Interview with PokerStars streamer Fintan “easywithaces” Hand

Interview with PokerStars streamer Fintan “easywithaces” Hand

On the night of April 24-25, PokerStars streamer Fintan «easywithaces» Hand won the SCOOP-82-H $ 5200 NLHE tournament for $ 232,156. How did it happen that the Irishman was left upset after the biggest skid of his career? Find out in the interview he gave for PokerStars.

Fintan’s Triumphant Evening

On the evening of April 24th, the final day of the $ 5200 SCOOP High Roller PKO started and Fintan had a good stack. At the final table, there were many strong regulars from all over the world among the opponents, including our guys: Victor “limitless” Malinovsky and Arseny “hello_totti” Malinov. However, none of them managed to reach heads-up with the future winner.

Fintan Hand (Fintan Hand) entered the XA against Argentine Lucas “landapincha” Land, with a huge chip gap. 15,000 spectators watched as the streamer from Ireland managed to turn the tide in his favor and win.

On the last hand, Fintan opened with pocket 4s.Hearts 4Drums on the button, Villain 3-bets all-in 25 big blinds with AHearts QDrums and the fours survived. Literally five seconds later, electricity went out throughout Malta.

I was not sure if it was worth stabbing or if it was better to slowly move towards victory. But due to the bounty factor, I decided to take a chance and flopped a set. I didn’t even watch the river because I got up from my chair and shouted “Let’s go” or something. I ran to my fiancee Hannah (all this lasted literally five seconds), and then the electricity went out, and the moment was ruined.

Even viewers on Fintan’s stream were unable to celebrate his victory – the stream was suddenly interrupted. The poker player tried to fix the electricity in order to have time to come to visit at least the official PokerStars stream, but as it turned out, the electricity was cut off throughout Malta. It was given only after 30 minutes, and the Internet was not available until the morning.

“This is the pinnacle of my career and I felt a little offended.”

Hard to explain. It is unlikely that they will understand me, because I won the largest prize in my career. But it felt like taking second place. A sense of disappointment haunts me. When my stream was disconnected, I realized that the moment was lost, and the stream recording could not be returned. It was painful.

An absurd feeling. I was confused. And I obviously must have different emotions at that moment. It was one of the high points of my career, and I am a little offended that the moment was ruined. But these things happen. Obviously, the result is still amazing.

Hannah and I took our cat and dog and went for a walk, drank a couple of glasses of champagne. I’m glad I shared this moment with Hannah.

Was down $ 30,000 before winning SCOOP

The streamer admitted that before winning the high roller PKO tournament, he was in the minus $ 30,000 in SCOOP alone.

Obviously, this is a lot of money, but for the scale of a series like SCOOP, it’s not so bad. I had a couple of eliminations at the pre-finals, but I had SKUPs when I couldn’t even reach the second day in any tournament. So, I was not depressed, but played with pleasure every day.

Interestingly, Fintan did not pay for the $ 5200 SCOOP-82-H ticket from his bankroll. The buy-in was given to him by PokerStars, so he had a chance not only to make a cool stream, but also to get away with it. In the first couple of hours on Day 1, Fintan amassed over $ 25K bounty.

The $ 5200 tournament was going incredibly, it was even a little embarrassing. Never in my life have I had such 90 minutes of poker, it was something. I liked everything, of course, but sometimes I was speechless. I usually dance like an idiot or have fun while playing, but then I felt strange.

After the glorious victory, Fintan wants to play more tournaments for $ 5000 of his own.

I didn’t play the $ 5K tournament on my own, but I played all other events with the price tag below for my own (without selling or exchanging shares). I think it would be nice for streaming to include $ 5K tournaments, even though I’m not destroying them – that’s a long way off.

Remember that the streamer celebrated the victory with “two glasses of champagne” with the bride? This was enough for him to suffer from a wild hangover the next day.

Streaming poker isn’t the hardest job in the world. But it’s just not possible to be a good hangover streamer. You can’t just sit in silence and “catch a waste”, you must try to talk and entertain the audience. The day after the victory, I had probably one of the worst streams in my life.

The only downside to being a successful streamer

Fintan has been streaming poker on Twitch for over five years, and during this time he managed to build a large community of viewers, many of whom watched him back when he rolled MTSNG for 180 people. Since then, easywithaces began to consider themselves primarily a streamer, and only then a poker player. For this reason, he, by the way, was upset that he could not celebrate the victory with the chat.

So what could be the flaw in the streamer’s life, which is watched by several thousand people, even if he plays, conventionally, The Big for $ 22? Not enough time for training.

I think if I hadn’t been streaming, there would have been enough time. But at the same time, I’m not sure that there would be so much desire to play poker – after all, my community is important to me.

It’s hard to work on the game right now, because I stream for 10 hours and finish at 3 AM. So my only option is to do it in the morning, but then there will be no time for my future wife. It is difficult to find a balance so far, but in general I would very much like to become better so that the quality of the stream grows.

After the end of SCOOP, Fintan will stop playing tournaments of $ 1000 and above every day, but will happily return to regular grind.

At last. After SCOOP it will feel like an easy walk in your favorite park on a summer night. Everything will be calm, without fuss and constant 4-bets. I won’t be 3-bet every hand by Lena900, C. Darwin2, luckyfish89, pads1161. They’ll take a few days off and I’ll be back in my $ 25 tournaments. I will certainly miss it, but I am also happy to return to regular grinding.

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