How a poker player can sell USDT, Bitcoin, Etherium through the Binance crypto exchange

How a poker player can sell USDT, Bitcoin, Etherium through the Binance crypto exchange

The record growth in bitcoin over the past three months and the increase in the number of cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets have affected the poker industry as well, provoking an increase in cryptocurrency turnover. Against the background of strengthening control over transactions through payment systems and electronic wallets in the Russian Federation, the crypt looks more and more attractive for poker players. Today we have prepared for you a guide on P2P transactions through the Binance exchange – but before moving on to it, let’s understand why crypto can be the best choice for players.

Which poker rooms carry out cryptocurrency transactions?

Operation GGPOKEROK PokerKing Pokerdom RedStar Poker TigerGaming
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Cashout + + + +

Why are more and more poker players choosing cryptocurrency?

Three reasons – fast, safe and profitable. In the modern world, there are platforms where it is possible, under the control of the creators, to make transfers and conclude transactions in cryptocurrency, and often without a commission or with much lower fees than electronic wallets and various payment systems. In addition to this, information about transactions is well encrypted and for third-party users the data on them remains anonymous.

The most convenient and multifunctional platform for working with USDT, Bitcoin, Etherium and other alternative currencies in February 2021 remains the Binance exchange – you can find out full information on how to create an account and carry out transactions through it from the article How to buy Bitcoin or USDT at crypto exchange Binance.

Binance P2P Deal Step-by-Step Guide

So, you have withdrawn money from the room to your crypto account in Binance and now you want to receive it to a bank account, card, Yandex.Money or any other place convenient for you.

Step 1. Log in to Binance and go to your wallet through the Wallet Overview section.

Step 2. Transfer your money to a P2P account. Pay attention to the section “Main account”. It will show your current balance. In order for you to start trading, you need to transfer money from your main account to a P2P account. To do this, click on the “Transfer” button in the line with your balance.

In the window that opens, you need to select which of your cryptocurrencies on the account you want to transfer from the Fiat and Spot section (this is your total balance) to the P2P wallet. In our example, this is USDT. Any amount can be transferred.

After the transfer, your P2P account balance will be updated. Now you can go to the deal – to do this, click on the “Sell” button in the line with the P2P balance.

Step 3. Set the parameters for the deal. A window will open where you will need to select:

  • The cryptocurrency you sell – USDT, BTS, BUSD, BNB, ETH, DAI or RUB;
  • Fiat – the currency you want to receive as payment;
  • The payment method is a filter for choosing a suitable system.

Among more than 20 fiat, there is the Russian ruble, the US dollar, the euro, the Ukrainian hryvnia and many others, however, there is no Belarusian ruble.

As for the payment methods, there is even more choice – the P2P chip is that payment is made between individuals by transferring between accounts convenient for both of you. It can be a card or account at Tinkoff, Sberbank and several dozen other banks, Yandex.Money, QIWI, Skrill, Paypal and many more options.

Important! Be careful when selling cryptocurrency through a transfer to Skrill and NETELLER – the procedure does not always go smoothly and the money can hang for several weeks without receiving your payment. That is why Pokeroff does not recommend its players to use these systems for crypto transactions, including when making transactions on Binance.

Binance provides all the necessary information for each potential buyer – the number of completed transactions (orders) in%, we offer the exchange rate for fiat and transfer limits.

Step 4. Choose the conditions you like and click “Sell USDT”. A window will open with filling in the order – in it you need to indicate how much you want to sell and where you want to receive the transfer. The details of the proposed deal can also be found here. You have 30 seconds to make a decision – if you do not have time, the window will automatically close and you will need to fill out the order again. This procedure is associated with the exchange rate, which can change at any time. Once you have decided on your request, click “Sell USDT” again.

Step 5. Wait for the payment from the buyer. The window with the deal will be updated – you will be shown a chat with the buyer and the status of your deal. As much time is allotted for the transaction, as your buyer declares – after the window is updated, the time specified by him will begin. Until the buyer marks your order as completed, the “Confirm Transfer” button will be inactive.

As soon as the buyer informs the system that the transfer has been made, the button “Confirm transfer” will become active. Do not click on it until the money arrives at the address of your choice, otherwise your USDT will be debited. If there are any problems with the transfer, you can always file an appeal with Binance – the exchange support service will investigate your case and punish the culprit.

If everything goes well, then you just need to confirm receipt of payment. As soon as you do this, the order will be considered executed and will be saved in your account history.

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