GG Spring Festival – the main characters and challenges at the start of a series of tournaments …

GG Spring Festival – the main characters and challenges at the start of a series of tournaments …

The first day of the GG Spring Festival (GGSF) series of tournaments took place. Pokeroff has collected for you information about all the key events and victories of players from the Russian-speaking poker community.

Maslak and Barkov start streak with victories

Eight tournaments, each in three price tiers, took place on the first day of the GGSF, a festival that challenged the PokerStars SCOOP openly. In just one Sunday, several million prize money were drawn and the high rollers already want to take a breath. This fact is best illustrated by Patrick Leonard, who wrote on twitter: “And what, this will continue for a whole month ??”

In those few tournaments that have already ended, several Russian-speaking players managed to distinguish themselves.

WSOP Gold Bracelet Winner, Limit Play Specialist and SCOOP 2019 Three Leaderboard Champion, Constantine “Krakukra” Maslak (Konstantin Maslak, title photo) Brought over $ 229K in tournament GGSF H-03: $5250 Bounty Hunters Main Event… The Russian became the first among 325 participants, and the WSOP 2020 champion skated heads-up with him Damian Salas (Daminan Salas). Belarusian Alexander Girs (Aliaskandr Hirs), SCOOP 2020 champion, also distinguished himself in the final.

Another dear Sunday GGSF H-04: $1050 GGMasters High Rollers obeyed the Belarusian under the nickname Yataro… He, for a second, not only won in Kilopolyan, but in addition beat a top high roller in heads-up Timothy Adams (Timothy Adams).

Closes the parade of Russian-speaking champions Alexey Barkov (Aleksei Barkov). The Russian won a relatively modest tournament in GGSF H-08: $2100 Sunday Heater for the victory in which they gave more than $ 68K. The final table was also attended by Anatoly Filatov, Sergey Denisov and Andrey Derzhipilsky.

Rui Ferreira – $ 2100 PLO-NL Champion

Only on GGPOKEROK can the Sunday PLO tournament (but with postflop in NL format) pass without satellites, $ 2100 buy-in and $ 400K guarantee without overlay. Another illustration of the fact that GG has rightfully become the second home for high rollers from different countries.

Rui Ferreira (Rui Ferreira) is a Portuguese with 5 SCOOP titles and a huge and successful experience in serial kilopoly. On Monday morning, the pro celebrated a win in expensive Omaha with 244 entries. The ending was full of a bunch of famous names, among which was Andras Nemeth (Andras Nemeth) – For the last month, the player still can’t wait until his account on PokerStars is unblocked after two consecutive checks.

“How many Sunday Millions do we want to host today? – Yes”

This is how the dialogue between the manager and the tournament director of GG appears when the GGSF schedule was drawn up. The fact is that yesterday some incredible Sunday morning started successfully. GGSF H-06: $25,500 Sunday Five Million with a $ 5M guarantee – count five Sunday Millions, only the buy-in is dozens of times higher. And after all, it has almost no overlay (only $ 50K), but more on that later.

At the time of publication of the material, the game was suspended. The 9-max final has formed, which includes Matthias Eibinger, Ben Roller, Elio Fox and Yuri Dzivilevski. The same Hungarian is leading by a huge margin. Andras Nemeth… By the way, he made as many as four entries to the tournament, so the potential 9th ​​place barely wins his way ($ 108K). For the first place will be given $1,084,891.

Alexey Boyko is in the Super MILLION $ final for the third time in a row!

Belarusian ale6ka shows amazing stability in the weekly Sunday $ 10K Super MILLION $ – for the third time in a row we see him in the top nine finalists. Tomorrow, Aleksey Boika (Aliaksei Boika) will compete for the first prize of $ 586K. True, he has the shortest stack 13bb.

Chipleader goes Lev “LevMeAlone” Gottlieb Is the 2020 WSOP Online Short Deck Champion. The broadcast can be watched with Russian comments on the official GGPoker YouTube channel on April 6 at 21:00 Moscow time.

Technical problems after upgrade

On April 2, the GGPoker game client was updated – five-card Omaha (PLO-5) was added, a special leaderboard for it, as well as a video replayer of hands in PokerCraft. People did not have time to rejoice, because immediately after the update, it became unbearable for many to lag. Users write in social networks and on forums that it is impossible to multitable on GGPOKEROK, and even when playing at one or two tables, the client stably hangs once every 30-60 minutes, even on the most powerful PCs. Many do not have a cash register.

The official representative of GGPOKEROK on the Gipsyteam forum confirmed the existence of technical problems after the update. At the time of publication of the material, on April 5, the cause of the lags has not been eliminated. It is logical to assume that because of this, high rollers will be afraid to play expensive GGSF events, but that was not the case: no overlay was recorded in any of the 8 tournaments (in three price categories) of the first day.

On April 6, from 09:00 to 10:00 Moscow time, another update of the game client is planned, which will potentially fix the problem.

How to fix crashes of the GGPOKEROK client?

  1. Remove GGPOKEROK
  2. Clear cache and registry using CCleaner or equivalent.
  3. Install the latest version of Visual C ++.
  4. Install the latest Net Framework 4.8.
  5. Restart your PC (required).
  6. Disable antivirus.
  7. Download GGPOKEROK and reinstall.

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