How to use poker players instead of Skrill: cryptocurrencies and an exchanger …

How to use poker players instead of Skrill: cryptocurrencies and an exchanger …

October 2021 dot the i’s about using Skrill – at least for Russians. What happened and will happen this month, why these changes are a good reason to stop using Skrill and switch to cryptocurrencies is more profitable now — read in this article.

Reporting to the Federal Tax Service and new Skrill fees

From October 1, 2021, legal entities and individuals in the Russian Federation received a new obligation from the state – to report to the Tax Service on money transfers from foreign electronic wallets. According to the latest clarifications of the Federal Tax Service, the conditions for reporting are as follows:

  • It applies to electronic wallets opened with a foreign payment service operator operating under a license to transfer funds without opening a bank account;
  • The minimum amount of transactions per year is ₽600K or an equivalent at the current exchange rate in another currency.

If, according to the user agreement, the balance on the wallet can only be used to purchase services and goods from a foreign online service – this is how the balance of Apple ID, Steam, Origin, Litres and similar services work – then there is no need to report on it.

List of foreign wallets, for which the FTS expects reporting, is posted on the service’s website – as of October 9, 2021, there are payments popular among poker players:

It is noteworthy that the clarifications of the service leave unclear how the amount of transactions subject to reporting is calculated.

In one place it is said that ₽600K or more should be credited to the wallet balance, in another – that purchases should be made for this amount using the wallet. So, in order not to have problems with the Federal Tax Service, you will have to submit a report on all transactions that a person makes through the wallet and its balance.

The deadline for submitting the first report for individuals is for the period from July 1 to December 31, 2021 – until June 1, 2022. While there is no electronic document flow for these reports – they need to be submitted on paper, the report form can be found at the official Internet portal of legal information in the Russian Federation.

As for the changes at Skrill itself, from October 21, 2021, it will again charge a fee for transfers between verified accounts. If earlier holders of the “True Skriller” status could exchange money within the system without losses, now they will have to pay 1.5% (at least € 0.5) for each transaction. In addition, the payment will add two more commissions:

  • 5% for replenishment of the account using a PaySafe card;
  • 1% for international transfers by any method other than credit card. For credit cards, the commission will remain at 2.99%.

All of the above changes clearly indicate that it is becoming unprofitable to use Skrill. This is where cryptocurrency enters the scene.

USDT vs. Skrill: Why is Cryptocurrency Better?

Which rooms work directly with cryptocurrencies

Although not all rooms currently work with cryptocurrency – for example, PokerStars, partypoker and 888poker do not accept it – such industry leaders as GGPOKEROK and PokerKing, as well as PokerMatch, Pokerdom and RedStar Poker are already actively using it, allowing players to quickly and safely withdraw their winnings with minimal commissions and replenish the bankroll without using payments and bank cards.

When making transactions, the poker rooms automatically convert the fiat balance into cryptocurrency and vice versa – some take a commission for the exchange, the conversion takes place at the rate that is current at the time the transaction is initiated.

Available cryptocurrencies and commissions in poker rooms

Room Cryptocurrencies Deposit commission Withdrawal commission
PokerKing BTC 0 0
Pokerdom USDT, BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, USDC, ETH, XRP, TRX, Cardano 0 Dynamic *
PokerMatch LTC, ETH, BTC, BCH 0 1%

2% for exchange

BTC – € 3 per transaction


* The size depends on when the player made the previous cashout: 0% – if 72 hours or more from the current attempt; 5% – if it has passed from 24 to 72 hours; 10% – if 24 hours or less have passed.

Cryptocurrency deposit and cashout in the room: procedure

Cryptocurrency transactions with rooms are carried out according to a simple scheme:

  • Go to the cashier of the room;
  • Choose the method “Cryptocurrencies” (Crypto or Cryptocurrencies);
  • Enter the required amount in fiat (dollar, euro, hryvnia or Russian ruble);
  • Paste in the required line the address of your crypto account to withdraw money to it, or copy the address of the room’s wallet and paste it into a third-party wallet or exchange for a deposit;
  • Confirm the operation.

Be careful when conducting transactions in the crypt – be sure to specify through which network the room accepts and sends coins in order to select the correct data and not lose funds.

How to exchange funds through Pokeroff

Since October 6, 2021, Pokeroff has its own exchanger – the Pokeroff Exchange service. You can apply for services on it via Telegram – for this, find @pokeroff_exchange there and write a request.

The conditions for exchanging through Pokeroff are simple:

  • The minimum amount is $ 1K;
  • Available options are Skrill USD / EUR, WMZ, BTC and USDT;
  • Cash withdrawal – from $ 5K in Moscow and Minsk, as well as Kiev and 50 more cities of Ukraine;
  • For players from the Russian Federation, the withdrawal of funds to an account with Alfa-Bank is available.

The commissions charged by Pokeroff for making transactions depend on the exchange option you choose, the amount and individual user requests – you can find out the conditions by writing to @pokeroff_exchange in Telegram.

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