GGPOKEROK Ambassador wins Super MILLION $ High Roller Main Event

GGPOKEROK Ambassador wins Super MILLION $ High Roller Main Event

On May 31, Anatoly entered the $ 10,300 Super MILLION $ final table as the chip leader. On June 1, there was a live game and the GGPOKEROK ambassador did not disappoint!

$ 10K Super MILLION $ Final Table Lineup

Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov has managed to remain one of the most recognizable regulars of the Russian-speaking poker community for more than seven years now – no scandals, no change of partner rooms, or periodic failures interfere. Sincerity and respect for the subscribers do their job – thousands of fans were rooting for NL_Profit live, but even with the chip leader’s stack, the final was not going to be easy.

$ 10K Super MILLION $ Final Table Chip Account

  1. Anatoly Filatov – 112.4 bb
  2. Sergey Denisov – 53.3 bb
  3. Isaac Haxton – 51.1 bb
  4. Juan Pardo – 46.7 bb
  5. UncleToni – 41.8 bb
  6. David Peters – 21.9 bb
  7. Elio Fox – 17.1 bb
  8. Bruno Volkmann – 15.4 bb
  9. Sven Andersson – 12.7 bb

There is a lot that can be told about almost each, but we will list the most famous ones.

Juan Pardo (Juan Pardo) aka Malaka $ tyle is a Spanish regular with millions in prize money. $ 3.7M offline, $ 6.6M + on GGPOKEROK only. Champion of the recent GGSF Headliner Event.

Juan Pardo

Sergey Denisov, he is CrazyLissy – a regular with many years of experience, a regular participant in high roller events in all major rooms. He is constantly confused with the namesake. Alexander “Two couples” Denisov… This happened again during the final table broadcast.

Elio Fox (Elio Fox) – US poker player, winner of two WSOP gold bracelets (WSOPE 2011 Main Event and WSOP $ 10K NLHE Super Turbo Bounty 2018), over $ 1.2M in prize money on PokerStars and $ 6.6M on GGPOKER. Last week took 2nd place in $ 10K Super MILLION $, spinning from the stack 8.5 big blinds.

Elio Fox

Bruno “great dant” Volkmann (Bruno Volkmann) is a Brazilian with 10 years of online experience and $ 1.5M in prize money at PokerStars + $ 900K at GGPOKEROK. Shared heads-up with Elio Fox in the Super MILLION $ final last week and won.

Isaac Haxton (Isaac Haxton) и David Peters (David Peters) need introduction least of all – just two old-timers of high roller tournaments with tens of millions prize money.

David Peters

In his telegram channels Anatoly said:

All guys, in general, are strong, but we are stronger! More than three hundred thousand are poured for the first place, so there is something to fight for!

Final table progress

The broadcast took place on the official YouTube channel GG Tuesday evening. The final was traditionally fast – high rollers value their time. In general, everything lasted a little over two hours.

In the first ten minutes Anatoly defended the big blind with 7Baptize 7Drums and hit the flop 3Drums KDrums KPeaks against Isaac Haxton, who revealed QPeaks QHearts from the button. Played check-check, turn 6Baptize Isaac called 1/2 pot, river Anatoly re-bet 45%, but Haxton raised and took the pot.

After another 10 minutes, Anatoly again gave a small pot to Haxton, defending on BB. All the streets were checked.

Anatoly lost his leadership after he doubled shorty Sven Andersson.

Filatov and Haxton remained the main “playmakers” of the table, but suddenly the commentators surprised Malaka $ tyle with his river call against Volkmann.

At some point, Anatoly began to tilt slightly, which constantly fell under domination against Haxton.

Anatoly A2 has hearts

If there was a prize for the most creative distribution of the final, then Sergey Denisov, who limped 2Peaks 7Peaks against ADrums TBaptize Haxton on BB, and he let him see the flop. Then the Russian put on 3 barrels and Isaac paid for everything. Denisov became the chip leader.

From that moment on there were massive “outs” – Andersson posted the last two blinds with 9Peaks 7Drums and bounced off the aces of UncleToni. In the next hand, Haxton took the 6th place, believing in 7Peaks 6Peaks on board 5Hearts 6Baptize KDrums 4Hearts 8Drums – the river closes Volkmann Street at 9Peaks 7Drums… Then David Peters left the game, losing to AJ

Anatoly was sitting quietly all this time – he waited for the kings and knocked out UncleToni in 4th place, who had tens. The turn had to worry.

Three-max dragged on for 40 minutes, there was no clear leader. Anatoly was gradually building up his stack – there were no particularly large hands, there was no smell of izigame, the game was tough. But after the departure of Sergei Denisov, the heads-up lasted literally 5 minutes – Filatov got nines, Volkman had AHearts KDrums… The Russian opened, got a 3-bet and answered with a push. Villain had 24 big blinds and called.

See the emotions of the commentators in the video in our telegram channels @pokeroffru.

$ 10K Super MILLION $ Results

  1. Anatoly Filatov – $ 326K
  2. Bruno Volkmann – $ 254.5K
  3. Sergey Denisov – $ 198.8K
  4. UncleToni — $155,2K
  5. David Peters – $ 121.2K
  6. Айзек Хэкстон — $94,7K
  7. Sven Andersson – $ 74K
  8. Juan Pardo – $ 57.7K
  9. Elio Fox – $ 45.1K

Filatov’s long road to excuse

Since December 2020, Anatoly has been living with his family in Tallinn. Perhaps there were distractions in life, but the fact remains that the game was not going well, the ambassador’s schedule for GGPOKEROK was flying straight down and for ~ 1700 tournaments the result was almost minus $ 600K.

This week, Anatoly returned to Moscow and immediately started an excuse!

After the victory, Anatoly came to the broadcast and gave an interview.

Honestly, I don’t have any adrenaline. There were no super hard hands. […]

In the beginning, I lost a little, went into a quiet mode. I liked how Denisov played, he did nothing superfluous and went far. I also tried not to do anything superfluous. And those who like to “pamper” and those who do not honor ICM all crashed in Volkmann. […]

I used to play only on my own [деньги] and planted everything. Then he began to sell shares a little at a time, 20 percent each, it was mostly friends who took it. And this time he put up 25% half an hour before the start of the tournament and took only 5-6%.

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