Jamie and Matt Staples give tips on how to start streaming poker

Jamie and Matt Staples give tips on how to start streaming poker

Brothers Jamie and Matt Staples gave some simple tips for those looking to try their hand at streaming on Twitch. You don’t need to be a high roller, comedy genius or know any secrets to get the first viewers. In this article, we will tell you what the partypoker pros have to advise.

“The main thing is content”

Poker streams on Twitch have long ceased to be a curiosity. More and more people want to try themselves as a streamer, but most of the mistakes are the same, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a recreational player or a professional.

Matt Staples: The main thing is content. When you get started, there aren’t many people going to hit your stream. And if this happens, it is important that you talk about something at this moment.

Even if you don’t have anyone in the chat, I advise you to immediately get used to talking more than usual. You’re more likely to have someone stay and ask a question if you’re telling a story or discussing a giveaway.

Matt Staples

Jamie Staples: It doesn’t matter what kind of content it will be. The main thing is to tell a story. For example, 100 days of streaming, bankroll challenge, experimenting in mixed games, overcoming some difficulties, and so on. You need something so people don’t give a damn about you. Just playing poker is not enough.

Just start

There are people who believe that streaming requires an expensive camera, light, and a set of programs. This is not true.

Jamie Staples: Don’t worry about the technique or the look of the stream at first. Start streaming and level up gradually. Understanding which direction to move in will come by itself.

Jamie Staples

Matt Staples: I agree. Just a computer and a webcam are enough to attract viewers, if you are an interesting person. Even some of the big streamers on Twitch still sit without any overlay (frame). Apparently, the simpler the better.

Stream regularly

Many streamers manage to achieve success and form a whole fanbase. It is the regular streams that make people come back and stare at the screen. Plus, having the same broadcast start time helps people know when their favorite poker content will hit the screens.

Matt Staples: By streaming at specific times and days of the week, you can get the attention of a specific group of people. In the future, it will be easier for them to find you if you stream around the same time.

Hold back a lot

Success will not come instantly, even to seasoned streamers, no matter poker or any other.

Jamie Staples: Unfortunately, if you want to become a full-time streamer and turn Twitch into a business, then the number of hours on air is very important. Well, if you just want to stream for fun, then forget everything you read above. Just start broadcasting and have fun!

A few words about the Staples brothers

Who are they, and why would they give advice? Jamie Staples and Matt Staples (Jamie & Matt Staples) are popular English-speaking poker streamers on Twitch, both with partypoker contracts. In 2017-2018, they participated in a sensational weight loss bet against Bill Perkins. The bottom line was that Jamie weighed 138 kg, and his younger brother – 61 kg. The businessman suggested that they come to the same weight, for which he would pay $ 150,000.

They did it. In the end, both weighed 85.5 kg.

After the betting, both Staples gained wide popularity, including outside of poker. At the time of publication of the material, both are professional poker players and streamers, playing MTT at medium and high limits.

Since Jamie started his streaming career with the PokerStars Pro team, he has significantly more Twitch followers.

  • Jamie Staples ChannelPokerStaples”Has more than 145 thousand followers.
  • Matthew Staples ChannelMattStaples”Has about 97 thousand followers.

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