How Benjamin Rolle survived 15 months of downswing

How Benjamin Rolle survived 15 months of downswing

Every regular has a history of their worst downstream in their hearts. Many hide them, ashamed of failure, but others talk to share experiences and help colleagues to experience similar things more easily. In May, we published for you the thoughts of Landon Tice, Niall Farrell and Shannon Shore on how to deal with the downstream, and in this article we invite you to get acquainted with the experience of the poker pro, coach and host of the “Raise Your Edge” Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle (Benjamin Rolle).

Why did Ben decide to share this story?

On May 20, Rolle posted a tweet in which he announced that he was considering releasing a video about his worst downstream:

It lasted about 15 months, so I think to tell about it in detail, and share what helped me and what lessons I learned from such a difficult situation. I’m curious what was your worst downswing and how did you deal with it?

Rolle’s question caused a serious response from poker players. More than 40 people told him their stories, some of which included downstreams so large that they are hard to believe.

A well-known blogger and poker player briefly spoke about one of these Joe Ingram (Joe Ingram):

Somehow I lost $ 600K and had to move in with my parents for several months. Then I quit partying and went back to grinding and also started my podcast – and see how I’m doing 7 years later.

Professional poker player and trainer “Elite Rounders” Grayson Nichols (Grayson Nichols) also posted a story about how he played negative for 9 months, losing almost $ 100K:

All this time I have been working on the game, continuing to grind according to my usual schedule. It was very difficult to play tournaments, the victory in which covered 1/20 of my losses. At that time, Chris Moorman, who was my backer, believed in success and supported me, even when I could not support myself, helped me the most.

Ambassador WPT Gold Coast Ricky Crosen (Ricky Kroesen) with a shudder recalled 2014, when in 4 months he planted $ 45K on ABI $ 55:

I remember crashing three times in a row on the Big $ 55 bubble on PokerStars, even though I started out and went very well in tournaments. On the third morning with this outcome, I tried to throw the mountain bike out of the apartment. I don’t know how it would have ended if a week later I had not managed to get $ 100K on TCOOP.

A great response and many sad stories reinforced Rolle’s desire to tell his situation and share his experience of getting out of it. Themed video appeared on bencb Youtube channel June 4th.

What happened to bencb 10 years ago

To make this video, Benjamin Rolle dug up an old account and blog at PokerStrategy. He started the demo in 2010, when he grind $ 6.50 and $ 12 Turbo Sit & Go on FTP – to these tournaments he went from $ 1, constantly spreading hands and asking colleagues for opinions. He was doing great until in 2011-2012 he was downswed for almost 15 months, losing about 160 buy-ins – you can see the chart below.

Bencb's downswing schedule is around 160 buy-ins over 15 months.

This result confused Ben – he couldn’t believe it was possible, so he imported his database and let other people see it.

Then I was a student – going into negative money became very painful for me – but it was much harder to understand the discrepancy between EV and profit: at the peak of downswing I had + 100K EV and – $ 10K in fact, which is why I started strongly worry. It cannot be that I was so bad – this is the thought with which I asked the guys to check my results.

Ben looked over and over again at his statistics, studied the feedback of fellow members and forum users – in the hope that he was just missing something. At that time he had three different coaches and each convinced him that he was playing well.

They didn’t see any big leaps, and I ended up getting a small profit thanks to rakeback, but I literally knew that my business was bad. It took me quite a long time to rebuild my perception – and it was this feedback that helped me calm down and take a sober look at the situation. I realized that when you fall into downswing, the main task is not to get back what you lost, but to lose as little as possible.

Warning of possible outrage from viewers that they had seen downswings and worse, Ben noted that he did not make the video in order to measure dignity with someone. This downswing was the most difficult and destructive for him – he in no way diminishes the suffering of others and does not believe that his situation is the worst of all. Based on his experience, Rolle has formulated three tips that can help other poker players survive downswings.

Coping with Downswing: Tips from Rolle

# 1 Don’t be ashamed of downswing

First of all, ignore people who compare your downstrokes with theirs, reducing everything to the fact that they went through more difficult situations – this will not help you feel better, but it can push you to think that your failure is not so bad. failure.

Yes, your downswings may seem insignificant compared to others, but this is your experience and your experiences. All that matters in these situations is how you feel and what you do to deal with it.

# 2 Connect with like-minded people

In Ben’s experience, there is no more efficient way to get past the black lane than relying on people who know and understand what you are facing. The poker players in the same team are able to perfectly support each other and help to maintain a positive attitude even in dire situations. Ben is still sincerely grateful to his poker friends of those years for their support and help.

When you see that one of your comrades has fallen into despondency and loses self-confidence, belittling abilities and exaggerating shortcomings, you can always pick him up and say: friend, I think you can do it even better. I believe in you and am ready to help – let’s see together what can be improved, changed or corrected. The comrades will do the same for you later. It was in such a team that I, Fedor Holz, Rainer Kemper and other guys grew up together as poker players – thanks to them I did not give up and did not give up poker in difficult moments.

# 3 Don’t stop trying

After Black Friday 2011, Ben not only went downswing – his entire FTP bankroll – $ 20K – was frozen. At that time, due to such situations, many poker players quit the game, because they were left without funds for it – but Rolle did not give up:

I started to grind with double strength on PokerStars, naturally going up from the lower limits – and literally scratching my way up. I was often unlucky, I made mistakes and did not make the most optimal decisions, but I continued to play, sort out the hands, seek feedback from others, restrain myself from violating bankroll management and do other things in order to achieve success in the game. In poker, you can either try and move on or leave – there are no other options. I recommend that you always choose the first one.

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