How is WCOOP 2021 going? Who will be the best player of the autumn Po …

How is WCOOP 2021 going? Who will be the best player of the autumn Po …

A couple of days are left before the WCOOP denouement and passions are heating up every day. The past week has brought many outstanding victories on the air. Today, Pokeroff has prepared for you a large overview of the most expensive events and the WCOOP leaderboard.

Third WCOOP title for josef_shvejk

Famous Russian Arseny “josef_shvejk” Karmatsky (Arsenii Karmatckii) has added another title to his piggy bank – on Monday morning, he celebrated a victory in the $ 1050 Sunday Cooldown special event with an increased WCOOP guarantee. The first prize, including knockouts, was over $ 123K.

During his poker career, Arseniy has won several major victories related to PokerStars events. He won his third WCOOP title today and has wins at SCOOP and EPT Sochi 2018 Main Event.

Bestkesh Veldhus on the stream and Dziwilewski’s double victory

PokerStars Team Online member Lex Veldhuis was one step away from the WCOOP title in the $ 10K PKO tournament but was still in seventh heaven.

Lex entered the final table with the shortest stack and immediately won the QQ> A9 against Teuna “tinnoemulder” Mulder (Teun Mulder) – The Queen came on the flop. Then in 8-max Lex with Q ♠ ️T ♠ ️ and Andrashu Nemeth with 9 ♠ ️4 ♠ ️ closed the runner-runner flush on the board 4 ♦ ️Q ♥ ️J ♠ ️7 ♠ ️K ♠ ️;

After gaining the chip lead, Lex pressed the table and ended up heads-up against Yuri “theNERDguy” Dziwilewski (Yuri Dzivielevski). The fate of the title was decided in a cooler spot at an effective depth of 77 bb. Lex flips on the A buttonDrums QDrums, Villain raised, Lex 4-bets and calls all-in. Brazilian showed ABaptize KPeaks.

For the second place, Veldhus earned $ 172.8K – the best cash in his career in online MTT and even on stream. On average, about 16K viewers watched Lex play on

WCOOP-80-H Finalists Payout: $ 10,300 NLHE 8-Max PKO High Roller (including bounty):

  1. Yuri “theNERDguy” Dzivilevsky – $ 266K
  2. Lex «L. Veldhuis »Veldhuis – $ 172.8K
  3. Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph – $ 83.9K
  4. Thomas “MarToMchat” Boyvin – $ 84.9K
  5. DrawindDead — $55K
  6. Niklas “Lena900” Astedt – $ 35K
  7. Pedro “pvigar” Garanyani – $ 27.5K
  8. András “probirs” Nemet – $ 56.7K
  9. Theun “tinnoemulder” Mulder – $ 40.1K

On the same evening, in addition to the $ 10K tournament, Yuri Dzivilevsky became the best in the $ 2,100 PKO 8-max Turbo tournament ($ 83.1K). In heads-up, he outplayed another participant in the final 9-max for $ 10K Pedro “pvigar” Garanyani ($35,6K).

Spraggy and Tonkaaa drag live

PokerStars Pro Parker «TonkaaaP» Talbot (Parker Talbot) was able to make it to the second game day at WCOOP 2021 for the first time. And the penetration immediately turned into a victory in the $ 5,200 Midweek Freeze tournament!

In the finals for the first prize of $ 108K, several famous regulars fought against Parker Talbot: Patrick “pads1161” Leonard (7th place, $ 23K), Mark “AceSpades11” Radoja (6th place, $ 30K) and Ramiro «ramastar88» Petrone (2nd place, $ 84K).

A year ago at WCOOP 2020 Tonka won the first WCOOP title in the $ 530 Freezout PKO event. With today’s win, Parker’s total prize money on PokerStars has surpassed $ 6M.

Following Tonkaaa, another member of the PokerStars Pro Team Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg (Benjamin Spragg) won the title on stream. Spraggy won the $ 1,050 WCOOP 83-H KO Freezeout. A total of 343 players took part in the tournament. First place prize was $ 68K.

This is Spraggy’s second WCOOP title. He scored his first victory in Kilopolan for 12,192 participants at WCOOP 2020. Perhaps the secret of victories is in marriage? Ben Spragg got married in mid-August – entered WCOOP. Pyotr Rudnev also got married in August – entered WCOOP. Coincidence?

Spraggy with fiancee Marle Cordeiro

Swede nearly lost a Super Tuesday win after folding with better hand

On the night of September 7, Stars had an interesting final of the WCOOP $ 2100 Super Tuesday tournament – the future winner almost missed the $ 135K prize, because he did not have time to call in the heads-up.

gnetaren started heads-up with hellzito with a double chip lead. The game lasted an hour and a half, and could have ended in 30 minutes, if not for the fold due to the timebank – in that hand the Swede had two pair on a 3-flush board and did not have enough time to make a decision against his opponent’s all-in.

It is not a fact, of course, that gnetaren would have called, since on the flop and the turn the Brazilian put pot and a quarter of the pot. In any case, the Swede folded and after that he had to fight for the first prize for another hour.

The final table also included Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov and Andrey “Anjeyyy” Novak – the first one was the original chip leader and took the 3rd place ($ 76K), and the second one took the 6th place ($ 32K).

Who are we rooting for in the Main Event?

Last night, the first game day of the WCOOP Main Event took place in three price categories ($ 55/530/5200).

All attention, of course, is focused on the most expensive Maine with a $ 10M guarantee, which has not yet been beaten. The chip leader with a large margin is 🇳🇱 Santo “kleinebakker007” Bakker (320 bb). Among ours in the game there are Rinat «ZapahZamazki» Lyapin (167 bb), Anatoly “NL Profit” Filatov (163 bb) and Sergey “CrazyLissy” Denisov (155 bb).

At WCOOP 91-L, players from Ukraine and the Russian Federation are in the top of the chip account: Rina-666666 (351 bb), Andrey “Andre Hansen” Lyubovetsky (329 bb) and aveGigs (296 bb).

In the Medium version of the Main Event, the third stack of 241 bb goes umvelt. The game also Andrey “Lucky Jew 17” Parugaev (166 bb), Artyom “Oledjan” Prostak (140 bb) and Ilya “Leqenden” Anatsky (130 bb).

WCOOP Leaderboard: Pads Didn’t Expect Who Will Beat Him

WCOOP began with a double skid by Patrick Leonard, thanks to which the Briton confidently broke into the first line of the overall standings of the series, for the victory in which they receive $ 25,000 (only one prize place).

But a couple of days before the end of the WCOOP, the situation changed dramatically, although Patrick is still in the top 5. The status of the Overall leaderboard on the evening of September 13:

  1. Talal “raidalot” Shakerchi – 1605 points
  2. Anton “FONBET_RULIT” Smirnov – 1560
  3. Camilancefieldg – 1450
  4. Patrick “Pads1161” Leonard – 1440
  5. Constantine “krakukra” Maslak – 1305

As you can see, by an unexpected coincidence, the leader is a player from the UK, who is considered an amateur among the regulars. Talal Shakerchi is a businessman with a rich poker background who has played high roller events at PokerStars for years.

Talal’s victory in the WCOOP 86-H event in No Limit Hi / Lo Omaha, for which he was awarded 100 points, helped Talal soar to the first line of the overall leaderboard. There, by the way, Anton Smirnov also received important points for a potential victory.

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