Ha KoJleHu won a gold bracelet in the WSOP Online Main Event at GGPOK …

Ha KoJleHu won a gold bracelet in the WSOP Online Main Event at GGPOK …

On the night of September 12, the final table of the WSOP Online Main Event 2021 ended at the GGPOKEROK room. The winner was Russian regular Alexei “Fiat” Vandyshev, who plays on GG under the nickname “Ha KoJleHu”. You can read more about each finalist in the overview article, and this article contains key and other interesting hands of the final table. Screenshots taken from the broadcast, which took place at the official channel GGPOKEROK on YouTube.

From $ 250K to $ 1M and Vandyshev’s original style

Stacks at the start of the final table:

  1. Edson “CrownUpTsu” Tsutsumi (Edson Tsutsumi Jr) – 100.7 BB
  2. Aleksei Vandyshev – 90.4 BB
  3. Joe “assisup4rent” Serock (Joe Serock) – 75.9 BB
  4. Espen Jorstad – 32.6 BB
  5. Christine «Yunaa» Dj (Christine Do) – 26.5 BB
  6. Nikita “Ebaaa11” Kuznetsov – 22.4 BB
  7. Dawid Smolka – 21.9 BB
  8. Renan “legal” Menegetti (Renan Meneguetti) – 21 BB
  9. Dimitrios Farmakoulis – 15.1 BB

The poker player from Greece, playing under the flag of Albania, left the final table on the second hand. Caught in the small blind with AHeartsTOPeaks he called preflop all-in from Joe Serok with 6Drums6Peaks and lost. 9th place earned him $ 254.308.

Departure of Dimitrios Farmakulis in 9th place in the WSOP Online Main Event 2021.

After that, the game proceeded at a measured pace – the hands were played very quickly, there were practically no nominations or coins, but Alexey Vandyshev opened unexpected hands, forcing his opponents to puzzle over his decisions. For example, when Christine Do was trying to steal the blinds from the button by minraising with QDrumsTPeaks, Alexey defended BB 5x by 3-bet with 9Baptize4Baptizeforcing the girl to surrender.

Vandyshev successfully defended the big blind with a 5x 3-bet.

A few hands after this, Alexey knocked David Smolka out of the tournament. It all happened like this: a Pole with KTambourines7Hearts defended BB, which he did on CO with KHearts9Drums… On the flop, David checked, to which Alexei responded with a half pot. After thinking for a short time, the Pole went all-in – David could not know that Christine Do folded one of the sevens preflop, leaving him only one out to win (excluding 5 for the section). After Vandyshev’s snap-call, Smolka left the tournament in 8th place with $ 339,123.

Departure of David Smolka in 8th place in the WSOP Online Main Event 2021.

After an hour of play, Vandyshev briefly broke into the chip leader due to one hand. He minraised with AHearts6Drums in middle position, being called by Edson Tsutsumi sitting behind him with JDrumsTDrums and Joe Seroca with QHearts9Hearts in the small blind. The effective depth at that time was 61.6 BB.

On the flop Alexei continued the aggression by betting just over half the pot – Edson came out of the hand while Joe decided to call again. On the turn, Serok got a flush, and Alexey got a flush draw to an already existing pair of sixes, but both decided to check. The river closed the flush to Vandyshev – after much deliberation and Serok’s check, the Russian decided to overbet 1.5 pots and Joe had to fold the fourth nuts.

Vandyshev overbet forces Serok to fold the flush.

If during the finals Alexei attracted attention with non-standard distributions, then his compatriot Nikita Kuznetsov chose a different method. He endlessly sent stickers and wrote different phrases in the chat – mostly harmless, but one situation confused the viewers of the broadcast.

After about an hour and a half of playing, Nikita unexpectedly wrote to the chat “Magician, take me.” This happened at the end of the distribution between Christine Do and Edson Tsutsumi – until Kuznetsov flew out of the tournament and came with explanations to the stream, no one could understand what he meant. It turned out that the phrase was sent to them for a reason:

This is a local meme from my hometown – Perm. I wrote it after Edson Tsutsumi once again during the final turned on the broadcast of his face on the table and began to hide behind the Brazilian flag as if it was showing trick. I remembered our phrase and decided to write it, thinking that people on the air also saw his video. But it turned out that only other finalists could see the Brazilian. When I realized this, I decided that at least the Permians would recognize and laugh.

Memes from Kuznetsov with hidden meaning.

A couple of hands after this awkward situation, another player, Renan Meneghetti, finally flew out of the tournament. In an effective depth of 18 BB, he called Edson Tsutsumi’s bet by pushing QPeaksTHearts and could not resist AHearts9Hearts compatriot. 7th place earned Renan $ 452,229.

Renan Menegeti's relegation to 7th in the WSOP Online 2021 Main Event.

Vandyshev once again reminded of the non-trivial approach to the game, when he 3-bet in a 3-way pot with 7Drums2Drums – the distribution ended with a victory for Tsutsumi, but the size of the bets and the actions of the players, which you can see in the screenshot, left an indelible impression on the audience and commentators of the finale about Alexei’s game.

Edson stopped Vandyshev's attempt to take the pot with 72.

One of the longest periods of the game began after Espen Jostad’s relegation in 6th place. The preflop of this hand came out saturated – Nikita Kuznetsov minraised AHeartsQDrums with CO, Vandyshev on the button called with 6Peaks6Drums, in response, Yostad made a 2.5x 3-bet with KHeartsTOPeaks with BB. After a little thought, Nikita moved all-in, forcing Alexey to fold and Espen to call. Despite the set received, Yostad failed to beat Kuznetsov – 6th place brought him $ 603,057.

Espen Jostad is eliminated in 6th place in the WSOP Online 2021 Main Event.

Joe Serok was the last of the finalists to receive less than $ 1M in this tournament. He hit the classic cooler with ABaptizeTOPeaks against 8Hearts8Peaks from Tsutsumi and lost. 5th place brought Joe $ 704,190.

Joe Serok is eliminated in 5th place in the WSOP Online 2021 Main Event.

Deep 4-max and Vandyshev’s path to victory

The 4-max finals started with unusually deep stacks for such a tournament – from 45 to 139 BB. The first 10 minutes there was no pronounced short stack at the table – Christine Do and Alexey Vandyshev had the smallest stacks between 40 and 45 BB, so the hands mostly ended preflop.

When the effective depth dropped to 34 BB, Alexey Vandyshev with 36.5 BB decided to show off a non-standard look at the draws in the blinds war with KDrums3Hearts on BB vs QDrumsJHearts Kuznetsov on SB. On preflop, Alexey made a 3-raise (having received a call from Nikita), and without hitting the flop continued his aggression, betting a little less pot (again with a call from Nikita). On the turn, Vandyshev suddenly bet 1 BB into a pot of 18 BB, forcing Kuznetsov to think for a long time and call. River both checked, so Kuznetsov took the pot, and Vandyshev ended up with the shortest stack of 27 BB.

An unusual hand of Kuznetsov and Vandyshev, which changed the ratio of stacks at the table.

After that, Aleksey pulled himself together a little and started accumulating a stack, filling the second stack over the next hour. During this time, the place of the short was taken by Christine Do, who to some extent was let down by an extremely accurate style of play – she folded even promising hands, trying to avoid difficult decisions and rarely participating in the hands.

When Christine’s stack fell to 17 BB, she went from 66, hitting Edson Tsutsumi’s TT and could not resist. For 4th place she was given $ 1,072,405.

Departure of Christina Do in 4th place in the WSOP Online Main Event 2021.

A short time after that, Nikita Kuznetsov joined Christine – the 3rd place brought him $ 1,430,073.

Departure of Nikita Kuznetsov in 3rd place in the WSOP Online Main Event 2021.

After the departure, Nikita Kuznetsov looked at the broadcast of the final and said that he had watched the stream on the GGPOKEROK channel without sound from the very beginning and was pleased with his game:

Although at the beginning I had the sixth – not the most convenient – stack, but, as they say, I had a plan and I stuck to it. It may sound arrogant, but I believe I made no mistakes anywhere. Of the players remaining in the heads-up, it was more difficult to play against Fiat, as he sometimes confuses with his decisions. Since he doesn’t play as a rule. In general, I was not very happy when he got promoted and took the chip lead. However, I tried to implement equity and, as far as possible, I succeeded.

Having started heads-up in the effective depth of 52 BB, where Vandyshev had almost half the stack, he and Tsutsumi quickly leveled off and began to play more cautiously, which made the fight last an hour. Each of them sometimes pulled a little ahead, but then they quickly compared back and continued to fight for the title of the WSOP Online champion.

Only when the blinds grew so much that they had 40 big blinds in their stacks, and they were dealt pocket pairs, Tsutsumi and Vandyshev finally went all-in, deciding the fate of the 2021 WSOP Online champion’s bracelet.

Vandyshev's victory in the WSOP Online 2021 Main Event.

The victory brought Alexey not only $ 2,543,072, but also a gold bracelet for the series champion and a place in the GGTeam Champions, where he is already Niklas «Lena900» Astedt… Team membership includes:

  • Stylized avatar;
  • GGPlatinum status under the FishBuffet loyalty program;
  • Team membership badge;
  • Unique affiliate code;
  • $ 50K tickets to major tournaments of the room.

WSOP Online 2021 Main Event Finalist Prizes

A place Player Country Prize
1 Alexey “Ha KoJleHu” Vandyshev Russia $2,543,072
2 Edson «CrownUpTsu» Tsutsumi Brazil $1,907,034
3 Nikita “Ebaaa11” Kuznetsov Russia $1,430,073
4 Christine “Yunaa” K. Canada $1,072,405
5 Joe “assisup4rent” Serok Israel $704,190
6 Espen “COVFEFE-19” Yostad Great Britain $603,057
7 Renan “legal” Menegetti Brazil $452,229
8 David “INSERTC0IN” Smolka Poland $339,123
9 Dimitros Pharmaculis Greece $254,308

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