Grafton, Coimbra and Talbot become new PokerStars Ambassadors

Grafton, Coimbra and Talbot become new PokerStars Ambassadors

Grafton himself, Andre Coimbra, Parker “tonkaaaaP” Talbot and three other young, up-and-coming streamers have joined the PokerStars Pro team. We tell you who all these people are.

Andre Coimbra returns to Team PokerStars

Andre Coimbra on Twitch: ACoimbraPOKER.

Poker pro from Portugal, one of the nicest guys and favorite of the public, Andre “acoimbra” Coimbra (Andre Coimbra) returns to poker. Coimbra represented the interests of Stars for more than five years, but decided not to renew the contract in 2017 and left the industry. He did not show particularly outstanding results in MTT, but he made a huge distance in the expensive CIS. And Andre once ran several challenges. For example, from $ 10 to $ 1000 per stream and from $ 100 to $ 100K per year. As part of the second marathon, Coimbra earned $ 70K and spent the money on charity: he bought a minibus for children with disabilities.

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to rejoin the team of professionals and become the ambassador of my favorite poker site,” commented André.

Parker “tonkaaaaP” Talbot returns to streaming

Parker Talbot on Twitch: tonkaaaap

This guy is also known to the public. Parker Talbot used to roll with the 888poker patch. In total, he has won over $ 3M online, including victories in SCOOP and WCOOP tournaments. Tonkaaaa has earned over $ 750K in live tournaments. In the first half of 2020, Talbot apparently burned out something and stopped streaming, but has now returned to his craft. Parker wrote that he would stream several times a week, without a schedule yet, but definitely on Sundays. He will also comment on the finals of Day 2 major tournaments.

Sam Grafton will be a co-commentator for Joe Stapleton

Poker pro from English Royal Leamington Spa, one of the most skillful players live and on the Internet, Sam Grafton was in the PokerStars team for a reason. He won over $ 4.1M in live tournaments, and about $ 3M on the Internet under the nickname “TheSquid”. Sam will commentate on tournaments and run all sorts of different draws. All in all, a new co-commentator for Joe Stapleton.

Brand new names for PokerStars: Lowitson, Becker and Foresta

If Coimbra, Talbot and Grafton are mastodons, sharks of the industry, then about the next three ambassadors we can say “young and promising”.

Лассе «WisternJL» Ягд Лауитсон (Lasse Hunt Lauitson)

Lasse Jagde Lowitson on Twitch: WisternJL

23-year-old poker player and streamer from Denmark. Usually she skates 5-6 days a week, drinks coffee and communicates with the audience about everything and nothing. He has over 9.2K followers on his Twitch.

Keith Becker

Keith Becker on Twitch: AccidentalGrenade

A budding streamer from Pennsylvania. He has over 4.4K followers on his Twitch. Keith Becker will commentate on the events of the PokerStars PA PA and bring new players to the industry.

Mark «naigo1» Forest (Mark Forest)

Mark Forrest on Twitch: naigo1

Another budding streamer from Pennsylvania. Mark Foresta has been working in IT and has been playing poker since he was 14. He has 963 followers on his twitch. According to SharkScope, NaigoPA played 3118 tournaments with a profit of $ 3,742.

As you can see, to become a professional PokerStars streamer, you do not have to drag all the tournaments. You just need to live in Pennsylvania and regularly ride on the reservation.

Which of the new ambassadors did you already know, and who was your discovery? Write in the comments and join the discussion in chat in Telegram.

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