flights at ₽23,100 / ₽46,200 / ₽69,300, which collected 311 entries – not the ultimate dream, but quite worthy for post-like realities.

Russian Ivan Tumachev reached the final table as one of the chip leaders and ended up playing a two-hour heads-up against Garik Kirakosyan. It is noteworthy that the opponent played an offline poker tournament for the first time in his life.

Ivan Tukmachev

Payouts to SPF Warm Up finalists ($ 1 = ₽70)

A place


Prize money
1 Ivan Tukmachev $32,545
2 Garik Kirakosyan $22,225
3 Roman Gadzhiev $15,500
4 Narek Arsenyan $11,390
5 Levan Kvachakhia $8245
6 Egor Putilov $6290
7 Vyacheslav Balayev $4995
8 Oleg Smirnov $4010
9 Garik Tamasyan $3250

Sochi Poker Poker Cup collected a record number of entries

The most affordable SPF Major cost only $ 17,500 and it should come as no surprise that it has amassed a huge number of entries. The Sochi Poker Cup recorded 799 registrations in four flights, each of which was played up to the ITM zone.

The first prize in the tournament was taken by Vladimir Varentsov – a regular, playing since 1999. He can often be seen on the series in Minsk, where he won the title of champion of the BPT Main Event.

For the first prize in the SPF Poker Cup, Vladimir, by the way, also fought with a regular from Minsk offline Ichiro Tokugawa… Initially, they fought in equal stacks, but Vladimir got AQ in two decisive hands, which did not fail in preflop exposures against KJ and QT.

Vladimir Varentsov

Payouts to SPF Poker Cup finalists

A place Name Prize money
1 Vladimir Varentsov $25,762
2 Ichiro Tokugawa $23,262
3 Ahmethan Hawajashkhov $13,895
4 Alexander Kirichenko $10,035
5 Garik Tamasyan $7225
6 Alexander Shelukhin $5515
7 Maxim Aboimov $4375
8 Yuri Pashchinsky $3520

Mikhail Dianov won a quick victory in the high roller tournament

The final in the ₽115,500 SPF High Roller event lasted only three hours. Garik Tamasyan again made his way to the top eight with a good stack, plus he managed to knock out Andrey Danilyuk AA> KK at the very beginning.

Why did the game end so quickly? The short stacks were unable to double, and in three-max the finalists made a money deal and started playing much faster and more relaxed.

Mikhail Dianov became the champion of this event, received the largest payout in his career and said in an interview with Maria Lavrentieva that he had to sit “shorty” for five hours at the pre-final. But then fortune smiled at the future winner, and the necessary cards began to fall on the table.

Mikhail Dianov

Payments to SPF High Roller finalists

A place Name Prize money
1 Mikhail Dianov $42,740
2 Stefan Prostorov $30,000
3 Narek Arsenyan $34,860
4 Garik Tamasyan $17,430
5 Roman Gadzhiev $12,620
6 Konstantin Nikulin $9630
7 Dmitry Bodrov $7635
8 Andrey Danilyuk $6145

Arkady Stekolschikov won $ 46,560 after a heavy heads-up in the SPF Super High Roller

The most expensive event in the series at ₽231,000 also collected a record-breaking turnout for SPF – 62 entries. True, the classic event buy-in is ₽371,000, but these are details.

Only eight people could apply for prizes that started from half a million rubles. The unfortunate fate of the bubble boy awaited Dmitry Bodrov, who was unable to double his seven blinds in a hand with A4 against AJ.

Initially, Gia Skhulukhiya and Garik Tamasyan were about the same as chip leaders. But neither one nor the other was destined to even reach heads-up against an experienced regular from Voronezh Arkady Stekolshchikova… He shared with Vitali Lee, and then began a one and a half hour duel for $ 4500 and the champion’s cup.

In an interview, the player was laconic and said that he “played calmly, without emotion,” but the victory made him happier.

Arkady Stekolshchikov

Payouts to SPF Super High Roller Finalists

A place Name Prize money
1 Arkady Stekolshchikov $46,560
2 Vitaly Lee $46,000
3 Gia Shulukhiya $26,520
4 Maxim Taran $19,845
5 Alexander Zubov $14,435
6 Kurdin Vasily $11,005
7 Garik Tamasyan $8840
8 Vitaly Strelchenok $7215

Tamasyan played in all major tournament finals and won the Main Event

The Armenian in style has confirmed his status as the best player of Casino Sochi in 2020 – he made it to all the finals of the main events of the last SPF. But Garik Tamasyan did not manage to defeat him.

The number of people willing to play in the Main Event with a buy-in of ₽53,900 turned out to be almost a record – 671 entries were registered (a record of 682), and the prize pool was ₽31 million.

Garik started the final table with a good, or, so to speak, “working” stack above average and played relatively calmly. Heads-up against Vasily Sokolnikov was deciding the fate of the $ 25K pagejump, so the struggle was rather varied.

After an hour of playing Garik Tamasyan took the title of SPF Champion Spring 2021 and put an end to the festival

Interesting fact: in the entire history of SPF, Rinat Enkov, who took third place, twice became the runner-up of the Main Event in 2018 and 2020.

Garik Tamasyan

Payments to SPF Main Event finalists

A place Name Prize money
1 Garik Tamasyan $78,060
2 Vasily Sokolnikov $53,365
3 Rinat Enkov $37,215
4 Konstantin Nikulin $27,310
5 Furkan Beg $19,765
6 Aslan Esenkulov $15,080
7 Alexander Shelukhin $11,960
8 Evgeny Tambovtsev $9,640

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