Is it possible to get banned at GGPOKEROK for a large number of games?

Is it possible to get banned at GGPOKEROK for a large number of games?

The NL50 player on GGPOKEROK received a warning from the security service that his account was suspected of “increased inhuman activity.” Simply put, he plays too much.

The essence of the user’s claim

Zloy_Kot wrote on Gipsyteamthat I received a letter in the game client with the following content (below is the translation):

Dear user,

During a scheduled audit, we detected unusual activity on your account. More precisely, the number of hours played on it exceeds the capabilities of an ordinary person. Please note that this is a warning only and we are not taking any action on your account at this time. However, if the number of hours remains suspiciously high, your account may be blocked for further investigation. In the event that violations of our Environmental and Safety Agreement (ESS) rules are found, we will take appropriate action.

It turns out that the poker room allegedly “threatens” the user who is clearly playing NL50 cash on the leaderboard. The race for the money prize just implies frequent play on a large number of tables at the same time – many players often completely rearrange their life schedule and do not sleep much. From the side of the room, it is illogical to punish for this.

Hiro also added that the security service does not give him a direct answer to the question – how long is the permissible duration of the game per day… Judging by the Security Council’s answers, this is classified information that they cannot disclose. The player was advised to “reconsider the number of games per week / month”, since if the algorithms re-detect the increased number of game hours on his account, this could lead to consequences.

How correct is GGPOKEROK’s position?

Usually in such disputes, most of the players are a priori on the side of the user. The evil room puts sticks in the wheels – bans the winning players, bans bumhunters, or even “just like that” confiscates funds.

If you look at that very “Agreement on Environment and Safety”, then you will not find where it says the number of hours that can be played per day, week, month. It turns out that GGPOKEROC is guided by non-existent rules? Not so simple.

When re-reading the user’s forum post at 15:00 Moscow time (before any edits in the text), we noticed that he did not mention several important details that would help to better understand the situation:

  • The player did not introduce himself. His nickname on GGPOKEROK is unknown, so even the fact of his playing in the poker room has not been confirmed
  • How many tables does he usually play?
  • How many hours on average does one session last? How often does he arrange them in a day? How many days have you played in the last month?

It is worth saying that Zloy_Kot is ready to pass the security check and can record a 10-hour video, where he plays 12-14 tables at the same time. But this does not mean that he played exactly that much time and so many tables. until the incident… Only SB GGPOKEROK can have reliable information with this data. What if a user played 12-14 tables for 20 hours a day? Is this a good enough reason for concern?

In the light of such data, let us return to the “Agreement on Environment and Safety”, paragraph 16 – Third party tools… We will say in advance that we do not blame the user for any sins, but recall that this point implies the struggle of the poker room with any programs that either help the user to make game decisions or do take them for him… Do not forget also about point 6 – Exchange of accounts… There is a precedent when two or more users play on the same account in order to win the leaderboard.

“As always on our channel, everyone makes their own conclusions” © The poker room security service may not work perfectly and mistakes can happen. We advise you, first of all, to play honestly, and in case of problems, refrain from loud accusations against the poker room – it is better to describe the situation as fully and structuredly as possible in order to increase the chance of a decision in your favor.

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