How Daniel Negreanu played WSOP Online 2021 at GGPoker

How Daniel Negreanu played WSOP Online 2021 at GGPoker

How Daniel Negreanu played WSOP Online 2021 at GGPOKEROK, which tournament did he get the best cash in, how much he won or lost – we are sharing the results and schedule.

Flew to Mexico for the WSOP – Daniel Negreanu’s background to WSOP Online 2021

2021 is not going very well for Daniel Negreanu:

In an interview with CBS Sports, Daniel Negreanu shared his plans for the rest of the year.

“First there was the USPO, then the PokerGO Cup. Now I’m flying to Cabo (Mexico) to play WSOP Online on GGPOKEROK. Then I will play Poker Masters and Super High Roller Bowl. And then I fly to Vegas to play the WSOP. I don’t know when I’m going to rest because there will be no rest in Vegas during the World Series. Perhaps I will rest at home in Cabo. I can’t imagine anyone playing on a tighter schedule than me. “

The first of three stretches of the poker journey in the second half of 2021 has been completed. It’s time to take stock of the WSOP Online performance at GGPOKEROK.

Daniel Negreanu is the best player at the WSOP at Omaha, Shortdeck and Limit Hold’em

Goal # 1 Negreanu failed to achieve: he failed to win a bracelet. Here are the top three performances on the series.

  • 11th in the $ 5K Short Deck Championship with 144 registrations ($ 11,135)
  • 23rd in $ 400 PLOSSUS with 4,576 entries ($ 3,017) – The thing about this tournament was that the stacks from Day 1 were summed up. Negreanu successfully used this feature, played all flights and moved to Day 2 with a chip leader stack.
  • 19th in the $ 5K PLO Championship with 267 registrations ($ 13,484).

In total, Negreanu hit the cash 6 times in WSOP Online tournaments at GGPOKEROK and only once in a pure No Limit Hold’em tournament. Here are 3 more ITMs for Negreanu at the WSOP:

  • 49th in $ 5K 6-max NLH with 479 entries ($ 9,664),
  • 97th place in the $ 200 Flip & Go for 6,368 entries ($ 2,477),
  • 29th in the $ 2.5K Limit Holdem Championship with 180 entries ($ 4,063).

The biggest blow to Negrean’s bankroll came from the $ 25K tournament (one entry), the $ 10K tournament (one entry), and the $ 5K Main Event (four entries). In all these tournaments, Negreanu didn’t make the money. But Negreanu has been streaming for a long time, a lot and has generated a lot of content.

As a result, Negreanu played August 2021 with the following schedule:

57 tournaments with $ 1500 ABI minus $ 67,564.

Output: Negreanu is not yet good for No Limit Tournament Hold’em on the Internet.

Now Daniel Negreanu is flying to play the high roller series Poker Masters, where the main prize is a purple velvet jacket. There are 12 events in the schedule with buy-ins from $ 10K to $ 100K. The first $ 10K NLHE event kicks off today.

How do you feel if Negreanu will manage to become the best player in PokerMasters as well? Join the discussion at chat Telegram.

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